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dark rc would you please consider writing about how victor (and the rest of the Russian skate team) had a feud with the Russian hockey team bc of their constant flirting and attentions towards yuuri (who was completely oblivious at the war waging for his heart)??

This has been sitting in my inbox for over a month and I apologize for that, nonny! I wanted to try my hand at breaking through this writer’s block and this prompt was ripe for the taking. It’s not my best work by any stretch, but it’s something at least! I hope you enjoy.


There are few things that give Yuri pleasure—the taste of accomplishment like cinnamon sugar on the back of his tongue after landing a quad; having a comeback so cutting that he practically draws blood; that soft murrf a cat makes when it decides it trusts him; the little green screenshot arrow appearing next to Otabek’s name in Snapchat—but they all pale in comparison to whenever the Russian hockey team visits the rink.

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As Rogue One has finally been released and everyone is drowning in feelings, we’d like to use the week of April 10th to April 16th to finally host a RebelCaptain Appreciation Week, dedicated to celebrating our favorite tragic power duo: Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor.

We are launching this appreciation week in collaboration with the amazing @rebelcaptainprompts, who graciously created all the writing prompts you see below, and who will be an additional source of promotion for works.


  • Day One: Favorite Scene(s) || Writing Prompt: Family
  • Day Two: Song Day || Writing Prompt: Comfort
  • Day Three: Tropes || Writing Prompt: Undercover
  • Day Four: AU of your choice || Writing Prompt: Nerve
  • Day Five: Quote Day || Writing Prompt: Home
  • Day Six: Diego Luna and Felicity Jones Appreciation || Writing Prompt: Hope
  • Day Seven: Free day || Bonus prompt: Future

We know that this is a bit short notice, so we will be having a MAKEUP WEEKEND: April 22nd-April 23rd. If you’re unable to participate during this time or miss one of the days, please post your works during that weekend so that we can reblog them.

Please use this week to celebrate Jyn and Cassian in any way you want to, whether it’s making gifs, graphics, mixes or fanvids, writing fic or meta, creating fanart, etc. Also, because we know that appreciation weeks sometimes skew towards visual work, we included a second writing prompt (thanks again to @rebelcaptainprompts​​ for them) to help get those creative juices flowing.

Don’t feel limited by the intention of the prompt - if you’d like to write meta about your favorite scenes, or make a gifset about ‘comfort’, go ahead! Feel free to fill both prompts on each day. Feel free to complete a prompt for both Jyn and Cassian! The point is to create as much positive Jyn x Cassian related material as possible.

How it will work:

  • Please tag your posts with #rebelcaptainweek in one of the first five tags so we can see it
  • If you’d like extra assurance, you can tag #therebelcaptainnetwork or #rebelcaptainprompts (especially if you’re filling the second prompt) so we definitely see your post
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Thanks for making it through to the end of the post :) Feel free to message us with any comments, questions or concerns. We hope you guys have a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing what wonderful things you will create!

Yana’s comment on real!Ciel

So I got a couple of questions regarding my post about RC’s height (mainly from @abybweisse), so here’s the translation of Yana’s tweet in question:


“I found it very interesting that I received feedback like “He has a nice physique” or “He’s tall”, even though I used tracing and mirror-reversed copy for the new character who appeared in this month’s chapter and even set up the intensity of his screentone exactly the same as [our Ciel’s]. It seems the impression [readers get from him] makes him look taller. -Toboso”

which I (and other Japanese fans) understood as a confirmation that Yana’s intention was to draw a completely identical, mirror-reversed twin and that real Ciel isn’t supposed to look any taller, more muscular than our Ciel.

Some Japanese fans commented on her tweet that it’s probably real Ciel’s “I’m the BOSS”-aura, his attitude, words and manners that *make* him look taller than he really is (especially compared to our poor Ciel who was totally scared and shocked), and I completely agree with them! :D

Roll Credits | A Season 3 Westallen Series

So, you hear me talk about Roll Credits sometimes on here. But unless you actually go to the Series tab on my AO3 account (or follow my side blog), you prob don’t know exactly what I’m talking about.

