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Spoiler for “The Rickchurian Mortydate” below.

The main reason I’m as OK with Beth and Jerry getting back together as I am - despite recognizing that it was a quick fix and typical TV reset - is because of what it means for Rick. The season premier was 100 percent Rick being in-control and manipulating the family to shape it into exactly what he wanted. He got rid of Jerry and had Morty all to himself. The finale makes Rick out to be so powerful that he’s called a god. We’re shown to what extent he can’t be beat. …until the end.

His control over the family dynamic is lost. He’s no longer the one who gets to call all the shots. And even the threat that he can take off for another dimension at any time is undermined. (Which was one of my favorite moments in the episode. For all he spouts about understanding infinity, he couldn’t leave this family.)

I don’t expect the reunited Beth and Jerry to maintain the happy mood they ended the season with. But it was necessary for the sake of that perfect slow zoom-in that ended the finale with a wonderful blow to the blocks that were built up by the season’s premier.