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Turkey Time

Title: Turkey Time

Author: someonexsomeone

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x female!Reader

Summary: Tyler. Turkey Costume. Need I say more?

Warning: like one swear word. FLUFF. adorableness

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“Do I really have to do this?” Tyler asked, turning to his best friend. It was peak summer time, the group just having competed in a little friendly competition. Although Tyler usually was great at any challenge that came at him, for some reason he just couldn’t focus today. Maybe it was the summer heat, or the fact that he was laughing too much to see the ball coming at him. Or, it could be that he couldn’t stop thinking about you. Usually he didn’t trust online dating, but he didn’t have much luck otherwise. You had talked for a week before meeting up at a small Italian place for dinner - finally getting to that first date. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to meet up sooner, but working with Mark took a lot of time and effort. The first chance he got he called you to schedule a date. Everything went absolutely perfect, and he couldn’t stop the smile that crept onto his face whenever he thought of you. You were beautiful, intelligent, and funny. He couldn’t wait for your next date, which happened to be tomorrow night. He just never felt like he connected with someone so quickly before. It felt like he had known for years, not days. However, today, Mark had roped him into doing a challenge video. Which is how he found himself wearing the felt turkey costume, the entire gang piled into his car, driving to nearest Chinese food place. His penalty for losing; wear the turkey costume during dinner at the restaurant of the winners choice. He was very thankful Amy had won - who knows what Mark or Ethan would have picked if they had one (probably somewhere fancy, no doubt).

“You know the penalty, Tyler. Turkey costume the whole meal, no taking it off,” Mark said as he held the camera up, pointing it directly at him from the passengers seat. 

“What would I change into?” He could see the familiar bright sign, advertising Amy’s favorite place, as he turned the corner. He felt his nerves spike, especially since spotted a parking spot right in front. As he pulled in, he noticed a familiar car across the street. That looks like the car (Y/N) has. I wonder what she’s up to now.

“Come on Tyler!” He jumped as Ethan pounded on the glass of his window, his eyes tearing away only to notice he was the only person left in the car. “The Chinese won’t order itself!” With one last look, and a sigh, he exited the car, ready to face his upcoming dread. 

The place looked as it usually did. Table closely cluttered together, waitress expertly bobbing between the people and chairs, and an elderly woman behind the cash register. There were a few people sitting with plates and numbers on their table, others obviously waiting for their to-go orders. He sighed once again as his friends started yelling their orders at him, before taking a seat at a table big enough to hold them all. He couldn’t help but notice that they left the most exposed seat open for him. God, he really hated his friends.

The woman hardly blinked as he walked over in his get up. And he was incredibly grateful for that. He had no trouble ordering (he knew his friends orders by heart anyway), but he had to wait a minute while the woman had to find change in the back. As he waited, the waitress came scurrying past him through the opening in the counter, a small plastic bag full of food in her hand. The smell enticed him, as he smelled his favorite dish buried somewhere in there. Only a few more minutes, he thought to himself. Then you’ll have that exact thing in your belly.

“Here’s your order (Y/N)! Sorry about the wait!”

“It’s no trouble at all, Ming. Tell me if you end up getting that internship.”

“Of course! See you soon!”

Oh no. Oh no, no, no. This was not happening. You couldn't be here. You just couldn’t. He wouldn’t let you see him like this. He couldn’t. He liked you too much to lose you because of this stupid encounter. He kept his head low as you passed, praying that you wouldn’t noticed him. However, Tyler’s hands were shaking so much that he didn’t notice as it knocked against the tip jar. The coins rattled within. The bell above the door jingled once, before closing. He let a breath, before his eyes looked towards the door. Your eyes found his just as you were about to step into the warm LA air, the door closing behind you. In unison, both of your eyes widened comically. He backpaddled, turning to face the opposite wall as the door opened once again.

“Tyler?” No, no, no, no, no. He couldn’t escape. To make matters worse, he could see his friends looking towards the two of you, questioning looks on their faces. Only Mark seemed to understand what was happening; Tyler had, after all, confined in his friend with his worries about his first date with you. “Tyler Scheid?”

“Oh, hey (Y/N),” he said turning, hoping that at least he could seem nonchalant with the situation. Karma really was a bitch. He breath, however, caught in his throat as he took in your appearance. You were dressed adorably in sweats and a hoodie, unzipped so he could the beginning of a graphic tee, small characters scattered across it. Your hair was pulled up into a messy bun, and your chinese food hung low in your hand. You had a simple pair of flip flops, and he noticed your toes looked freshly painted. He was speechless at how beautiful you looked. And to add on top of it all, your smile brightened his entire night, despite him standing in the middle of a restaurant in a turkey costume. 

“W-what….” A giggle slipped past your lips. “What are you wearing?”

“Oh, uh. I lost, and this was my punishment.” You were now openly giggling, admiring him in the outfit. You spun your finger, and he happily obliged by turning in a fashionable way, smiling brightly at you. Yeah, he was humiliated, but your laugh was contagious.  "Your not embarrassed?“ You laughed.

"Embarrassed? Of course not. This is hilarious!” You wiped a small tear that started to form in the corner of his eye. “I don’t think I’ve ever dated a guy who made me laugh so much before.” He smiled turned fond as he gazed at you. You smiled brightly back, caught in his eyes. Both of you were so entranced by each other you didn’t notice Mark stand, walking over.

