posted by sandeul!

  • Jinyoung: Our comeback is coming! We must tell our BANAs!! *posts on Instagram with the caption "드디어!! ㅜ ㅜ 화이팅!!!!!!
  • #b1a4 #bana"*
  • CNU: I'll do the same *posts on Instagram with the same photo and caption as Jinyoung, but with a 2 at the end*
  • Sandeul: Okay me too! *does the same as ShinYoung, but adds a 3 at the end*
  • Gongchan: I'll do it but I'm not adding a 4 *posts like Jinyoung*
  • Baro: I'm gonna be different! *posts the same photo with the caption "다들 아실랑가 #b1a4 컴백🙏 #newalbum
  • #b1a4comeback #비포컴백"*
  • Sandeul: Ah you fool!! You should've connected with the other 4!!!