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I didn’t realize that Julian was going to be so hecking difficult to draw. He was not only difficult to draw, but the way I wanted him to be drawn actually got me used to digital drawing again, so that’s nice!

If you haven’t already, I would recommend playing The Arcana. Although it’s not even five chapters long, the art is utterly beautiful and the storyline is so fascinating. I can’t wait for the next chapter to come out!

Vol 7 spoilers

I’m starting oddly enough with the end, as that’s what I got asked most about. I got asked about how they die and if Guren resurrects them. I’ll make another post or two about different sections I got asked about. Obviously there are major spoilers ahead. Also, take my translations with a grain of salt as they are paraphrased and may be out of context. 

Main points: Mahiru is the one that kills them, she dies by Noya’s curse, her plan was to disrupt the ultimate experiment by having Guren there, he decides to resurrect them, and the book ends there, as the world’s destruction begins.

More detailed summary: 

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About what might have happened with Kirishima...

From the light novel translation here:

Iida is up being Iida- looking for his glasses and also quietly correcting everyone’s futons and blankets. After finding Kaminari (who is apparently the dude faceplanted on his futon from the manga) this happens…

Iida planned on talking to Kaminari about sleeping afterwards. It looked like an extremely painful sleeping position, but this person looked like he wasn’t having any problems sleeping peacefully, nonetheless Iida went on to fix his futon anyways, searching for his glasses case at the same time.

As he was proceeding to move forward, he’d hadn’t realised that he was unable to get inbetween futons, as there was a arm stretched out in the way, who could these arms belong to?

“…What is this…”

Iida quickly turned to the direction of the voice, there was a pointed blade like knife thing, what on earth is that?


This hardened arm, it had to be no other than Kirishima, his hardened arm had also pierced his own pillow, Instantly Iida leaped forward in an attempt to escape from Kirishima, now he is faced to faced with the passionate display of a sleeping position by Bakugou.

“Phew… just made it..”

Kirishima who was laid next to Kaminari had pierced his own pillow with his own arm, still heavily breathing in his sleep it seemed like he was unfazed. Iida catches his breath before going back to fix Kirishima’s futon.

What did Kirishima think he had just arrived in time for?

really????????? had no idea!!!!!!!!!!! I should check it out then ** let me if u decide to buy it~
aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAH SO CUTE!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ i would be curious to see some photos of u cosplaying as her~

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MY DEAR, WE NEED TO WAIT FOR CONTEXT AND TRANSLATIONS BEFORE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS ABOUT HIS ACTIONS. Then we can start talking about Guren’s actions, I think. More spoilers but, all the poor boy wants is more time with his friends, even if it’s only 10 more years. He’s that broken at the end. He even asks Ferid to kill him so that he won’t feel the need to revive them and face the consequences. And we still haven’t gotten the actual world ending moment yet. So who knows what can happen between the time Guren goes to revive them and the actual world ending virus. (Cuz we still have no clue how the fuck Guren got Noya/Mahiru or how this all happens as there isn’t a Seraph where Guren is at in the end as far as we know).

I’m only saying all this here as I’ve gotten a lot of responses in terms of Guren’s actions at the end of volume 7 and I’ll add:

This isn’t me saying that the right thing to do is end the world for 10 more years with your friends. I’m not defending Guren because he’s perfect, he’s not. Ill totally agree on that because really nobody is perfect. All I’m saying is, even I’m still not 100% sure on how the whole “world ending” thing works. It’s complicated business that I’d need a big cup of tea and nice afternoon sitting with my Japanese dictionary to really figure out. What I do know though, is that Guren broke. Not in just that “emotional cracking” kind of way, but more like throwing a snow-globe against concrete. No matter how hard you work to piece it back together, there’s no way you’re going to be able to put the contents back where they belong. Because the end is a legit slaughter. Actually, the 2 days leading up to Christmas were an endless bloodbath. He saw everything. His name was the last word on one of his friend’s lips. His best friend died in his arms by the hands of the girl he loved as he screamed at her to stop. And that very same girl he tried so hard to save, told him to his face as she lay dying that she was born to die here, that he failed. His speech to God gave me chills, honestly. Because it was raw and the manifestation of Guren’s last straw. 

So ya, I’d like to say I’d be that good person who would let the incoming enemy come and kill me too. I’d like to be able claim that my choice wouldn’t be to revive my friends at world’s end like my dead girlfriend told me. But I can’t say for sure as I have no clue what it would be like, how it feels. To face such a decision after that great amount of trauma. And he did give a last ditch try in asking Ferid to kill him, but Ferid laughed and essentially told Guren that his painful struggling would be more entertaining.
Basically, do I agree it’s the right thing to do? No. But can I truly blame him and say I’d do better after reading for myself what happened and the context of the situation? No. Do I think he’s trying to fix everything in the current story-line? Ya. Do I think he’s going about it the right way? Not so far, but my jury’s still out. 


Oasis - Classic Moments - 1/??

Noel and Liam trolling TOTP swapping instruments.
 ∟Top Of The Pops, 17th August 1995.

You’d have thought the show would have learnt about the miming… not our kid and Noel, who swapped jobs for ‘Roll With It’ yet the programme makers fail to notice the Gallaghers’ jape.