In this post, I will sum up what RC is, give you links (AO3 only) to all the fics currently in the series and the ideas I have that just haven’t been written yet b/c I lost inspiration (which is not to say it won’t come back someday, just that for the time being those ideas are on hold).

Roll Credits is essentially a collection of missing westallen (mostly) scenes from season 3 episodes. I never write one for an episode before it airs, because I rly try to make these scenes fit canon as much as is humanly possible, and so I want to see what the episode gave us, so I can know how to realistically fit it in.

It should also be noted that while these are “deleted” scenes from the episodes, they do all relate to each other. So, there may be references to previous fics in the series included in later ones that you wouldn’t know just by watching the show. They’re believable in canon, but they aren’t mentioned in the episodes b/c I came up with them, so it’s more beneficial to read all the fics to fully understand and appreciate them. Still, for the most part they are minor things that can be ignored and the fics can still be understood. The only exception to this are fics that are more or less written in a mini-series and take place one right after the other. The 3x16 and 3x19 fics are specific examples of this.

Listed below in BOLD are the fics I have written (with their links). In italics (and w/ ‘TBD’ as the ‘title’) are the ideas I have not. All are listed chronologically by episode.

* - requested fic (before title)
- fic includes smut (after title)

TBD: 3x03 - Barry returning to his date with Iris at the end of the episode.

Pretty Eyes, Pretty Lips: Post 3x04 - Iris has a hard time leaving Barry to go home. 

The Flash and Related Topics: Post 3x05 - Barry takes Julian out for a drink.

Late Night Distraction: Post 3x05 - Barry stops by Iris’s place after going out with Julian.

*TBD: 3x06 - Wally tells Iris about his dreams about being Kid Flash before anyone else

A Breath and a Kiss: Post 3x07 - Barry needs a place to crash, at least for the night. Iris volunteers.

Lay Me to Sleep: Post 3x08 - Barry comes home to an emotional Iris, furious and heartbroken that he didn’t tell her he almost sacrificed himself to the Dominators.

TBD: 3x09 - Barry & Iris morning after fluff

*Tears Above His Heartbeat: Post 3x10 - Barry and Iris share a sad, tender moment after a long, sleepless night worrying about the future. 

Eskimo Kisses: 3x11 - Barry and Iris being cute: an extended version of their last scene in the episode.

*Her Flash, Her Barry***: 3x12 - Barry shows Iris just how much of him she has. In bed. (Request-ish for @wanderer765. I came up with the idea, but she wanted it verrrry badly. lol.)

TBD: 3x13 - Wally & Jesse talk about their argument earlier. Wally addresses all the reasons he likes her that have nothing to do with speed.

TBD: 3x13 - Barry & Iris post-ep angst; Barry didn’t know Iris knew he was still having nightmares.

TBD: 3x14 - Barry & Iris smut (implied in the ep) following the “breakfast” scene.

The Calm: 3x16 - Barry agrees to go home with Iris after being pulled out of the speed force. 

TBD: 3x16 - Jesse checks in on a sleeping Wally after her small victory over Savitar.

If the Sofa is Empty: 3x16 - Barry asks to crash with Cisco. Again.

One More Night***: Post 3x16 - Iris demands one more night with Barry.

TBD: Post 3x16 - Barry has another nightmare about Iris being killed by Savitar, but this time he’s at Cisco’s; Cisco overhears him and responds accordingly.

TBD: 3x17 - Barry asks Joe for permission to re-propose to Iris.

TBD: Post 3x17 - Barry & Iris fluff immediately following the proposal

The Echo of Heartbreak: 3x18 - Barry can’t stop thinking about his broken engagement with Iris, even with his ring back on her finger.

