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I’m glad we didn’t listen, look at what we would be missing.

Canadian Queens...the Not-So-Exhaustive list...Part 1

Hey girls…you wanted it…and now you’re getting it!


Celine Dion

Arguably Canada’s biggest and brightest star. You think of the ethereal goddess of Canada…you think of Celine Dion. A French-Canadian many people around my age grew up with her on the radio. Here’s one of my favourites…

Shania Twain

How do you become the best selling solo country female artist of all time? Play your cards right and become the most iconic crossover artist to ever walk the earth (Snakelor wishes). Born from complete poverty and suffering immense hardships by losing both her parents…a star emerged when she moved to Nashville and pursued her dreams…the rest is history. With 3 Certified Diamond albums…Check out her newly released song “Life’s About To Get Good” and start preparing for her new album NOW on September 29.

Joni Mitchell

Another absolute legend who has inspired countless singers today. Get into this masterpiece from her. 

God Tier

Alanis Morissette

This queen literally invented being angry. Jagged Little Pill will always be one of my favourite albums of all time. Albums later and she still has a big fan base while also being a mother, columnist, self-help guru, and spiritual guidance counselor of sorts for many people. Here’s an excellent song about life.

Sarah McLachlan

Before she was being spoofed on SNL for “saving the dogs” this woman had an iconic career in the 90s/2000s. I sometimes think she is my mother because my mother would listen to her every night when I was a young child. Here’s one of her best. 

More to come later…

I have reached a point where I rewatch a few of Drew Monson’s videos each night because I really feel I can relate to him on an emotional level and that comforts me. Honestly, he helps keeps me grounded. Thank you Drew for helping me get through some rough times and for helping me realize I’m not alone

anonymous asked:

Thanks for considering my request. ;; u ;; I wasn't sure if you were looking for prompts for ideas or just wanted to go wild with it, but maybe some arguing between Kei and Kou which somehow leads to some kissing? Q 7 Q

“You are so stupid at times, Nakano!”

Shoving the brunet against a wall, Kei clenched his hands into fists. His breath was uneven and cheeks flushed thanks to them running away. Fuck. They hadn’t been fast enough, Tanaka managed to escape and on top of that, Nakano almost got beheaded.

“What’s your problem, Nagai? I thought we needed to hurry, let’s get going!”

Furrowed brows. Angry glare. Breath even. The boy had just fought against an IBM but there was no trace of exhaustion. A hand reached out and Kei was grabbed by his collar.

“Nakano, I told you you should watch out for your head! You almost died back then, can’t you even understand that?!”

Their faces were inches apart, angry maroon meeting tense red. No one backed off, no one dared to look away. This was a fight of will and neither would lose.

“I died several times already, I’m used to it!”

What a fucking idiot.

“Nakano, I told you several times already - if you get decapitated it’s game over for you! For real! So watch out, is that so hard?!”

Kei’s body was trembling and he gritted his teeth, couldn’t get rid of the fear he had felt earlier. A part of him was still in shock. What would have happened if he hadn’t pushed Nakano out of the way? If Tanaka’s ghost had managed to behead the ajin?

“I may be dumb but this whole thing isn’t about me! We are here to stop Satou and save our friends! I don’t care if I die again, I’ll just wake up like always!”

Breaths mixing, maroon was all Kei could see. He could feel Nakano’s body temperature, felt the radiating warmth and smelled the gross sweat in combination with their burnt clothes. The two of them were already a mess and here they were, fighting instead of following the plan. Ignoring Tosaki’s voice in his ear, Kei reached up and grabbed Nakano’s collar as well. His breathing was uneven. Not because of the exhaustion but his anger.

“You think I care about the others? Give up already, Nakano! I may be selfish but so are you! You act all high and mighty when in the end you only follow that hero complex of yours! Did you ever think about the people you would leave behind?! The people who would have to work with a foreign personality in your body?! A stranger using your voice and body, even your damn name while you would be dead? Did you ever think about me because it seems like you would happily jump into your last death and leave me behind!”


Oh no.

The anger and hate immediately vanished out of Nakano’s face and all that was left was innocent confusion. Thick brows were raised in question and Kei could see that the other wanted to ask his typical stupid and embarrassing questions.



Pulling Nakano closer by the collar, Kei pressed their lips together. It was a horrible excuse for a kiss but he didn’t want to hear the boy’s voice, didn’t want to admit that he had just confessed his twisted feelings. Kei was selfish and he knew that he wanted this boy for himself.

The ajin felt the brunet tensing up but he didn’t pull back. His first kiss. His first failure. Maybe Nagai Kei wasn’t made for these emotions. Well, most likely. He didn’t have the time for romantic dates and wishful thinking, he needed to think logical in order to end this quickly. No, Nagai Kei wasn’t made for a relationship. And he wasn’t made for a stupid but good-hearted person like Naka-

Red widened the moment lips pressed against his own and this time it was Kei who didn’t know how to act when a hand rested on his neck. He wasn’t pushed away. No. his comrade pulled him closer. The sensation of fingers playing with his raven black hair was foreign but Kei found himself relaxing into the touch. Nakano tilted his head and slowly moved his lips against Kei’s. He could feel his own heart picking up its pace and the ajin wondered why he leaned against this broad but comforting chest.

