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Shoutout to people with borderline whose generosity has been exploited 

Shoutout to people with borderline who continuously dedicate themselves entirely to one person and never experience the same dedication.

Shoutout to people with borderline who have been used countless times because of how loyal they are.

Shoutout to people with borderline who get abandoned because their partner/friend doesn’t have the energy to reciprocate the degree of emotions they feel.

Shoutout to people with borderline who can no longer effectively establish relationships due to abandonment issues.

Shoutout to people with borderline, you’re not alone.

Manic pixie dream girl says, ‘have you heard this record?’ Manic pixie dream girl says let me save you with this record. Let me put the headphones on for you, and smile, while you listen; cut to your point of view, watch me smile while you listen. Hear that? That’s the sound of you becoming a better person.

I’m gonna paint a picture of a bird on your beige wall without your permission and you’re gonna love it. And you thought you hated birds. See me? Encouraging you to take risks? Manic pixie dream girl wants you to do something you’ve never done before. Like go swing-dancing, or smile. You wanna know my name? You never call me by it anyway. If I had to guess, it would probably be a season, or after a dead actress who you loved as a child.

But this isn’t about me! This is about you, and your cubicle job, your white bedroom, your white Honda, your white mother. Manic pixie dream girl says I’m going to save you. Says, don’t worry, you are still the lead role. This is your love story about the way I teach you to live. Everything they know about me they will learn when it is projected onto you, watch the way you pick up my bad habits and make them look good. Manic pixie dream girl talks too much. Says bad words out loud and cries at the commercials. That makes me a funny woman, right? The kind people like to laugh at? It’s easy to root for you when I act like this, so disagreeable, such a manic dream, dream girl, your almost broken accessory.

Manic pixie dream girls says let’s play make believe with my body. I’ll be a vintage dress in an empty prescription bottle, good girl, just bad enough, a burp and a curtsy. Let me be not too pretty, hair fried from all that pink dye, sex when you need it, puppet when you’re bored. Let me build myself smaller than you, let me apologize when I get caught acting bigger than you. Let me always wait for this, let me work for this.

The convenient thing about being a magical woman is that I can be gone as quickly as I came. And when you are a whole person for the first time, the movie is over. Manic pixie dream girl doesn’t go on; there’s no need for her anymore. Manic pixie dream girl is too dream girl, and you just woke up. Once, I told you I was afraid of my father, and for a moment, I looked so human, the audience lost interest. You saw the crow’s feet at the sides of my eyes and a small chip on my front tooth. I looked just like everyone else.

—  Olivia Gatwood, “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” (a transcript)

i want there to be a horror film where this guy gets gradually more and more obsessed with a manic pixie dream girl and everyone thinks he’s going to kill her or kidnap her but it turns out she is literally a psychotic pixie girl who crams hallucinogenic pixie dust down his throat until he gags and forces him to dance with her in a fairy ring until he is weak with exhaustion and desperate to escape. she then rips into his flesh with sharp, needle-thin teeth, her smile painted red, and after the credits roll we watch her approach a boy reading Bukowski in a bookstore, and all we see is his sudden, adoring gaze, and the slow stretch of her smile

Hey uh. Yeah, everybody stims, but if you aren’t autistic, adhd, manic, etc then you really need to reconsider why it’s so important to you to make posts like “Everyone stims so quit acting like it’s only for you people!!”

Like… it’s dead obvious you’re referring to paint mixing videos and stuff ?? Like I promise you most of the people making a big deal abt how “Everyone stims” are the same people who would genuinely never feel the need to rock/flap/etc

Even if you have anxiety/etc it’s quite frankly disgusting of you to remove something from highly stigmatized groups and act like it’s ‘totally normal!!!!!!!!’

i cannot get over how much i fuckin love Lucifer’s design

just everything about him

the the birdcage on the shrouded table motif, the red hands peeking from the void, and the shape of the bird arranging itself to give the illusion of a face

he’s got one of my favorite designs for a critter ever, easily in the top 10, which is weird b/c he doesn’t even match any of my aesthetics

i don’t even particularly like birds

it’s just such a good, fun design

the fact he can explode into a terrifying, flaming cyclops is also good

also great expressions