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On Being a Considerate RPer

Friends, this is a topic I’ve been thinking about for awhile and it touches on a great many things, but there’s one aspect in particular I’d like to talk about today and that is,


Naturally we all want attention in some way. RP is, after all, a social endeavor. And it feels good to get attention, to be able to RP with the people you want to RP with, to have people interested in your character(s), to get compliments, asks, engagement, what have you.

There is nothing wrong with wanting that. There is nothing bad or inconsiderate about that kind of desire. The important bit is how you act on it- how you engage with others, and how you treat your fellow players.

The thing is, while we all want attention, none of us are entitled to any of it from anyone else.

No one is obligated to give us anything. They don’t have to like/reblog our posts. They don’t have to send us asks. They don’t have to respond to our asks. They don’t have to talk to us. They don’t have to RP with us. They could ignore us, if they so chose. It’s completely the other person’s choice.

Does this feel good? Probably not. Is it rude? Depending on the situation, certainly. And we’re allowed to feel however we feel in response to that.

But the thing is, a person might have any number reasons for not wanting to engage with you. Maybe they are socially anxious and freeze up when new people come around. Maybe your RP style/concept isn’t what they prefer to interact with. Maybe your styles don’t mesh. Maybe they have more contacts than they can rightfully handle as is and don’t want to make any more. Maybe they only have so much time in the day and just can’t get to both you and all the other people who want a piece of their time. Or maybe they just don’t want to.

Being able to accept this and move on is an important part of being a considerate RP partner. And moreso, it’s an important part of being a considerate friend. 

How many times have we heard stories about (or experienced ourselves) that person you don’t really want to be around, but when you try to let them down gently they react with hostility? Or try desperately to talk you into doing otherwise?

If you want to be considerate to your fellow player, then don’t be that person.

When you approach others without entitlement, it takes the pressure off. You need their approval less, because you’re okay with them saying no. They are less likely to feel obligated to humor you, so they can respond based on how they feel and what they want to do. If they say no you might be disappointed, but you know the next person might say yes. And in the end, the person you asked is much more likely to feel good about the interaction and YOU both, no matter how it goes.

Ultimately, being the kind of person who can treat others with this kind of consideration is good for you, it’s good for the people around you, and in some ways you’ll find it attracts other people to you. Because they know with you, their needs will be respected. They know with you, they won’t be pressured to do what they don’t want to. With you, they can feel comfortable and safe and won’t have to worry so much about being honest about how they feel.

Sometimes this is way easier said than done, especially if you really want to feel like you fit in with a community and you just… don’t seem to. But all the wanting in the world won’t make it happen, and you can’t force other people to treat you like one of the crew.

But at the end of the day, do you want people to do things with you because they feel obligated to? Or because they want to?

And that’s ultimately the heart of things.

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Hi there! I love your pixel arts though ( ̄▽ ̄) They look really cute. I'm starting on drawing pixel too, so can you tell me what Wacom do you use or any other tools ? like suggestions for beginners (╹◡╹)Thank you

helloo, well i didn’t start off using a drawing tablet for pixel art, that was fine for me as a beginner i suppose bc i think it makes you take your time & helps avoid that wonky line uneven distribution thing like this 

(which i see some beginners do) i mean idk maybe that’s the look people wanna go for but i like clean outlines personally. It’s easy to do the first example when you have a drawing tablet/pressure sensitive pen as can just just end up drawing like you would with a pencil, but pixel art is slightly different in that it’s more …‘tap tap’ than ‘swoop swoop’ ?? so it could just take some getting used to

 I got a drawing tablet later on bc i wanted to experiment with like ‘traditional’ digital art (that sounds weird but i mean like digital painting and all that) so i have this thing

that’s a ‘wacom intuos’ and it’s good for me ! it’s also very hard to damage which is a plus when ur good at dropping things from various heights & spilling stuff. It’s actually my second wacom ( i had one before that broke but i forgot to model name??) anyway it had a years warranty or something so i went in and they were like ‘yeah we don’t have that in stock, you can have this one though’. So, that’s why i have it. sort of like an upgrade 

For drawing programs i just use ms paint, and sometimes gimp for fancy colouring (because you can use opacity and stuff on there - don’t draw in gimp bc i just like paint better but i guess it’s fine for that if you wanted to). I also use gimp sometimes for doing more complex animationss for gifs 

