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Hi! What's the thing with Mac Walters tweet? I found a couple of post about that but apparently he deleted the tweet. (I read something about Shepard surviving the destroy ending)(????)

Hey, Anon :) 

Do you mean the Destroy Ending one? 

In which case it’s here:

I am going to assume that you’ve either not done the destroy ending, or you did and just being kind to give me floor for rambling :) So for the benefit of the audience here it is. 

If you choose the Destroy Ending with High EMS, before the credits roll there is a scene which pans the rubble of the fallen Citadel and you see Shepard’s body amongst it. Just before the scene fades to black there is an audible intake of breath and Shepard’s chest rises. Cryptically suggesting that they survived the entire fall from orbit, and lets be honest at this point Shepard has ascended to godhood and nothing can kill them anymore, ever.

That’s as good of a Happy Ending as we ever got without mods. Now Walters tweet confirms that canonically Shepard really does survive longer than 10 min after this scene and is reunited with their crew, and Garrus in particular. 

Now, whilst the tweet is not gender specific nor romance specific it makes my tiny Shakarian Trashcan of a Heart sing. Because damn it finally validation to ALL of my headcanons, sunshine through the kitchen window, Garrus asleep in that comfortable chair in their apartment, the battle couple no longer at war. 

I could weep right now. 

Anyway enough of my gushing, thanks for the ask :D 

Have a wonderful morning/day/night wherever you are <3 

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Noise has many origins...

           I wrote this and deleted it, the night before @intuitivetarotanon quit the fandom.  I didn’t see her blog, but an admirer of hers sent it to me. I also admired intuitive very much, and I will miss her. I wish you well, dear lady.  In honor of her, I decided to go ahead and post this. I feel her hurt and disappointment.   If you don’t care for me in any way, please don’t bother to read this.  It is  personal and written from my heart.                                                                                                                     It took me until a few nights ago, to figure out why the kerfuffle surrounding and created by SC … are so destructive to me personally.  I don’t believe the smoke and mirrors someone is trying to blow up our butts. I tried to explain once, to a beautiful river,  as to why the charade  hurt me as much as it does, just as if I had believed in  the narrative. I never doubted SC’s love, respect, and adoration for each other.  I saw what these two had, from almost day 1. It was a phenomenon.  They were like unicorns…magical, rare, pure, unguarded. I wasn’t even going to watch the show, except that it was filmed in my beloved Scotland. Then SC hooked me. Their interviews convinced me that I saw something rare.                                                                                                                    My problem in this fandom,  is that I don’t have a “switch” to turn off the noise in the fandom, to block and ignore the cacophony of the antis, the truthers,   or to block out the visual charades. I am drinking down that poison through a fire hose, even when I’m not reading it or seeking it out. It’s in my head, almost all the time.                                                                                                     I have been a “sensitive”, intuitive, a witch, whatever you want to call it, since my Nana died, when I was 15. It got worse after I broke my neck at 19 (car accident). I almost died, had a brain injury, broken bones, lacerations everywhere,  a wired jaw, and was in oblivion for 5 days. I lived in a split state of consciousness for a long time after that, where my eyes were open, but I’d be dreaming about something, while seeing or talking to the hired nurse sitting next to my hospital bed.  I nicknamed it the “ split screen state. ”                                                                                                                                .                                 I still have a split screen state.  I dream about things that come to pass; .  People tell  me things in my dreams…that happen. I know when people are sick or dying, before they do. I am a human Bouton, but I have never saved one person, including myself.   I have felt spirits right next to me, heard them scream to get my attention,  had one sitting on my bed the same time every night, for a year.  I have even shared a dream with hubs, at the same time.                        I had a vision once, while at a local fair. I was buying a pair of vintage cufflinks with 2 airplanes on them, for a pilot  friend. Five minutes later, while talking to a costumed,  local historian/storyteller (who was holding a snake-headed walking stick), I saw a burst of  flames, an explosion, in the snake’s eyes.  When I walked into the work cafeteria to buy coffee 2 days later, I saw the first plane fly into the building and then the flames..                                                     

  I mention all of this to you, not so you can now think me crazy, but because the negativity and ill-will floating about, can take its toll on the soul.  Not all of us are able to block it out. I try to cope with it,  with snark and humor, but  am ashamed for being bitter.    I am still disappointed.   I think they  lied  in words and actions. We ingest what comes our way, and each of us deals with it as best we can.   I never intended to get enmeshed in two strangers’ lives, but I somehow did. What started as a seemingly pure, sweet lovefest, morphed into a calculated manipulation of perception, for whatever reason…love, money, secrets, success, contracts.    I don’t know.                                                                                                                                                         It’s odd that most of the time, I don’t care about them anymore .  I adore the people here, but I want to know WHY the charade exists, if it is one.  I will continue to minimally fan, as they eroded my enthusiasm, since 1/8/16.  Most importantly, please don’t underestimate what the negativity surrounding us, and its associated damage, does to one’s soul. Yes, they do good works, the show is great, but it’s  not enough to violate my eyeballs and sense of what I believe is honorable behavior. Protect your hearts and your minds. You are very precious people, and very special to me. As @soka13 reminded me, the bonds formed here are worth far more than whether 2 people are together! I still ship, but I am my usual whiny self. I’m sorry.


