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So I was browsing through my files and found some random sketches I forgot about, so I figured I might as well just post them before they get lost again.  Most of these resulted from awesome discussions in the MahouYome Skype chat group. ;D


Just thought I’d share this cuz I found it really cute~

Koki: I’m in a drama about two lovers but… Acting is difficult…

Kensuke: Should we try playing Shiritori[1] with sweet words? Then… 『I love you』!
Koki: You…You… 『You are shining like a ruby』[2]

Kensuke: …What is that? I don’t really get it but it made my heart skip a beat

[1] Shiritori is a word game where one player has to say a word that starts with the last syllable of a word said by the previous player.
Sometimes the game is played with words limited to a certain theme so in this case it’s sweet or romantic words/phrases.

[2] Ken says “Aishiteru”, meaning Koki has to say a word starting with “Ru” so he picks “Ruby” lol
I took a bit of liberty and translated it as Koki starting with “you” so that it makes more sense in English.

Please do let me know if there’s any mistakes in my translation or if there’s a better way to word things. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I never quite understood that scene in Sonic Adventure 2 during the Knuckles and Rouge fight where Rouge falls and Knuckles catches her. Sure, as a kid I found it cute cuz OTP but-
She’s??? a bat???
Being older and jaded, I now see it’s likely there for ‘the damsel in distress saved by one of the male heroes’ scenes and it bothers me greatly cuz Rouge is a great female character (they do similar stuff with Amy too I’ve noticed, but that’s for another post).
Only sense this scene would make is if Rouge’s wing(s) were injured during her fight with Knuckles, which would make it his fault she falls and saving her is the decent thing to do instead of being ‘heroic’. OR she fell on purpose with the intention of seeing how he’d react.

it’s just weird watching it now.

Note, I still do like them as a pairing. I just want their relationship not to fall into such boring overly done clichés.

@chisapuppy don’t even know how all this “Chisa” thing started. Well I do know that I started liking Chisa when I found out about him and Div. The thing that caught my attention is his cuteness. I instantly like him cuz I couldn’t stop gushing how cute he looked. Aside from his looks I fell for his voice. Ugh my gawd heaven to my ears whether he talks or sings. Chisa to me is someone I will never stop fangirling over. I feel the same amount of love and admiration as I felt when I first found out about him. (other then highlight&yoseob ofc. Chisa can’t top that.) That is it I liked him as a fan nothing more.

Theeenn out comes CHISA. Not RL Chisa, it’s JRP Chisa. How the heck did we get to talking? What was our first conversation or who said hi first? All I know is I’m not one to start talking to anyone unless they talk to me first. Clearly it couldn’t have been me who initiated this friendship. What I think I remember is, I randomly followed Chisa out of my fangirl liking of him. At the time I just wanted more tumblr blogs to follow cuz I was a tumblr noobie. Lol I didn’t know wtf I was doing back then. Mostly I would go, “Ooh I like this let me follow it.”
[Ah this is getting as long as the dream and it’s getting sappy too]

Anyways however this all started I’m very grateful and happy for it. Talking to Chisa has given me a lot of confidence, positivity and things to be happy about myself. I’m not one to open up about things to anyone other then family. You managed to make me feel safe and loved which ultimately got me to open up to you. I’ve become more of myself the I thought I could be. You’ve become important to me and made me feel so much better about myself. From the bottom of Jdene’s heart, thank you I love you ♥

Shskabakdhdin my gawd I’m being super sappy and feeling are flowing and I’m crying and I’m being Jdene. *wipes my tears on my pillow* I better post this and runaway before I chicken out and delete it. *quickly hits posts and runs to the bathroom to shower* I’ve got errands to run so if focus on that I won’t bother with tumblr, thus not deleting this post. Brave me has stepped out to write this cheesy loving post. It’s always important to express your feelings to people you love.

Okay seriously I need to shower so I’ll stop writing my feelings and go. I’ll be late if I don’t get moving.

It’s kinda late in my country now but I still decide to up this post, cuz I have seen several comments saying why Jimin doesn’t care about Jungkook anymore (as much as he did in the past), or VMin’s more real,….. which makes me feel so funny tbh. Guys, I won’t bash other couple. All I want to say is:
1) As an Army, of course I did watch so many shows, performances, fancams and replayed a lot, so I did see all types of members’ moments (skinship, hug, kiss,…), but just Jimin and Jungkook, only Jikook did impress me. Tbh, I was so shocked when seeing their moments. Seriously, they are literally the only couple in BTS that both of them are so weird. Even the non fans, my friends from another fandoms can make it out, why do Jikook shippers like us have to worry?
2) Still don’t understand why people can say Jungkook hates Jimin a lot,.. bla bla (have a check-up as soon as possible pls cuz I’m pretty sure ur eyes are short-sighted….)
I dare to state that JIKOOK IS 100% FISHY. Want some proofs, no ‘some’, cuz there are f*cking SO MANYYY subtle evidences that when being discovered, they make u get goose bumps literally, yet so over-excited. Even some hints that only after USING EARPHONES to watch the FULL HD videos, fancams AT NIGHT (no noise at all or being distracted) was I literally taken aback by what I made out.
In conclusion, I’ll start sharing with u guys all Jikook hints, just from 2015 until now, cuz this is the time when Jungkook did change gradually, I’ll post when I have time~ u have my words. Here is the first one. It’s kinda clear tbh

Don’t u guys seeing Park Jimin was so damn jealous?? Just by looking at the way Jimin acted and the way PD talking with Jungkook - freaking gentle, he must have been found maknae too cute to handle lmao:)))
BUT wtfff were u doing Jeon Jungkookie?? omgg his face his expression his smile,… all exactly the same when he met Minwoo. Jungkook is the type who gets shy easily to strange hyungs, sunbaes so he automatically becomes a super adorable/cute shy boy that hardly resistable at all. It’s the reason why the PD acted like that, he even patted and smiled fondly at Kookie, which made Jimin walked away lol:))))) I love this fancam tks a lot for sharing this^^ u really make my day~


In which Boo runs on stage to thirst for YoonSexy but the rest of maknae line doesn’t go up with him.

Those lil trolls (◦◡◦✿)

160830 - SVTinAKL


gdi it was supposed to be at 420 but oh well ANYWAYS ive only been on tumblr for a little over a year and been a kpop blog for less than that and i just want to say thank you so so much to everyone on here who has made my kpop tumblr experience amazing!!!!!! i love u all and thank you for following me even tho im super lame $__$ so this follow forever is to thank my followers, friends and rlly cool blogs who dont know i exist THANK U I LOVE EVERYONE

xtra special ppl

kris-marks maniiiii i cant tell u how much i love u i mean u birthed me into the world of kpop??? and ive had so many good memories w/ u like japan and vixx and teen top and i cant wait to GO TO BLOCK B W/ U???? AND AX AND SEE U A LOT IN THE SUMMER AHHHHH stay awesome ok? ur perf and i can always talk to u about anything love u bae

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……..Minato invaded my textbk…..a while ago…idk if I posted this, but I was cleaning out my picture folder (cuz it’s ginormous difficult to find anything these days-gah!) and found it…..thought about deleting it, but couldn’t remember if I posted it.

Anywhooooo, I remember my initial impression of Minato’s hair…..I thought it was incredibly weird….and awkward….but it’s cute if you draw it a different way! (or get obsessed with the series enough to not care/grow to love)