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Discworld Fic: Half a Mystery

This is the piece I ran off very swiftly earlier this week. It may get tidied up and put on AO3 or somewhere later on in the year, but between uni and rehearsals I’ve not got the time at the moment. Thanks to @magic-redhead for helping me with my tense problem.

Spoilers for mostly City Watch books up to Night Watch. And apologies for some fairly general, uh, improvisation about the backstories of certain characters. I had a quick look over the relevant wiki entries, but I won’t be surprised if some of this is a tad AUish-by-accident. 

Who watches the watchmen?

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GaaLee Summer Fest: The Summertime of Love

It’s finally time to take another stab at a proper GaaLee fest! For those who don’t know, back in 2010 and again in 2011, I attempted to hold GaaLee exchanges that both had to be canceled due to lack of participants. Hopefully, this time will be different! It seems that the GaaLee community is a bit more broad and a bit more diverse and a bit more active! So without further ado: 

(banner art by @rockgaara)

The GaaLee Summer Fest: The Summertime of Love

Sign-ups: May 22nd-June 15th
Prompt Claiming: June 16th-June 30th
Submissions Due: September 1st 
Posting: September 2nd-October 1st (depending on how many entries)

Sign-ups for the GaaLee fest will stake place from now until June 15th to hopefully give plenty of people time to see this and take part. We are looking for artists, writers, betas, and pinch-hitters! There needs to be at least 10 people committed to the fest before we move forward with prompts, because a fest really isn’t a fest without people! Once everyone has signed up, prompt claiming will begin. One person per prompt! After that, you will have two months to write or draw your assignment. Betas will be assigned to writers who don’t already have a beta. Pinch-hitters will be contacted as needed. 

Follow @puregaalee and the tag #gaaleefest17 for updates! If you want to meet your fellow participants, the aforementioned tag is a great way to do so!

This is a general fest, but in the future, if this goes well, we will have more theme-focused fests and exchanges. In this case, I chose ‘Summertime of Love’ because this is really just about having fun and getting people excited to be involved in the GaaLee fandom again. 

Below the cut there is going to be a lot of info, so bear with me. 

Now for the rules and the proper sign-up forms: 

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So last night in the stream it was brought up that I’ve drawn Sheik in the past. A lot. And some people -COUGH CHERI COUGH- really liked my outfits designs for them, so I’m posting a handful of the many doodles I’ve done of Sheik over the years.

I actually like the old WW chibi of Sheik I did before. Which was actually posted in the LJ LinkSheik club a few years back, so if you recognize it HI!

Also I had this habit of giving Sheik fishnet under clothes and I can’t excuse why lawl. -flops-

anonymous asked:

You frequently mention not being satisfied with the way fic is spread/appreciated throughout Tumblr. So, I'm genuinely curious as to what it is that you're looking for because I want to be able to support and encourage all of the wonderful fic writers that I've happened across. Hell, I'd take out billboards across the country if y'all asked me to. Feel free to ignore this, if you please. I just want to do right by those who give so much.

That’s wonderful of you! Seriously, I applaud you.

I wouldn’t say that I’m not satisfied, just that I don’t think Tumblr is a good platform for fanfic. It moves too quickly and I think that some (not all, of course) readers begin to think of fanfic as automatically generated content. The fic arrives, they read or don’t, and move on.

Those of us who have been in fandom since the dinosaur LJ days (or even before!) remember when they’d post fic and often receive wonderful, thoughtful comments about their work. Sure, probably fewer people would read one’s work in the aggregate in the LJ days, but the feedback was much more satisfying.

(Just have to add the obligatory disclaimer here that I don’t know a single fanfic writer who writes solely for attention and feedback, BUT feedback is wonderful and does encourage fic writers, who spend a lot of time and energy on creating free entertainment for fellow fans. Writers, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that you want and enjoy feedback on your work.)

But we are stuck with Tumblr, at least for now. So, you’ve read a fic you really liked. How to let the writer know you appreciate it? Any or all of the following:

1. Like the fic. Likes are pretty okay. They let the writer know an actual human read it but not much more than that.

2. Reblog the fic without tags. Hey, that’s pretty great, too. Reblogs are objectively “better” than likes because they’re spreading your fic far and wide throughout the galaxy.

3. Reblog the fic with tags about the fic itself. Writers love this. Writers all read the tags on virtually every reblog their fic gets. Don’t even try to lie. When a writers gets a reblog with tags that go something like this, actual hearts form in the writer’s eyes: #omg #this was amazing #i cried and hugged my cat and got snot on her fur #and now my cat hates me but whatever #it was beautiful #READ THIS GUYS

4. Send the writer an ask or message them: Writers LOVE this. Writers PRAY for this. They really and truly want to know what you thought of their work, whether it’s a simple “OMG Mulder’s Massive Member Meets the Weremonster was the best!” to a series of 5 asks delving into the symbolism of the story. Really. It can take as little time as half a minute and you can make a writer’s entire day with an ask or message.

I feel we’ve gotten away from a feedback culture and I want to encourage all the readers out there to remember to find some way to let a writer know you appreciate their work. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s a great way to make new friends!

(Also, all of the above goes for fanart, fanvids, and other fanworks. Appreciate ALL fanwork!)

"... I forgot to mention, but this child has a special ability: teleportation."

—What Naru officially says in the novel about his pet coin

I swear, Naru is the sweetest idiot scientist there is! 😍😍😍

His sense of humor is off the charts! I seriously spilled my tea and choked up with laughter XD

How long had it been since the day she’d sold her soul? 6 years? 10?

It was laughable that she’d ever looked a science job listing, but that was back when young Mortimer Goth was “Making science sexy!” on the cover of WhooNoo magazine. Oasis Landing was the hottest thing on TV and every woman wanted to be Cynthia Kim with her robot maid and bionic cat. There was even hype about a real robot maid coming out on the market…

The cool, confident voice on the phone had been so reassuring. “Magic and science aren’t enemies. Centuries ago Strangetown was one of the most magical places in the world, and the remnants of that are what make it such a magnet for the paranormal. With my mind and your natural gifts enhanced by the paranormal environment, nothing will be impossible.”

So she’d left the humid plains for the arid desert, where even sparkles evaporated quickly. Strangetown back then couldn’t even be called a real town, it was barely even “census-designated”. The nothingness of it all made Appaloosa look like SimCity.

NOTE: This flashback interlude will be posted in pieces on Tumblr before being posted in completion to LJ. Follow chronologically here.

“What field is he in?” Rainelle asked.

“Like I said, science.” Yaya’s smile clicked off. “Is your husband a scientist?”

Rainelle blushed. “Oh I’m not married, but I am here for a job interview in the, um, science track.”

“Still on the prowl, huh? I have to warn you, honey, the scientists around here are not of the rich, handsome Mortimer Goth variety – except my husband, but don’t get any ideas.” She winked, but her knuckles whitened around her club. “This town is more of draw for the - er - eccentric. I guess that’s why they call it Strangetown! Ahahaha!”


“But don’t let that scare you, we’re not all weirdos! They’re even building a new military base nearby that’s bound to bring some ringmasters to this freakshow, haha! You just have to watch out for crackpots, cultists, and alien fetishists.” She dropped her voice to a hiss. “Oh, and I don’t know where you stand on the magic *issue* but there is a rumored witch up that way…”

NOTE: This interlude will be posted in pieces on tumblr first before being posted in completion LJ. Follow chronologically here.