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happy 29th birthday 🎉 🎂 !! kim taeyeon !!

Q: “Through this album, what do you want to communicate to those listening to it?
T: “Questions like this are the most difficult. This album’s title is ‘My Voice’. From the chorus, it’s only filled with my voice, and I put in an abundance of emotion when I was working on it. Personally, I believe that fans will recognize that emotions like that. I hope you will listen to it in the most comfortable position. Considering my records will come out countlessly going forward.”

Chris Colfer discussing his "fandoms" growing up

Chris: Oh, and Harry Potter, of course! That got to be a bit of a problem, actually!

Mashable: Oh, that’s never a problem. As our listeners probably know, I am very hard hardcore Harry Potter!

Chris: good!

Mashable: so you were on Glee, and one of your costars is actually known in the Harry Potter fandom because Darren Criss was in “A Very Potter Musical” and all that StarKid stuff…

Chris: Oh, yeah yeah, right! 

Mashable: … So was that weird? Were you like… Did you know about him beforehand?

Chris: Uh, I think I had heard of the thing of… Of the actual project, yeah. But um, I don’t think I’d… I’d never seen it.

Really, Chris??? Sooooo how about this: 

Oh and this:

And what about this?

yeah… that’s what I thought…

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