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Vol 7 spoilers

I’m starting oddly enough with the end, as that’s what I got asked most about. I got asked about how they die and if Guren resurrects them. I’ll make another post or two about different sections I got asked about. Obviously there are major spoilers ahead. Also, take my translations with a grain of salt as they are paraphrased and may be out of context. 

Main points: Mahiru is the one that kills them, she dies by Noya’s curse, her plan was to disrupt the ultimate experiment by having Guren there, he decides to resurrect them, and the book ends there, as the world’s destruction begins.

More detailed summary: 

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miribadjackson  asked:

Hello! Thank you for your masterposts! I have an ask: what about the Military AU? What are they going to use? First name? Surname? Patronym? I really need this because I want to write something. Thank you again! Ehm... spasibo! >\\\<

Omg ok, this can get kinda complex and if you need further clarification feel free to message back but I’ll try to be as straightforward as possible. I’ll cover both Soviet & modern era just in case.
FN=first name, P=patronym, LN=last name.

I’ve seen a few different Soviet AUs within the fandom, they seem pretty popular. In which case we’re going to see a few different terms. Zemlyak is one and translates to “countryman”, basically used for two soldiers from the same city/country while abroad. I’ve heard of davarish too, which I’ve seen translated as “friend”, but I haven’t seen it that much and can’t personally confirm. These are informal and can stand alone without a person’s name. If you want to pull from this section, I honestly suggest just saying “countryman”; it’ll give you the historical tint without sounding odd in English. ie “Countryman, you dropped your bag.” These terms are pretty old-school, though; I’ve only seen them in the context of the Soviet era.

And then, there’s tovarisch, which you would have seen especially in military life. The reason behind this one is because titles like “Mister” were seen as too capitalistic, so everyone was supposed to call each other as tovarisch (товарищ). Nowadays it translates out to “comrade”, but I’ve also seen it as “citizen” (re: Ayn Rand). Literally, it should be “friend”. For simplicity’s sake, because this is how we know it in English, I’m just going to say “comrade”, but if you ever see “citizen” being used, that’s why, and it gets more complicated the further in you go - you’ll see below. Between the 30s-80s, not using comrade would have been disrespectful among Party members, so if your fic has some of these not in the military they’re still going to be called comrade with or without their LN, it was a generic term like Mr/Ms. It could also be used when addressing others your character doesn’t know (so again, ie Comrade, you dropped your bag.). This should be especially stressed in the military because of its formal setting. Now, this has obviously been dropped in modern life, no Russian would use “comrade” seriously - except in the military.

Here’s a basic idea on how you should be addressing people in the military for the Soviet & modern era (exception for Citizen, that belongs to Soviet era):

For a prisoner/ex-spouse/basically a Bad Person to you, like the waiter that just fucked up your order & apparently deserves no respect: Citizen (it’s like saying “the Citizen”, rude)
For some rando in the military: Comrade + rank (ie Comrade Private) / also used in general (ie Comrade General)
For someone known in the military: Rank + LN* (ie General Nikiforov)
* Comrade + LN is a formal address for people in the military, it shows distance or conduct, and it would’ve been used during meetings.

Other notes:
- if a superior & lower rank were talking casually, they’d drop to FN+P with each other, so your general and lieutenant can address each other like this in a casual setting. ie Viktor and Georgi could do this in your fic.
- if the superior is praising/admonishing an inferior, Comrade + LN would be used. ie “You messed up, Comrade Popovich, stop crying.”
- obviously once the military setting is dropped you’re not going to keep using all these; Yakov wouldn’t have taken Lilia out on a date and called her “Comrade Baranovskaya” in the old days. refer to the masterpost when the military formal setting is dropped & two friends/lovers/etc. are talking; ie you could use just first names or diminutives or FN+P when two privates are talking during downtime, depending on how close they are/etc.
- if you really want your narrative to be correct in the Soviet era you could use Comrade + LN, so constantly referring to Viktor as Comrade Nikiforov, though that might sound funny to English-speakers so that’s up to you.

Historical note: if you want to get as accurate as possible, just know Soviet/Russian life in the military is different than in the American. Ever heard of portyanki? Those didn’t go out of use until 2013. Just make sure to do your research or be vague, there’s going to be differences you never even thought of, especially the farther back you go.