ALLLso for beginners i would say don’t be embarrassed to look at references, literally everyone looks at references at some point in their drawing…lives, but just remember that if your reference is say someone else’s artwork or particular post/photo etc ALWAYS remember to credit before you post online, some artists may also like you to ask permission first.

same goes with posting artwork inspired by someone else, honesty and generally just being nice to people is the way forward !

that’s about all i can think of right now but i made another post abt this sort of thing here

thanks ~ ✌️✌️

callout post

@deductionfreak is legitimately one of the nicest ppl i have ever met

i used to find him intimidating when i first met him (honestly i find everyone intimidating at first) bUT then i got to know him and i’m legitimately so grateful for everything but i don’t think i ever actually told him this sO HERE U GO I’M CALLING U OUT WULF SO EVERYONE CAN KNOW UR NOT ACTUALLY TERRIFYING.

like wulf has been there for me in some of my worst times, he’s talked to me and calmed me down when i needed it, when I’ve been quiet for a long time he’s said he missed me (and at the time, I really needed to hear that)

i struggle a lot with self-worth and often shut myself out away from other people without notice, and so many times he’s been there to pick me up without me even saying anything… i’m honestly forever grateful.

Its 5:30 in the morning. Im sick of watching the sunrise alone. I want someone to be with me when the sun comes up everyday and to kiss me when they hear the birds start chirping for the first time that day. Its 5:30 in the morning and im sick of being alone.

Libations: Pouring One Out for Your (Godly) Homie

Libations are a wonderfully straight forward concept within the realm of ancient Greek ritual. They happened. They happened a lot. The excess of libations and the manner they were carried out were very Greek–so intrinsically tied to how the Greeks did ritual that when Greeks observed other countries doing religious rituals they explicitly mentioned the lack of libations. For instance, when describing the Persians:

In describing Persian sacrifice, Herodotus seems to concentrate specifically on those aspects which differentiated it from the Greek. They had no altar, fire, libation, flute-music, garlands or sprinkled meal; the sacrificer crowned his head-dress, usually with myrtle, took the animal to a holy place and called on the god. Prayers for king and country only were allowed. (The Greek World)

And again when describing the Scythians:

The Scythians similarly did not use statues, altars or temples, except of Ares. Their method of sacrifice was always the same: the victim’s front feet were tied together, and the sacrificer pulled on the rope from behind to throw the animal down, before calling on the appropriate god. He put a noose round its neck, with a short stick under the cord which he twisted until the creature was choked. There was no fire, no offering of first-fruits, no libation. (The Greek World)

We can assess from these examples that libations were a predominately, if not uniquely, ancient Greek tradition. Nearly every dinner mention involves a libation (even without an accompanying offering or sacrifice). Libations were also used in what are called propitiatory sacrifices and offerings–these are also known as “appeasement” offerings (it is noted repeatedly that Zeus gets the predominate amount of these as a household god and as the ruler of the pantheon). They were also, naturally, used during rituals and festivals as part of the ceremonies. However, I hesitate to say libations took place during every offering and sacrifice. After all, the reasons for why the ancient Greeks would offer to the gods are endless and they would not offer a libation while gifting, say, a small tin trinket to a temple.

Now, how does one give libations in a traditional manner? You have a liquid (traditionally it would be honey, milk, wine, oil, and/or water), you decide who the liquid will be given to (and dedicating it to the whole pantheon is completely fine) and then you sprinkle out some drops or pour out a small amount. And you consume the rest. The sprinkle/pour step can happen before or after you partake in the rest of the liquid. That’s all there is to libations. As far as rituals go, I’d say they are probably the easiest and most accessible. The language, the liquid and the dedication are completely interchangeable. What matters is intent, giving a portion to the gods, and drinking the rest.

Libations are the best case of the whole mentality of the majority of Hellenic offerings which is “a part for the whole”. Holocaustal offerings are a different thing altogether and were reserved for certain situations or ceremonies. Regular rituals, most festivals and every day offerings were of the mentality that you gave freely to the gods when you could and the gods reciprocated with their own affections and good feeling. And every day offerings were a much more relaxed affair. As it says in Greek Folk Religion, “At the end of the daily meal a few drops of unmixed wine were poured out on the floor as a libation to Agathos Daimon.” (pg 46) This casual approach is a common mention. After all, think of the wide variety of personal practices we all have–most people are going to be more casual in their worship and relationship with the gods then, say, high priests.