“Hey! I’m Mark. You must be (Y/N).” You happily took his hand, shaking it. “You want to join us. I’m sure everyone would love to meet you.” You looked over his shoulder at the other three sitting together, who waved happily at you. You waved right back. 

“I’d love to.” Before you could follow Mark back to the table, Tyler pulled to towards him, flushing your side against his front. 

“I hope our next date will be just the two of us.” He kissed the side of your face sweetly before leading you over to his friends. You couldn’t help but admire him. Only Tyler could still make you swoon, make you weak in the knees, while wearing a felt turkey costume.


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anonymous asked:

Firstly, u don't have to be so condescending & I actually ship Rose/Ten & Eleven/Clara. I just respect canon!! AlsoI was just curious since I really love ur blog & saw ur last ask. Secondly, I LOVED the commentary & never said he DIDN'T love her, I just don't think he loved her MORE. Rose crossed worlds to be with her Doctor again ye the still sent her to live the life he couldn't give her with someone else bc he didn't want to see her die... He saw River die, and "she is always there to him."

Hey Nonny. OK first off — your ask really read to me like an Eleven/River shipper who was denigrating Ten/Rose, and I do believe my response was commensurate with the overall theme of what came across to me. Lord knows I’ve seen that before, on here and on LJ. That said, of course I didn’t mean to patronise you, so if I did then my apologies.

I’ll address the last part of this Ask first — regarding Eleven witnessing River’s death. Since my response was at 2:30am, there were of course a couple of things that are Huge Deals to me that I left out, and this is actually one of the biggest. Ironic, no? In short — and I know you’ve doubtless heard this before, and from people far more eloquent than myself, so I won’t soapbox — what else exactly was Eleven supposed to do?  You’re right—he saw her die. He SAW it. And in a context where she was intimating “handcuffs” and “rawrrrr tiger”. He’s the keeper of the universe— the only thing between the universe and doom on a daily basis. Paradoxes are a nono. And here’s this woman—and she’s intimating quite a relationship between the two of them. What exactly is he supposed to do?

So let’s play a game for a minute, Nonny - please humor me, even though I know you ship them. Pretend for a minute that he DOESN’T love her. That all he does is tolerate her. That maybe he knows she loves him and finds that endearing, but that’s really the extent of it. That his role as keeper of the universe means he needs to marry her, bed her, and then knowingly send her to her death, and he feels really guilty about that bc he’s the Doctor and he’s got a conscience, and she’s an innocent.

… how different would it look on our screens than what we actually got?

My response to this exercise is that it would look the exact same as what we got. Because really, canonically, that’s all we got. Someone who reblogged my earlier response phrased it excellently in their tags (not calling them out unless they want me to - in that case, lemme know and I’ll edit this with your username lol) — for the Doctor/River relationship to be seen as romantic at all, it needs to almost entirely rely on the viewer’s headcanon. Which is fine— but headcanon is not canon, and there is a wide gulf there that a lot of us (a **lot** of us) are not ever going to feel comfortable jumping.

And therein I think lies the difference between you and me, Nonny. And that’s cool, but it is a difference.

OK now back to Rose. You’re right, Ten didn’t want to watch her ~wither and die~. That’s hugely traumatic for him, obviously, and in that way, you’re right—part of the reason he left her on Bad Wolf Bay in JE was very selfish.

Yet she’s the “love of his life” per Tennant in The Runaway Bride confidential. He lost her. He can’t get her back - it would be a paradox!! And as we’ve discussed above, he can’t do that. But he runs towards her on the street in TSE/JE, Nonny, with that smile on his face from ear to ear, running as hard as he can—- and in that moment, there is no paradox. The universe is being kind to him. And when he’s shot and collapses and thinks he’s dying, he falls with her name on his lips. And he has every eventuality open to him, even when TenToo comes into being — he could take them both! Or he could ditch TenToo and just take her along. He could do anything he wants to—and, just a couple of episodes later, in Waters of Mars, doesn’t he prove that he’s capable of just that line of thought?? (Btw, it’s Tennant’s head canon per that confidential that Ten’s first thought was totally “how do I get Rose back and stop that dalek from shooting me in the street?”)

But then he does something selfless. He gives her the best part of himself. A part she wants, who can give her a lifelong commitment. He lets her keep her family. And he does it knowing he will sacrifice her and never see her again. Because that’s a big part of what love is— it’s about sacrifice for the other person.

And for whom did the Doctor—any regeneration—sacrifice the most over the past few seasons? In terms of having to regenerate in s1, in terms of overall time spent mourning in s3, in terms of risking heartbreak for fleeting happiness in s2 and having his happiness forfeited in s4 and the specials—that’s Rose. Only Rose. Nine and Ten’s entire character arc was Rose.

And I don’t want to rehash my previous post more than necessary, but that’s a huge—huge—difference between Rose and River.

anonymous asked:

Advice: I went through the entire blog, but couldn't find something like this. I was wondering why RPers don't like it when others, especially personal blogs, reblog threads, because to me, it seems like exposure. First of all, I'm flattered that they think the thread is good enough to be put on their blogs (since they reblog without adding anything onto the post) and second, more people can see that my blog exists. Is it personal preference? I've been wondering this for a while, so thank you.

Yes, it is personal preference.

And the reason depends a lot on the roleplayer. There are a lot of reasons and sometimes these reasons intermingle.

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