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Lame writing thing here we go

Warnings: Torture, blood, crying, knife wounds, mutilation

alrighty, here’s a thing with Kenji. Feedback is welcome bc I had not thought this out very well and I don’t write that much aaaaa

I had to do something. I didn’t want to just let them sit there all… intact. Fresh. Unconscious from the dinner I prepared. It wasn’t that satisfying to cut them up while they weren’t awake to witness it, but not resistant enough to make me annoyed. I’d just have to wait, so I watched them, crouched down in front of them with my head against their knee, looking up at their peaceful, pretty face as I thought about how long it took to make them trust me. I ran the tip of my knife over their other knee, just cutting through the fabric.
But I cut deeper, making it bleed.
They woke up.

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Abby from NCIS is autistic

Autistic Abby who likes to stim using Bert the Hippo or her spike necklaces.
Autistic Abby hating everything about coffee so she relies on Caf-Pow. (The straw are also a great thing to chew on and the cups are smooth and nice).
Autistic Abby taking a while to come around to new team members because change is hard and so is trying to figure out how to talk to new people.
Autistic Abby seen as “overly protective” of her lab and machines and everything in it.
Autistic Abby not being able to cope when the team is split up and everything changes.
Autistic Abby having hyper empathy but sometimes when she can’t express concern or other emotions, it turns into anger.
Autistic Abby being called gullible for not understanding sarcasm or trusting everyone as a child, so she decides to trust no one and eventually learns how to psychologically analyze body language from Ducky.
Autistic Abby being so uncomfortable in formal work clothes cause they’re so tight and wrong.
Autistic Abby who’s had forensics, crime, and chemistry as a special interest since a child.
Autistic Abby having difficulty learning the ins and outs of verbal communication since both her parents are deaf and they communicate with ASL.
Autistic Abby finding it hard to get respect at NCIS and being outcasted for her info dumping and odd clothes and music.
Neurotypical Gibbs taking Abby under his wing and using ASL with her and hugs her to pressure stim.
Neurotypical Gibbs standing up for Abby with directors, agents, and other agencies.
Neurotypical Gibbs punching Agent Sacks (from the FBI) after he makes fun of Abby.
Autistic Abby who stims by doing cartwheels and loves bowling because of the weight and smoothness of the balls.
Autistic Abby becoming great friends with first Autistic/ADHD Tony and OCD Ducky, and then Autistic/OCD McGee, Autistic Palmer, Autistic/OCD/BPD Ziva, and eventually Autistic Bishop.
Autistic Abby who doesn’t take shit from anyone and is proudly autistic.


OKAY so I took a while doing the free commissions I got, from chiptune-lion. This is the third one I got, a galaxy sweater, my personal favorite. I made one version with black sleeves and one with galaxy sleeves. The second one I got a liiittle carried away with so I’m posting that next in a separate post. I really like how the sweater came out though, so feel free to use it and I’d love to see pictures of people wearing it if anyone does ^-^ Thanks for the suggestion! 

Seventeen as summer time things

S.Coups: BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Junghan: Tanning!

Joshua: Drinking iced tea

Jun: b a T H O T T I E


Wonwoo: staying indoors and reading 

Woozi: get a sunburn!



The8: have a picnic

Seungkwan: lounge by the poolside, drinking lemonade while wearing a huge floppy hat

Vernon: go to concerts!!

Dino: go to water parks!!

a butt fixation

Jearmin Week prompt: dishonesty

Word count: 1056

Summary: Jean tries so hard to find reasons to touch or look at Armin’s butt. Alternatively, five times Jean touched/looked at Armin’s butt, and one time Armin touched Jean’s. 

Inspired by aarlert’s art, here (check it out; it is gold)!

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Os poetas tem essa fome insaciável do mundo, essa vontade de abraçar milhares de causas e no mesmo instante visitar outras galáxias. De enternizar aquela tarde de inverno, em que a madeira está crepitando no fogão a lenha, e o vapor a flutuar sobre a xícara de café. E poesia é o remédio desses corações inquietos, sedentos de emoções colossais, saudosos daquilo que há muito se foi e daquilo que nunca se viu. Poesia é a cabana de madeira em meio a mata de pinheiros, é o cheiro do capim e da terra molhados pelo orvalho. É a luz do poste solitário na beirada do cais, e o ecoar do apito do velho navio cargueiro com o casco coberto de musgo. Poesia está no sorriso enrugado do idoso, e no cheiro único da casa de vó. Nas luzes de natal das casas de um bairro vistas por trás das gotas de chuva na janela do carro. A poesia está em tudo, e tudo está na poesia. Ela vive por si só, no simples balançar de folhas na árvore até no brilhar da mais gigantesca estrela. A poesia faz o poeta e não o poeta a poesia. Ela está na pausa da vírgula, e no infinito das reticências. Está no exclamar da exclamação e, talvez, na duvida da interrogação. Está também entre os parenteses, e por fim, no fim do ponto final.
—  Daquelas de dia chuvosos, Felipe Ponsoni
Why did we come here?? | thecrankysheriff

Mila had been staying with Reggie for almost two weeks now and she had seen an advertisement for a haunted house.  Well, it was October now, so maybe Reggie would want to come with here.  Those places weren’t any fun to go to alone.

It had taken a bit of convincing, since Reggie claimed that he hated being scared but he also didn’t want her to go alone, so he finally agreed.  She had almost been bouncing in the passenger’s seat of his car on the short drive there.  This was exciting!  She hadn’t gone to one of these places in years and she was eager to see what would be in store for them.

Reggie pulled the car up in front of the large mansion and she was in awe that someone had actually been able to use someone’s home for a Halloween haunted house.  "It’ll be fun, Reggie.  And only for like, an hour or less, so thank you so much for coming with me!“

Deus, por favor, abençoe o dia que se inicia ! Me livre da decepção e de todas as outras dores do coração, me livre da mágoa e da falta de fé na Tua palavra. Guie meus passos e sempre que eu precisar, me envolva em seus abraços. Que o mal das pessoas não venham me atingir e que através do Teu poder, esse mesmo mal se transforme em coisas que me façam sorrir.