An interesting case that perfectly encapsulates the idea that libations were offered “a part for a whole” is actually found in a case law book entitled Trials from Ancient Athens by Christopher Carey. Carey includes a transcription from a testimony from a homicide case and the witness states:

After dinner, naturally, since one was sacrificing to Zeus of Possessions and entertaining the other, and one was about to go on a voyage and was dining with a close friend, they made a libation and offered incense for their future. And while Philoneos’ concubine was pouring the libation for them – as they offered prayers which would never be fulfilled, gentlemen – she poured in the poison. Thinking she was being clever, she gave more to Philoneos in the belief perhaps that if she gave him more she would win more affection from him – she had no idea that she was my stepmother’s dupe until disaster struck – while she poured less in our father’s drink.They for their part after pouring their libations took their final drink, holding in their hands their own killer. (39)

This is wonderful because it gives us the full timeline of a traditional libations one would see at a dinner (not during a formal ceremony). The murderer pours the poison into the drinks because she knows for a certainty that they will be drinking from the cup. The amount given during a libation is also evidently left up to the individual. However, it clearly shows that the libation is done at a flexible time (pg 131, Ancient Greek Cults). Despite other examples showing libations being performed as a first or only offering, these gentlemen are taking their libations after merriment and sacrifice had already been performed. Therefore, we can conclude that unless one is following a precise ritual, the timing of sacrifices, offerings and/or libations is purely up to both the situation and the worshiper. Additionally, we have the certainty that you were expected to not drink a portion of the drink, unlike in a food offering in which it is normally the exception, not the rule, that you consume all edible portions.

An important thing to know and remember, however, is that despite the evidence sometimes presented that many chthonic offerings were “sober” or “wineless”:

In a chthonian sacrifice (denoted by enagismos and other terms), the victim is black or dark, the somber sacrifice is performed at night on a low altar or over a pit, and there is no meal: the animal is burned completely. Chthonians are also thought to prefer wineless libations of milk, honey, and water. These generalizations fail because many supernaturals with a strong chthonian character, especially the heroes, regularly received festive, participatory sacrifices. In the study of Greek cults, it may be preferable to abandon the concept of a strong opposition between Olympian and chthonian deities, since the character of a given deity depends upon the context. (page 12, Ancient Greek Cults)

I understand that this was long but it can be easily summed up as thus: libations are an important and vital part of the everyday rituals of Hellenic polytheism. They can be casual or high ritual, propitiatory or thank offerings. As long as one sprinkles or pours out a small portion and directs their libation to an entity or a group of spirits/deities you can successfully complete a libation. Libations, in short, are for everyone.

A Parting Side Note:

Things that I came across in my readings that are of note but I will not be discussing here because of the depth of discussion they need and deserve: philosophical debate as to how libations reach the Theoi, the debate on the devaluation of the distinction between khthonic and Olympian gods, the discussion on why the gods themselves gave libations, libations used in potentially psychedelic rituals (like Eleusian Mysteries or the waters at certain Oracle temples) and why khthonic libations are so often “sober”. Perhaps I will do future posts devoted to each particular topic or perhaps someone else will get there before I do. Regardless, these are all obviously linked closely with libations and are important for a deeper understanding and fascinating topics; however, I do not have the time, energy, or post space to cover them at this point.

Sources Used (may or may not have used direct quotes):
The Greek Mysteries, a Preparation for Christianity, Paul Carus
Trials from Ancient Athens, Christopher Carey
Ancient Greek Cults, A Guide by Jennifer Larson
Greek Folk Religion, Martin P. Nilsson
Mysteries of the Oracles, Philipp Vandenburg
The Chthonic Gods of Greek Religion, Arthur Fairbanks
Magika Hiera, edited by Christopher A Faraone and Dirk Obbink
The Greek World, edited by Anton Powell
The Ancient Greeks: An Introduction by Stephanie Lynn Budin
The Met Museum, online site, Colette and Sean Hemingway


PagansUncensored a.k.a. PU has been a hub for anon hate on all the LHP tags and between all their commenters. Frequently, it makes me sick that most arguments happen as information and claims are dredged up from there. I was fairly new to this community and thought there was a chance this community was a safe place. I didn’t know the LHP community was so toxic to the point that tracking IPs is common to some people. The amount of distrust appalls me.

