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Personally I love the fact you're so available, it's awesome! I really like being able to hit up authors like that...Sometimes it doesn't work out but it's really cool to be able to interact with the author this way <3 It's fun to be able to see the opinions of other readers too! For example, to me Gwyn is super easy to visualise, like massive Hellenistic statue god, but Augus is super hard, (I'm convinced he's green/gray and his freckles are splotches). It's fun to see other POV! kisses~

The only big downside to me being available is - as I’m sure you can attest anon - sometimes I take a dismally long time to respond to asks.

Omg I love that you find Gwyn so easy to visualise and yes like that Hellenistic statue god LIKE YES THAT’S fkldsajfldsakjfdsa (your Augus description made me laugh, lol, that’s brilliant). 

Also idk re: the availability thing, I kind of…grew up on the internet in an environment where I could email the authors of fanfiction or like chat in the comments of a webcomic etc. (and you can still do that) and so I guess it just seemed natural to continue that - on Tumblr, at least, it still feels like being a fic author just talking to readers in the comments, but here instead of on AO3.

That’s like, that just seems like part of the bonuses of fandom. <3 Plus yall are great.


Here is the comic I tried posting via queue but it didn’t post, so here it is.

It basically is about Zoe aka SpringTrap trying to escape. At first, she seems innocent enough. But in the end, William is still a part of her. When the door is opened automatically, William realizes he can be free and is delighted to not be stuck in one room forever.

Pardon me for the horrible quality, CamScanner was shite for me.

                                SEPT 16  —  SEPT 23

          hey guys !  so i’ll be out of town to go on vacation with my mom and my grandma,  and i will most likely not have a chance to get online at all,  therefore i’m putting all my blogs on a hiatus until i return.  i  might  be able to get on mobile,  but that’s about it.  if i have any replies to do,  they will be posted via queue  (  which will probably only last a day or two tbh,  but i’ll try to have stuff posted.  )  i’m available on discord and tumblr IM.
Updates 2.0

Hey, Mod Star here for the first time today! Hope everyone on break has had a lovely week! If you’re not on break, I’m still sending you lots of love and well wishes!

Some quick updates on the blog:

We’re going to limit how often we respond to asks about our title. It’s annoying followers and it’s getting a little out of hand. We love you guys, truly, but you’re flooding us with this stuff. We’re going to reply once a week by screen-capping the asks and we will tag it as “mosquito bites” so feel free to block that. (I tag artwork, videos, etc as “not a quote” so if you wanna block that go ahead.)

We will continue to delete all asks about gender and sexuality. Probably also shipping posts. There are headcanon blogs for Yuri on Ice so you can still totally hit them up! ^_^

I’m still posting via queue because I’m cuddling my pets 24/7 until I have to go back to the frigid north. My snake says hello from atop my head.

Lots of love and yummy katsudon,

Mod Star + her noodle baby

Dear Robert Downey Jr.

Since I became a fan of yours on December 25, 2009 (yes, that should’ve been a lot earlier), many things have personally happened to me.  

That includes moving all over, brief relationships, doctor stuff (almost done), bison meat, contemplating “adult” things like houses or kids (or a dog), friends new and lost, family, etc.

Through all these changes in the last almost seven years, you are one of the handful of constants that remained.  

You distracted me when I needed to be, entertained me when I needed cheering up (I hit a very rough patch in 2010-2011 and dude, you helped), and frustrated/exasperated me (because after all these years I’ve found myself emotionally invested in your career decisions and the part of you that you share with the public, which I’m aware is sad, and you are human).  

It’s like, you’ve become this important, inextricable part of my life … even though you’re actually not a part of it.

Anyway, wishing you the greatest of all birthdays and may you have an awesome time with the wife, the kids, and the cats.



P.S.– why are you so fucking hot? You’re 51.  It physically hurts me.