OK this took me years to know if i should post this but since Satori already posted his pic of Keaton cosplay i’ll post mine with my spark cosplay i told you about LONG TIME AGO also i’ll post this taking adventage that i’m not thinking clearly since is late at night so my future self gets mad at my past self and probably erase this post

Also i would love if you don’t reblog this, but comments and likes are always welcome!

TBH i had a lot of fun in that expo with my friends even if a was so nervous i don’t recommend you to cosplay a outgoing charater if you’re timid af (?), got to know Symmetra’s, Tracer’s and’s latinamerican voice actress and also MET A GUY COSPLAYING KEATON OMG I WAS FANGIRLING A LOT enough to forget my shyness and asked him for a photo and a hug (a really long hug) 

Fun fact, the wig didn’t covered my entire hair so i had to buy and use that pikachu hat

Fun fact 2: I’m planning to cosplay Alolan Red for the next expo… even if he is a total daddy and i’m just a straw

finished 1 page completely and finished most of the lineart for the other 3 so hopefully i can get this update posted by saturday? i’ve been drawing a lot lately though so i’m trying not to overwork myself before i injure my arm, but pages will def be up this weekend unless smth unexpected happens

incoming hiatus

so i’ve been neglecting studying bc i would get distracted by tumblr and it’s definitely not a good idea! but i have midterms and finals coming up until the end of april! 

so i’ll be going on hiatus until most likely april 27th. i will come back to post occasional gifsets and fics if i get the time. my queue is still running and i will fill it up before i leave! 

@ mutuals ,,,, if u wanna keep talking to me or stay in touch, hit me up. i’m always down to stay in touch but i’ll probably be deleting the app and blocking the website bc i have no self-control and that’s an issue, so it’ll be on some other platform!

i do hope that at least one of you wants to stay in touch!

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What's the point of showing a Peru flag in robin's pic? To mislead people? From freelees fruit pics, it's obvious,Colombia is the only country to have cultivated yucca in that size, you don't find that variety anywhere else, its the only place to have Lulo, and beside Ecuador its the only one w/ maraquita variety of granadilla. Her fruit platters are common in Col. Quararibea cordata is also only found in Col. She posted vid of her apt today before deleting it cuz architecture gave away her city

She HATES meeting fans so she is keeping low key as possible haha.

You can tell this is just a job now for her vs a passion. She makes so much money she only turns up to work for a few mins a week now. Literally.

FL now dreads meeting her customers/fans in the street and that is why she has organized no meet ups, rides, or runs any local FB groups like I do.

I used to have to drag her to local potlucks all those years. FL will give you time of day if she is pressured too but ask her to go for a ride or join you for dinner and she will be like ‘aww Id love to but Im super busy! Ive got to meet a friend I promised to meet! It was nice meeting you though! Tag me on insta (but Im not going to follow you lol).’

Sad to see she gives no fuck about community. 

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I know you're super nice and level headed, but I have had bad experiences sending people asks in other fandoms where they misunderstood something I said and blew up on me and then the fandom rallied behind that person and made me really upset and all I could think is "thank god i was on anon or they'd prob be sending me hate rn". So I know you're an awesome person, but sometimes it just makes me too anxious and I click anon right before submitting.

I promise if you ever non-anon me, I will not post to my dash unless you say it is okay. I will answer privately. Even if you give hate to me, I will not post to my dash. I will just delete your hate and move on with my life. I understand being twice shy, tho. Trust me, I’ve had things turned on my head with a what I’m saying and what you’re hearing isn’t working out. (Ask me about my “doing literary analysis on Bucky as Steve’s right hand man and how the whole on your left thing is Sam coming in to fill that role and how it got me in deep shit with Steve/Sam shippers. That was a good time! Not!) 

In any case, happy smile!

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I know things are terrible right now but take a look at my cat. She’s fine. She’s content. She doesn’t even know what a President is. All she’s worried about is when I’ll give her breakfast and whether the bed or the sofa is the better sleeping option. No matter what happens all is well in the world of my cat. Even if the world goes to hell, she is happy.