To expand on that, if you go into the source code of PagansUncensored you can see they use StatCounter, an IP tracking service that can link up your anon and non-anon messages time to your IPs and possibly your tumblr addresses. They can glean who you are since it shows which IP visits at which time a comment or visit to the page is made and they can compare that to anon and non-anon msgs. This means PagansUncensored, can track the community and most likely knows who is posting anonymous hate statements and continually sits idly by obviously reveling in this information. They have the free power to stop anon hate and probably know exactly who is posting it.

I have sent them asks that were not shared, or were censored since it was about this information. They ignored posting this comment directly to their site, skipping over it for asks obviously given to them later. No one wants to post to a site that may be collecting IRL personal information like address or a way to link anon hate to your tumblr. I mentioned it in an attempt to scare off all the hate anons that boil between community members from there. Your anonymous hate isn’t anonymous and never has been. Neither are your snide remarks, funny snippets, attempts to defend people, or actual statements. I know that when I first joined this community I may have made a comment that I immediately regretted later. I’m sure others have. I’m also sure that others have purposefully riled up past tensions out of boredom through there. Regardless, it’s just a fucked up nightmare and all around embarrassment to everyone who posts comments there be they positive or not. PU and it’s mods have obviously taken a stance that thay are going to continue to let hate comments come from there unfiltered.

My problem continues when there is this toxic situation like this in our community and PU being there makes it impossible to reconnect or reconcile with others that may have otherwise changed if it didn’t exist. Like moths, we’re drawn to the gossip and controversy on PU. It bonds some while eating others. Imagine the implications if a post is made by someone jokingly, and someone blames a particular other for the comment. Do we even know is some of the anons aren’t self submitted? Think about all the contention in the LHP community and look at what is at the center of it more often than not. Imagine, Pagans Uncensored holds the right to reserve any comment sent to them. Especially if it makes them look bad. Imagine if you had to actually make a real effort or go out of your way to rile up the community and attack someone directly. IMAGINE.

I find that anonymous hate should not have a platform in our LHP communities, and definitely should not be in a single place where two or more mods have the definite power to defuse the situation and point out real trouble starters like themselves, but are far past the point or return. It’s not fun. It makes me sick when the only gossip is the continual fixation on things from years ago.

Please pass this on and tag anyone you know who visits this site and/or may have posted on it. Avoid it and anyone who associates with it like the plague. The mods of this site could have the IPs of anyone who’s directly visited their site, and thus can have your hometown or other personal information more than likely. They have your statements and your community in a vice.



the way this website sees mental illness is honestly so unhealthy?? like it seems as if everyone Wants to be dealing w a mental illness cuz of posts made by people dealing w mental illness to make light of it as a coping mechanism but the way this site works is like a bandwagon mentality and everyone just jumps on the trend and now it’s like. mental illness is trending??? these posts abt not wanting to get out of bed all day and dissociating and ur brain saying “i want to die” all have thousands of notes and like? like there’s a difference between common life symptoms and actual symptoms of mental illness? i think alot of people are uninformed abt what certain terms actually mean and think by a general description they saw in a tumblr post that it applies to them? those posts that talk abt a particular behaviour and someone adds a comment like “btw this is a symptom of depression/anxiety/bpd/etc” and it gets a thousand notes of ppl like oh shit now i have this like. a tumblr post is not enough information to figure out if u are dealing w a mental illness. the point is why is mental illness becoming some kind of weird exclusive club to be a part of on this website? it’s nice to have alot of discussion my mental illness on this website cuz it makes me nd alot of other ppl feel less alone of course but the whole mentality of it becoming some kind of trend to jump on is actually kind of gross but that’s just my opinion

Inbox Call (sortof)

I’m craving my glaives and I don’t want to put an inbox call up on ALL of their blogs because that’s just a lot of work.

So if you want one of my glaives to attack your inbox, like this post and I’ll send one at you.