Pozhaluysta!  c:

anonymous asked:


MY DEAR, WE NEED TO WAIT FOR CONTEXT AND TRANSLATIONS BEFORE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS ABOUT HIS ACTIONS. Then we can start talking about Guren’s actions, I think. More spoilers but, all the poor boy wants is more time with his friends, even if it’s only 10 more years. He’s that broken at the end. He even asks Ferid to kill him so that he won’t feel the need to revive them and face the consequences. And we still haven’t gotten the actual world ending moment yet. So who knows what can happen between the time Guren goes to revive them and the actual world ending virus. (Cuz we still have no clue how the fuck Guren got Noya/Mahiru or how this all happens as there isn’t a Seraph where Guren is at in the end as far as we know).

I’m only saying all this here as I’ve gotten a lot of responses in terms of Guren’s actions at the end of volume 7 and I’ll add:

This isn’t me saying that the right thing to do is end the world for 10 more years with your friends. I’m not defending Guren because he’s perfect, he’s not. Ill totally agree on that because really nobody is perfect. All I’m saying is, even I’m still not 100% sure on how the whole “world ending” thing works. It’s complicated business that I’d need a big cup of tea and nice afternoon sitting with my Japanese dictionary to really figure out. What I do know though, is that Guren broke. Not in just that “emotional cracking” kind of way, but more like throwing a snow-globe against concrete. No matter how hard you work to piece it back together, there’s no way you’re going to be able to put the contents back where they belong. Because the end is a legit slaughter. Actually, the 2 days leading up to Christmas were an endless bloodbath. He saw everything. His name was the last word on one of his friend’s lips. His best friend died in his arms by the hands of the girl he loved as he screamed at her to stop. And that very same girl he tried so hard to save, told him to his face as she lay dying that she was born to die here, that he failed. His speech to God gave me chills, honestly. Because it was raw and the manifestation of Guren’s last straw. 

So ya, I’d like to say I’d be that good person who would let the incoming enemy come and kill me too. I’d like to be able claim that my choice wouldn’t be to revive my friends at world’s end like my dead girlfriend told me. But I can’t say for sure as I have no clue what it would be like, how it feels. To face such a decision after that great amount of trauma. And he did give a last ditch try in asking Ferid to kill him, but Ferid laughed and essentially told Guren that his painful struggling would be more entertaining.
Basically, do I agree it’s the right thing to do? No. But can I truly blame him and say I’d do better after reading for myself what happened and the context of the situation? No. Do I think he’s trying to fix everything in the current story-line? Ya. Do I think he’s going about it the right way? Not so far, but my jury’s still out. 

Ons Light Novel 5 Chapter 1

Title: A sister with no friends

Disclaimer: This is a fan-made translation from Chinese translations! Please go easy and enlighten us on any mistakes or deviations from the original light novel. All credit goes to the original author and illustrators. - Hyaka and Kuro Shion

note: Another version has already been translated at    Please support the relevant translator as well!



A child with a sister being called this, how did she grow up?

Guren Ichinose stared at the cold iron door in front of him.

That young girl was living on her own in a luxurious condominium in front of Dougenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo.

Guren opened the door.

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ONS light novel accumulation post

For the dear anon who wanted to know where to find the light novels translations! I thought I’d make an actual post in case others were wanting a masterlist as well. (and because I also wanted a masterlist haha.)

There is not just one site where you can read the light novels, unfortunately. I personally, have the Japanese volumes. Luckily, we are getting English releases beginning next year! yay!

But for now, I’ll try to put everything into 1 easy-access post.

It is due to the accumulated amazing works of multiple translators that we are lucky enough to have these provided.

Source 1 for volume 1:

Source 2 for up to and including the first part of volume 3:         

Source 2 has a nice masterlist, but baka-tsuki took down volume 1, so you need to use Source 1 for that. Major props and thanks go to:,,

That’s up to the most recent translations. If you still want more, the wonderful does volume summaries.

Volume 3:

Volume 4:

More on Voume 4:

Volume 5:

And a translation of the first part of Volume 6:

Hopefully this helps. But I’ll stress once again to check out these peoples’ blogs! They’re super cool for all their hard work and translation provisions! Give them kudos! Also, let’s all buy the volumes when they become available to support future releases ^.^