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I’ve heard a couple times people recognized my style, but couldn’t place where, soooo here ya go! (I wasn’t hiding it, haha) I used to do the Edgar Allan Poeny ( @edgar-a-poeny ) blog awhile back. I had left because there was a lot of stress and I needed to work on my own emotional health.
I’ve come back from break ready for a fresh start and to just relax. Edgar ran his coarse and while I will love him forever, it was time for a change. 

I hope that you all can come to love Clear as much as you loved Edgar, and that I can make interesting and fun posts that will bring a little bit of that twisted-dumb humor I was known for!

If you liked Edgar, my sense of humor, my art, my writing, or anything of the like back on my old blog, consider supporting me again with your follows, likes, and reblogs. -fist pump-

HEY FOLKS, hope everybody’s been well! I’ve certainly been uhhh… Alive! And ain’t that what counts in the end. Anyways, I can’t say I’ve gotten over my current anxieties and art block enough to come back on here just yet, but today I made most of my old art posts on this blog public again so it isn’t sad and empty anymore… So there’s that!

Hoping I’ll be able to start posting art and worldbuilding stuff on Tumblr again sometime in early 2018… In case ya don’t hear from me again before New Years, I hope everyone has a great holiday season and thank you for your continued support through a very difficult period of my life.

~♡ Mel

Like if you read-??

I’LL POST MORE about it in the morning , but if you’ve seen my blog , you’ve noticed my new theme . i was testing the size SINCE I’M REVAMPING TOMORROW-!! the url will still be good old @clemontiic but i’ll just be changing this URL to clemontiic-archived !! any relationships my character has developed with yours will be carried over to @clemontiic and perhaps a few select threads (particularly my threads with @lets-serenade​, @leviathanashes and @flyiingpress) will be carried on over at the revamped blog . NOTHING’S CHANGING - same rules , same status (IND. PRI. SEL.) , i just want a cleaner blog with more organised tags and basically a fresh start since i’ve figured out what i want for this blog-!! keep an eye out tomorrow . i’ll be posting about this one last time tomorrow-!! morning , afternoon and night reblogs - and i’ll put it in the queue to be scheduled to post any NEW FOLLOWERS that might end up here .


[grief cw, suicide (implied) cw]

this morning i made a mistake. on an old post of mine i discovered a note from mounia. here and on fb this continues to disorient me. that she should still be there in the past when she is not here in the present. mistake: i clicked through to her blog. it is strange to me that it is still there, unaltered. the bio describes a living person. i scrolled all the way to the bottom. the very first post, from circa may or june 2015, begins: ‘This might be a new tradition; deleting my blog when dropping out of college. [a lengthy timeline of sadbrains-at-school.]’

i wish this one had been deleted too. i wish she had dropped out again. i wish there was a fresh blog, begun in january of twenty seventeen. i wish there were new timelines and more angry resolutions to start over and try again. i wish i could show her a picture of charlotte rampling in a tie. ‘reasons to live amirite’.

i realized yesterday that in order to do the work i am doing responsibly i have to properly read the argonauts. i turned in my mind to joke to her about it, heard her groan and her laugh. a few weeks ago i accidentally activated the voice control on my phone without noticing it. i was distracted, getting onto the tube. i sat down and siri’s voice said through my earphones, ‘calling mounia a——-.’

it had never occurred to me to delete her number. i wanted to text her. ‘did your ghost try to call me?’ she’d have found that hilarious.


Oh y’know, just about to write up some requests now that I have some spare time on my hands and as I’m about to click on my inbox I see thiS SHIT? Like, what?? When??? How????

Nah, but for real though, thanks for 400+ followers guys.

I’m aware that my posts aren’t the best and that my posting is a little sporadic but I guess I must be doing something right if I have all of you lot following this blog lmao.

Really, thanks again my dudes!

vulcaron  asked:

I don't mean to be rude, but I'm curious on why you've moving your blog again, and why your old blog doesn't fit if you advertise your new blog on your old one (I know why you moved blogs before).

I have some kind of weird form of OCD where it feels really weird when my main/1st blog isnt where Im posting stuff. In order to clear it out I had to delete my entire account since it was called a ‘Primary’ blog and that was the only way to clear it.
I did want a complete fresh start from the Alice blog afterall

tOP OF THE MORNING TO YE i just made all of the links referencing old posts on my blog work again!! i mean im not encouraging you to look at my old posts but if u do it’ll b a lot nicer now

So! I’m pretty sure this blog became 1 year old 2 days ago if I remember right… I promised myself I wouldnt forget! But I did anyways… But yeah! Thank you so much for sticking around so long !!!! I still haven’t gotten my PC back from repairs so I can’t make anything big to celebrate right now but I’ll make something when I get my PC back

Love birds

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let this man call his brother cute

things that happen in drarry fics that I never get tired of thinking about
  • Eighth year. Roommates. You do the rest.
  • Somehow they end up being linked?? Magical or otherwise?? Fuck yeah fuck me upppp
  • Emergency!! Draco and/or Harry can’t talk or can’t cast spells or can’t do something unless he kisses his soulmate oh no whatever shall we do who could it POSSIBLY BE
  • Draco is a bartender or a barista or even just a retail worker after the war and somehow Harry stumbles upon Draco with piercings and skinny jeans and goddammit Harry stop working urself up in public it’s embarrassing to watch
  • Muggle AU. need I say more
  • When all the professors at Hogwarts make bets to see which one of them will realize they’re in love with the other first. Lol
  • When they have to kiss during spin the bottle or some other party game that gets them all hot and bothered and everyone just. Knows. They know
  • When the vast majority of a fic is just them sneaking around together and again. Everyone just fucking knows we’ve known since the first book you lovable idiots my god heeheeheeheehee