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some people on this site would have absolutely no hobbies if not for the thrilling fun of picking out a new woman to hate-stalk once every few months and dragging her across the 4 corners of the internet based on twisted, dishonest interpretations of everything she posts.

Happy First Monday of 2016!

I seem to have picked up a bunch of New Years Resolutioners this weekend, so hihihi, new faces! You are warmly welcome here and in any gym or rocky playground where I may encounter you. We were all you once, regardless of when we chose to start (and many of us choose to be you again every year), so don’t let anyone make you feel inferior for your “questionable” resolve. You do you, and don’t worry about the naysayers.

I don’t post here nearly as much as I used to, so I’m sorry for that. That’s partly because replies were taken away (and it hurts my heart that this beautiful community of humans has been decimated, so I contribute to the problem by existing in other corners of the internet instead), partly because Tumblr was blocked at work this year, and partly because I’m just too busy playing outside.

The biggest reason, though (I think…?), is because 2015 was such a large growth year for me. I did a lot of healing (both my hip and my heart), and that journey was often frustrating and beautiful in ways that I was too exhausted to share.

This blog used to be about running and CrossFit and getting unfat, and now it’s mostly about mountains and cupcakes (with sprinkles of feelings, on the rare occasion I have them, thrown in).

It’s a weird, lovely place. Stay a while.

AdultBooklr Boost Post!

Hello again! It’s me! I’ve been noticing a lot of recent reblogs of the initial “Call for Adult Booklrs”, so I thought it’s time we do another boost post to spread the news about our community!

That first post is up to 1,700 notes, meaning that there are a TON of us out there who are looking for a community just like adultbooklr​! Our Goodreads group has broken the 400 member mark, but we’re getting new requests every single day!

*side note: if you have requested membership but have not been accepted, it is likely that Goodreads ate your request. Please resubmit! We aren’t turning anyone away unless they are either NOT 18 or NOT on Tumblr!

SO, for anyone not aware, we are steadily carving out our own corner of the internet. It’s cozy & there are lots of books, cats, and booze. Plus, the people are some of the best I’ve ever met. PLEASE join us! And if you’re already a member, please boost this post so we can make more friends!

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Track these tags: #adultbooklr // #adultbooklrqott (first readalong - Queen of the Tearling) // #squgsquad (for antics from your rowdy Admins)

Thank you!!

Oh my goodness, where do I begin, thank you so, so, so much for all the support you guys have given me ever since I created this little corner of the internet about a year and a half ago.

Whether you have been following me since the beginning, or whether you just joined in yesterday, whether you like and reblog every post and send me messages or whether you’re just watching in silence, your support means so incredibly much to me. I have gotten so many kind messages, funny replies, amazing comments and I have made some truly wonderful friends on here! 

In short, I would like to thank you for making this experience such a great one, this blog wouldn’t be the same without you, don’t you ever forget that :)