The moment they parted red fluttered open and he tried to catch his breath, didn’t even stop the groan upon seeing a stupid grin on the even more stupid boy. Turning his back to Nakano, Kei began to walk away.

“Come on, we need to stop Satou… I expect you to watch my back, Nakano.”

Thank you so much for sending the request! I hope this is to your liking and I apologize for taking my time, I had a rather busy week. 

beta’d as always by the amazing @mildlycuriousdragon, check out her ajin art!


I don’t know where I would be in life without these two amazing artists that really were & still are my all-time favorites throughout my childhood when it came to music taylorswift & Shania Twain <3 :) I’ve already made a post about why I love both these artists a while back but I just like to make another post because they truly are amazing & I hope someday I get to meet both of them <3 :) Thank you Taylor & Shania for being such an important part of my childhood I love you both so much <3 

5 Things Tag

So, my ugly ass is just now doing this over a month later, but thanks to @nocturan for tagging me in this because I have always to do one of these tags posts!! In the words of Shania Twain, “Let’s go girls!” 


5 things that make me happy

- Something that makes me really happy are car rides. I love to travel, even though I don’t have the resources to do as much of it as I want. I prefer a night drive. Whether they are by myself or with a friend, and whether I’m driving or riding passenger, I’m always down for a drive. I always leave that ride with a sense of peace and I’m able to get things off of my chest. 

-Flowers make me happy. I love flowers. That’s why my url includes the hyacinth flower. The hyacinth has a beautiful greek myth behind it, it’s scent is very nostalgic for me, and it blooms in the spring, my very favorite time of the year. I’m also really good at floral design and it’s one of my favorite hobbies. So, hit ya boy up if you ever need advice on flowers or if you want me to do your wedding or prom! I wanna find a guy that’ll just let me fill up the house with plants and will buy me flowers constantly. 

-I love to sing and dance. I’m not the best at either, but I love it. My dear friend is giving me voice lessons, and I just want to get better, so one day my husband won’t hate me belting tunes in the house or car. I love dancing in the club. I know that sounds wild, but I genuinely love the rush (sober or drunk) of being under the lights of a club and feeling the beat all around you. 

-Pokémon is something that fills me with joy. I’ve been a big fan of the franchise since I was about six years old, when I got my first GameBoy Advance and a copy of Pokémon Ruby. I’m not a huge fan of the newer generations, but the games, movies, TV show, cards, and other products will always hold a special place in my heart. 

-Learning makes me happy. I’m majoring in secondary education with an emphasis in agricultural sciences(no, I don’t want to teach kids how to become farmers, and no I don’t have a strong farm background). I want to teach things like floral design, business management, leadership and communications, animal science and plant science, and environmental science among a myriad of other things. I believe in helping students become their best selves, I hope to be that positive influence in the lives of my students some day. 



5 things I have always wanted to do

-I have always wanted to travel to Australia. I’m not sure what fascinates me so much about the continent, but I’d love to study abroad there, and I hope I get the chance to experience the culture their one day. 

-I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. I’m in my third year of college and I’m taking an intro class this semester. Unfortunately, by the time I student teach I’ll only make it halfway through the intermediate courses, but I hope I can continue learning after that. Spanish culture and language has always been a big interest of mine.

-I’ve always wanted to be a gogo boy! I don’t quite have the bod for it, but I love the aesthetic of it, and the idea of getting to shake my ass in a jock on stage and make tips from it seems so fun. 

-I’ve always wanted to publish a book of my poems. I write a lot of stuff that you can find under #bad poems and I’d love to compile them all into one collection some day. 

-I’ve always wanted to be a runway model. I love high fashion, and even though I’m not the most creative or fashionable in my wardrobe, I think it’s an amazing art form and I’ve always wanted to feel the rush of walking down the runway in a designer’s look. 



5 things you may find on my blog

-Pokémon and other things of the sort

-Some good and really awful memes and vines and videos

-Soft gay porn 

-Aesthetics and pretty stuff

-Quotes and music driven things



5 things you are likely to find in my bedroom

-My salt lamp. She is a beaut, even though she leaks a lot. 

-Street signs. I’m low-key reckless and love to steal street signs with pretty names. 

-My overflowing underwear drawer (it’s an obsession, tbh).

-My favorite quilt that doesn’t cover my whole body. 

-A desk calendar bc you’re boy is a Gold personality type and has to have some kind of organization and order. 



5 things you might not know about me

- I have a hole in my left ear drum as a result of having tubes in my ears as a kid. I can swim, but can’t go underwater unless I just wanna get wreckt.

-I’m an only child, but without the stereotypical only child syndrome!

-I love public speaking and giving speeches, even though I always become super nervous before presenting. 

-I have a garbage sense of depth perception. 

-I had braces, but still have a snaggle tooth that I wanna get fixed one day.


This was so much fun to do, honestly. I’m gonna tag @ramen-tho @gaybrofart @anawkwardlifesblog @benlockard @britneyspesrs @kvnti @afrikcunt @perilous-pursuit-of-perfection @aplaceofhisown and @thisendswithyou bc I really just wanna hear from you hoes. Thanks for reading! <3