Someone to Come Home to: 3x19 - Barry reunites with Iris

Touch Me, Trust Me, Wrap Your Arms Around Me***: Post 3x19 - Barry tries to reassure Iris about the future.

A Flicker of Light: Post 3x19 - Barry wants to see Iris smile. (morning after angst cuddling)

TBD: 3x20 - Wally visiting Jesse on Earth 3.

Interlude***: 3x21 - Barry prioritizes alone time with Iris. (a.k.a. they pick up where they left off when HR interrupted them…)

Like It’s the Last Time***: 3x22 - Iris requests one more thing of Barry.

One Night of Weakness: Post 3x23 - Iris insists on staying alone at the loft her first night without Barry.

Made a Bold Move

So I just did something; I didn’t think I would ever do, and that was email the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland admissions office to see about attending school there. I am not crossing my fingers or anything just yet. But, if I can somehow get to study over there it won’t be until the 2018/2019 term year. Anyway my ultimate goal in the next year or two is to study abroad in the Dramatic Arts in the UK. And, if I can attend the same school where my favorite actor David Tennant has an honorary doctorate degree at then that will be an added bonus on top of everything else.

-tennydr10confidential aka Katie

What if I told you guys that even as a trans guy, I don’t wear my binder during sex? That I sometimes skipped binding on hot days because I overheat easily and could literally die. That I am okay being topless in front of my close friends. AND HO GET READY FOR THE BIG ONE. That I still cosplay female characters even after coming out.

Does that make you uncomfortable? I’m sorry, but that’s my life.

Saying that trans guy has to be dysphoric 24/7 in order to be considered valid is just as bad as when cis people say that you have to try and pass or you have to get top/bottom surgery. Both are equally unwarranted and disgusting. It also once again gives into the sexism against ftm who constantly have to prove themselves because god forbid they do anything slightly feminine (like let’s say, pose sexily in women’s clothing, binder or not) and are suddenly thrown under the bus for “not being real men”.

Wanna know what gives me dysphoria? When you guys call me lazy because I chose to skip binding on a hot day. When you guys think it’s weird and “kinda gross” that I still will put on the female cosplays. When you guys tell me maybe I would pass more if I didn’t have colored hair, wore makeup, or constantly showed off my curves.

You don’t get to dictate our lives or how we feel. As for my fellow trans men who do struggle with dysphoria and don’t like seeing these kinds of behaviors those like me, YOU can surround yourself with the things YOU need to get by, just as I and other trans guys will do. Unfollow, block, ask for content to be tagged, have a discussion instead of a screaming contest, IT REALLY ISN’T THAT HARD.

But sure, just keep ruining someone’s life by threatening their career, misgendering them and sending them death threats that’s cool

anonymous asked:

Hello I am also creeping into your ask box. So, I've fallen out of writing for the past few years but I really want to pick it up again. I fell out of it because I didn't like my work anymore and I had a huge motivation problem. However, I'm now older and want to get back into helping contribute to fandoms, creating, and connecting. But, I don't know how. See, I have a lot of ideas but I'm not sure if I can write it the way I want and keep up with it. Any advice? Also how do you plan without RC?

Hi there! Thank you for creeping~

You know, I’ve had long spells where I go ages without writing much, too. I think right now is probably the most dedicated I’ve ever been to writing, honestly. And it’s a great feeling, but of course, it’s not one that can happen all the time – creativity does go in cycles, the way you feel about your writing isn’t always consistent. Sometimes it makes you just not want to write, like what you’ve experienced. 

But now that you want to get back into it, I wonder if you’re too concerned with the pitfalls of the future, instead of focusing on what you want to do right here and now. 