Reply to the post with a specific glave if you’re looking for someone in particular. (Glaives to choose from: Luche, Libertus, Pelna, Axis)

Watch on

i’m so glad someone posted this scene in particular because i’ve only seen the movie twice and i’m noticing new things and to sum it all up 00q is undeniably canon

so first of all, bond is the world’s deadliest secret agent and knows and sees and tracks everything and everyone, but when 3 big guys come for madeleine and it’s not discreet by any means, he’s too distracted by a cute nerd in a turtleneck sweater who tells him he hates him (read: loves him so much he got on at least two flights for this) to even notice what’s happening. wow. i mean really. 

and this look.

007 you are weak and this small boffin has made you crumble.

and then a man tries to talk to bond and bond is all talk to the hand because he turns around instead to ask q where what hotel he’s staying at and tells him he’ll be there in an hour.

i know how this would end in a fic ok?

i’m not sure what went wrong in this movie but like… 007 shows up with… a woman?

q is having none of it.

although you can def see the heartbreak even from his profile this poor thing.


but his “enchanted” comes out like a little kid whose mom forces him to say hello to aunt ruth who is not even really his aunt and who he’s never even seen before and why was she even in their house? go away ruth.

this is like q’s one chance in a hotel room with bond because q never flies anywhere and it’s just ughhhhhhh completely ruined and 


nothing is as passive aggressive as when q turns to bond goes “how does she know that?” instead of addressing her to her face, she’s in front of him for god’s sake

so petty and rude omg q*

*1000% justified

The 1989 World Tour Live Clean Speeches
(Melbourne night 3)
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(Omaha night 2)
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(St Louis night 2)
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(Columbus night 2)
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(St Paul night 3)
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(Salt Lake City)
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(Vancouver) (Foxborough night 2)
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(Chicago night 2) (Chicago night 1)
(Washington DC night 2) (Washington DC night 1) (East Rutherford night 2) (East Rutherford night 1)

(Hyde Park) (Manchester) (Glasgow) (Amsterdam) (Cologne night 2)
(Cologne night 1) (Philadelphia night 2) (Philadelphia night 1)

(Pittsburgh) (Cleveland) (Louisville)
(Baton Rouge)

Bossier City

Rock In Rio
(Tokyo night 2)
(Tokyo night 1)


Because I only do fics based off of songs apparently and I saw a post saying that someone wanted a Jily fic based off of this song in particular Gorgeous by Taylor Swift 

Everything about the bar on a Thursday night was awful.

Half priced drinks all night brought pretty much everyone from the college out including Lily Evans’ group of friends and, due to an alarming amount of peer pressure, Lily Evans herself. Every Thursday since they became legal they’d been there until closing, more often than not with one or two less people than they started out with by the end of the night.

The beat of the music was unfortunately loud and Lily stood with her friends wishing that they could just leave. Benjy had left her almost as soon as they arrived to go with some of his senior friends, Lord knew where he was now or what he was doing.

Usually the place was bearable but something about tonight and the feeling in Lily’s stomach that something bad was going to happen overwhelmed any feeling of fun.

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Do you come up with the ideas for 21st century stuff or does someone else? Also are you the one that designs them too?

It depends! If the post tags someone who put in a request, then that particular idea came from them, to varying degrees of specificity. 

For example, someone asked for ‘Viktor Krum’ and I came up with the dog charity idea; but for the Lupin Foundation post, a wonderful anon actually came up with most of the specifics.

If there is no tag at the bottom of the post, then I came up with the idea myself. But that rarely happens nowadays because I am flooded with wonderfully imaginative requests.

And yes, I design everything you see on the website.

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god i love the asylum au. props to the person who submitted the "when they got there" heancanons!

I’ve got an entire admissions posts, and if you want any info on someone in particular I’m down
Also thank you!

ok so I found this on 4chan, so I don’t know how reliable it is, but apparently Isayama and Araki (the director of the anime) had a little interview. Someone posted a few translations but this one in particular piqued my interest;

Q: Who is the shingeki who left a deep impression?

Araki: Armin. Because he grows from weak to strong, but the strongness is not necessary a happy thing. Armin’s seiyuu was sad about it.
Isayama: We talked a lot about Armin’s growth.
Isayama: The story might not end with Armin being good friends with Eren.

Thoughts?? Although the development to that  point would be rather interesting, I think it would be overall rather sad… I love the trio and it’s weird to imagine Armin and Eren not being best buds anymore…