Following up the book Woodcut and our box of Woodcut Notecards, comes Woodcut Notebooks. Artist Bryan Nash Gill (1961–2013) combed the woods surrounding his Connecticut studio to find the fallen trees captured in his striking woodcut prints. Each of the prints featured on these colorful notebooks tells a story of forest life through a gnarled and nuanced pattern of arboreal rings. For these notebooks, the rings are printed at a one-to-one scale with the color derived from Bryan’s original woodblock print. Images courtesy of Terrain.


Grids & Guides: A Notebook for Visual Thinkers

Map out graphs, notes, schematics, and sketches with this durable cloth-covered journal and workbook. Inspired by vintage laboratory notebooks, Grids & Guides features 144 pages of graph paper (eight grid designs repeating throughout) interspersed with a multitude of scientific charts, tables, and infographics featuring everything from the periodic table to alternative alphabets to Newton’s Laws of Motion.