If you want to write at this very moment, try not to worry about everything going the way you want it to go, or keeping up with it. A lot of the time, I start off wanting to write a story one way, and by the end, it’s an entirely different story. And I look back at my outline or first draft and am like “what in the seven hells happened here???” Literally 9 times out of 10 I start off saying, “This will be short!” And then several months and fifty thousand words later…….. (you have HOTJ)

That’s not always a bad thing. Often, what you end up with is better than what you started out writing – because you gain perspective as you go. And sometimes I do get totally stuck because a story isn’t materializing the way I want it. In that case, this is where it becomes useful to have a lot of ideas. Start working on another one. See where that takes you – maybe you’ll end up finishing that second idea instead, or maybe working on something else will help you store up enough creative energy to forge yourself a path on that first stalled idea. 

When it comes to keeping up, take a deep breath and r e l a x. Your deadlines as a fan creator are your own, so utilize that freedom. Try and remember you are doing this because you love it. My advice here would be: write a whole story from start to finish. Or write a couple one-shots – have material stockpiled. Then work on new things while you still have those to post. It may alleviate some of your stress about posting schedule (as it does for me). When I first started writing for this fandom, my laughably lofty goal was to post a fic or fic chapter every weekend – that fell apart pretty fucking fast, let me tell you. And at first, yes, I did stress about it a lot. But I realized that the more important thing than sticking to my own self-imposed schedule was the fact that I wanted to write and I had so many ideas to write about. When they end up fully realized on paper, or when they get posted, is another story. 

The thing is, you’ll never know until you actually start writing. So, don’t worry so much any more about what might happen. Start talking to people, other fans and writers, now. You don’t have to Be A Writer to talk to other writers. And just, open up a new doc. Start your outline. I can promise you it will feel better than not writing at all.

In regards to your second question, how do I plan without RC and Ellie – a lot of my non-collab ideas tend to crash their way into my brain and suddenly it’s like, I HAVE TO WRITE THIS IMMEDIATELY which is why I am always writing like 4 stories at once and it takes me forever to actually finish anything. Typically, during these early stages, Ellie and RC are like “Essieeee” and “what about your other three stories you are supposed to be finishing” and “remember how you told us not to let you do this again” 

*WAVES HAND* WHATEVER. So, at this point, I usually view it as my sworn duty to convince them that my New Idea is Good and that it Must Be Written. I start actively brainstorming at them, until they finally break and agree with me and then I just start writing. So basically, some ideas, I start off brainstorming with them, but others simmer in my head for awhile before I unleash them. I tend to brainstorm out loud, a lot, which is how I come up with dialogue and individual scenes; I do this in the car, shower, wherever. Talking to yourself is, I find, very helpful. But I do usually need to talk through my ideas with someone else at some point though, unless they’re fairly short. 

Thank you for your questions!!! <3

Hey RebelCaptain fans!

This is just a reminder that we’ll be having a makeup weekend for the Appreciation Week we hosted last week. 

Use this time to post any works you’ve missed or simply create more works for prompts you didn’t fill, prompts you did fill, etc. Please be sure to tag it just like for the original week: #rebelcaptainweek. You may also additionally tag #therebelcaptainnetwork (for all works) or #rebelcaptainprompts (for works created for the writing prompts—whether it’s writing or not.)

We will reblog everything that we see in tags.  You can find ALL works on the blog under the tag #rebelcaptain week. Each day is tagged #rc week: day [x]. Work created for the makeup weekend will be tagged additionally #makeup weekend.

As a reminder, here were the week’s prompts. 

  • Day One: Favorite Scene(s) || Writing Prompt: Family
  • Day Two: Song Day || Writing Prompt: Comfort
  • Day Three: Tropes || Writing Prompt: Undercover
  • Day Four: AU of your choice || Writing Prompt: Nerve
  • Day Five: Quote Day || Writing Prompt: Home
  • Day Six: Diego Luna and Felicity Jones Appreciation || Writing Prompt: Hope
  • Day Seven: Free day || Bonus prompt: Future

Have fun and happy shipping!

As always, please message us with any comments, questions or concerns.

