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And So I Watch You From Afar - KaBaTaBoDaKa (Acoustic Glassroom session)

I am so grateful to everyone who text me or messaged me on Facebook to let me know about this last minute gig whilst I was at work. I finished work at ten and my wee mammy picked me up, ran me in to Glasgow and came with me to Bloc.

I knew it would be good, I knew it would be busy, I knew it would be hectic but I didn’t realise just how fucking crazy it would be. Even though Tony’s now left the band, Niall slotted in perfectly as if he’s been a member of the band since day one. There was crowd surfing (which in Bloc is essentially being crushed against the ceiling), people falling over each other, crushed mic stands, swinging monitors and awesome music.

This video shows why And So I Watch You From Afar are one of my favourite bands and why Bar Bloc is one of my favoured haunts in Glasgow. This city can be outstanding at times, when people aren’t getting stabbed over the colour of their football top and fights aren’t breaking out in the middle of the street that is.