posted by: eunice

don't make a sound

ship: bananun

genre: smutty smut smut ;)

word count: 1.1k

warnings: nsfw, very brief mentions of needles, vague allusion to conversion/aversion therapy

misc: possessed mary eunice this time kids wHOOPS

summary: sister mary eunice decides to interrupt one of lana’s sessions with dr. thredson and administer her own therapy on the inmate.

a/n: you all enjoyed my last one shot super much, so i guess i’m writing more now. enjoy! x

 Lana steps apprehensively into the room where her therapy is usually held, seeing Dr. Thredson already there. The IV is set up as well as the projector, and there is a bucket placed on the floor. Lana can feel the hollowness in her stomach from the little she’s been eating already, and she knows this will only further the feeling.

        “Hello Lana, are you ready to begin today’s session?” Dr. Thredson inquires, giving her a small, formal smile. Lana only nods, sitting on the floor and steadying the bucket between her legs. She offers Dr. Thredson an arm, and he pushes the IV into her vein. The first time, she flinched wildly. Now, she barely winces. “Today we’re moving on from the pictures we’ve been using to something more-”

        Dr. Thredson is interrupted suddenly by a low voice saying, “Knock, knock, can I come in?” Dr. Thredson looks up suddenly, watching as Sister Mary Eunice steps into the room.

        “What is this about, we’re in a session?” He asks, obviously very annoyed. Mary Eunice looks down to Lana before flickering her gaze back up to Dr. Thredson.

        “There’s been a change in plans for Miss Winters’ session today.” Mary Eunice says with a devilish lilt in her voice. “I’m going to be administering a different kind of treatment.”

        “You cannot just waltz in and-” Dr. Thredson is cut off again, but not by anything verbal. Mary’s gaze hits him hard and he just stops, his mouth open in a silent gasp. Mary turns away and he’s released, confused.

        “Go, Oliver. I can take it from here.” Mary Eunice murmurs. Dr. Thredson stands then, leaving the room and shutting the door behind him. Mary goes over to the door still, clicking the lock into place. Lana watches the nun, her mind racing in confusion. Mary comes over and bends down to Lana, sliding the IV carefully from the inmate’s arm. “Come on, Miss Winters, stand up. Let’s begin your treatment.” Lana stands, unsure of what Mary Eunice has planned.

        “What treatment are you going to put me through, Sister?” Lana questions. Mary Eunice doesn’t answer, only pointing to one of the empty patients beds from when the asylum had been a tuberculosis ward.

        “You are going to sit there and watch, and then we’ll take it from there.” Mary commands, her eyes burning yellow. Lana sits immediately. Mary Eunice turns her back to Lana, reaching up and delicately removing her coif, letting shiny blond waves billow from the fabric and down her back. Lana watches, gripping the mattress beneath her, a sinking feeling in her chest as she starts wondering where this might be going.

        Mary continues undressing herself, unpinning the back of her habit and letting the black cloth fall to the floor. Lana tenses, feeling an all too familiar sensation start throbbing in her center. She closes her eyes quickly, clenching her hands into fists and digging her blunt fingernails into her palms. “Don’t look away, you’ll miss the fun.” Mary Eunice purrs. Lana opens her eyes reluctantly, seeing Mary turned around.

        She wears scarlet lingerie, the lace embroidered edges doing a number on Lana. The hem rests just at the upper part of Mary’s thigh, the neckline cutting down to the very edge of her cleavage line. Lana intakes a deep breath, trying to not let herself feel what she’s feeling. Mary grins wickedly, coming over to Lana and straddling her lap.

        “Listen carefully Lana.” Mary Eunice mutters. She grabs Lana’s hands roughly and places them on her hips. “You are to keep your hands here,” she rocks her hips forward slowly, her lingerie riding up so her center is all that much closer to Lana’s. “and you are not allowed to make a sound. Understand?” Lana nods. “Good.”

        Mary Eunice reaches forward, pulling Lana’s inmate gown up, biting down on her bottom lip as she does. Her fingers slip down the front of Lana’s underwear, pressing hard on her clit. Mary laughs, her eyes briefly meeting the brunette’s. “You’re already halfway there.” Lana looks away, embarassed. Mary continues, circling slowly, watching Lana tuck her bottom lip between her teeth to suppress a moan.

        Deciding to make it harder on the inmate, Mary Eunice begins rolling her hips, causing her to slide down and feel her panties press against Lana’s underwear. Licking her lips, she removes her finger and bucks her hips forward, intensifying the contact for a moment before retracting. Lana’s grip on Mary’s hips tightens ten fold, and a guttural noise emits from the back of her throat as she forces herself not to groan in pleasure.

        “I see I’ll have to work a little harder to get you squirming.” Mary breathes out. Suddenly she shifts Lana harshly, pressing her back against the mattress and bringing her knee up to Lana’s center, grinding it down. Lana squints her eyes closed, biting down harder on her lip. Mary maneuvers her knee slightly and Lana’s head rocks forward, an indisputable moan escaping her lips.

        “I thought I said not to make a sound?” Mary Eunice whispers, her eyes smoldering. Lana’s chest heaves with aroused breaths. Mary connects their lips, her arms wrapping around Lana’s body, knee still in place. She relishes as she feels Lana’s back arching.

        She removes her knee from between the brunette’s legs, replacing it instead with two fingers inside the woman beneath her. Lana squirms as she desperately holds back a whimper of desire, causing Mary to smirk. Mary pumps her fingers at a fast pace, bringing Lana right to the edge. One last pump and Lana’s coming undone, her back arching again, a gasp slipping from her lips, her hands leaving Mary Eunice’s hips and tangling themselves in the blonde’s soft locks.

        Mary removes the fingers and stands up, watching Lana come down from her high. Lana exhales a whoosh of breath and sits back up, running a hand through her tangled hair. “Was that my treatment, Sister?” She murmurs, brown eyes clouded with a mixture of lust and uncertainty.

        “Well yes, that was your…treatment.” Mary heavily draws out the word treatment, winking at the brunette before turning to walk back to her discarded habit and coif. “Did you prefer it to your sessions with Doctor Thredson?” She asks, pulling the habit up over her lingerie.

        “Of course I much preferred that.” Lana mutters, almost laughing at the question. Mary Eunice walks back to Lana, turning around and gesturing and to the back of her clothing.

        “Pin me?” Lana does as she’s asked, pinning the habit in the back. Mary Eunice turns her head a bit and meets Lana’s warm brown eyes. Hesitating slightly, she leans forward and presses a quick, chaste kiss to Lana’s lips. “It seems the innocent, naive Mary Eunice has a crush on you.” She whispers, turning back around and walking towards the door, pulling her coif on as she goes.