Suppression of RC activity increased his melanin activity

Increased melanin = darker hair. Now it makes sense why his hair turned all black when he regained his memories. Haise had “pudding” hair because all around, he was confused about his own identity. To supress? To not supress? A human? A ghoul? Who exactly was he before? But after he regained his memories, he knew exactly who he was, and fitting the role of a “ghoul investigator,” Kaneki decided to suppress his RC cells. He also consumed Eto’s kakuho after his fight with her,

and he gained a mountain of RC cells. Suppressing it must have been incredibly difficult, which kept his hair constantly black

But now he has stopped the suppression, and his hair has turned white. And with it, other qualities show as well…

Kaneki usually has to put a lot of strain on himself, mentally and physically, to assume his kakuja. But even in a relaxed state, his kakuja form has manifested in his hands. Kaneki isn’t holding back anymore, but even in his normal state his RC cells manifest. He real strong. Who knows what his RC level is now. But Kaneki isn’t even holding back his kakugan anymore, or can he even hold it back now that he isn’t suppressing his RC cells? Is holding back proving to be too strenuous and difficult because he’s so powerful? 

Kaneki couldn’t control his kakugan at the beginning of the original manga, but that might’ve been because he had no control over his RC cells. That makes sense because his hair was black (not because he was suppressing his RC cells, but rather that there weren’t even enough RC cells to suppress). And after Yamori strengthened Kaneki’s RC vessels through continuous torture and regeneration, Kaneki’s hair turned white after he let everything go. He wanted to be strong. With the concept of suppression, the strong link between his hair and mental state make sense. But this dilemma brings a certain character to mind…

Does Uta also have overwhelming power? His black hair could be from suppression, meaning that despite that his kakugan still shows because he’s so powerful? But it could also just be hair dye. Who knows, maybe he just likes showing his kakugan off. Or maybe this RC suppression deal only applies to half-ghouls. After all, Seidou also had the same experience and white-hair transformation that Kaneki had.


replied to your



dark RC please tell me all your headcanons about…

dark rc tell me how often viktor phones home to hasetsu like every time yuuri turns around he’s gossiping with toshiya or talking abt boy bands with mari or embarrassing childhood stories with hiroko

Victor’s in the middle of retying his skate when the sound of Yuuri’s boring, default ringtone fills the air. Yuuri refuses to change it to literally anything else–even a less annoying stock tone–because it’s the only one he can hear through his headphones.

He looks up without pausing with his laces, fingers knotting by memory, and watches Yuuri brighten at whoever’s on the display.

“Hi mom!”

Victor couldn’t stop the smile that breaks over his face even if he tried. There’s just something about Hiroko–even the very thought of her–that feels like sunshine. 

“I’m good,” Yuuri says, and he turns to beam at Victor, who mimes a wave. “We got to the rink about twenty minutes ago. We had a bit of a, uh, late start this morning.”

The smile twists into something a little wicked and he bares a hint of teeth at Yuuri, who blushes to the roots of his hair and whirls around, showing Victor his back. Which probably doesn’t have the intended effect, since all it does is make Victor think about how his come looked dripping down the line of Yuuri’s spine. 

“It’s good to hear from you. I can’t remem–” Yuuri pauses, listens for a moment, and then says flatly, “Oh.”

Victor blinks as he turns around and practically throws the phone at him.

“It’s for you.”

Even when he reaches the ice, Yuuri just keeps stomping away.

Victor glances down at the little image of Hiroko on the display, the call duration ticking, and he waits until it gets to 0:01:20 before bringing the phone to his ear. Even numbers make him feel better about the state of the world. “Hello?”

“Hello, sweetheart! I was just at Hironobu-san’s stand, buying squid, when I saw the most adorable little dog and immediately thought of you. Do you have a few minutes to chat?”

He risks a glance at the ice. Yuuri manages to launch into a flawless triple axel and flip him off at the same time.

That’s when it hits him.

He’s now the favorite child.

Beaming, he waves at Yuuri and says, “For you, Hiroko-kaachan? I have an hour. Tell me everything!”