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It is Sebaek day and we passed 2000 followers, could this be any more perfect?

Thank you so much to all of our followers for making us able to reach this goal! Me and @softexodus started this blog about 1,5 years ago and we honestly never thought we would come this far! We’ve seen the ship grow so much the past year (mainly thanks to Baekhyun not being able to keep his hands of Sehun) and we’re so happy this ship is getting more recognition and love from everyone. 

So a huge thank you to our other admins @attractive-asshole and @oshnverse for helping us out with both this blog and @sebaekficrec. But of course most love for you guys, the followers. Let’s keep spreading the love Sebaek and look forward to more and more interactions between the two of them! 

Also an exciting announcement, 2nd giveaway coming really soon! Keep track of the Sebaekscum tag to make sure you won’t miss it!

- Admin N @playboyjongin

Also a very special thanks to all of our members! Thanks for supporting our blog and providing us with creative Sebaek post that we can share with the rest of Tumblr!

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[18/09/17] closed.

We, the admins Ella, Renee and Teresa, have decided to close this blog as of today, September 18th, since Fairy Tail has ended and we barely have time for this blog anymore. We don’t intend to let it be run by other people. This blog won’t be deleted, we will only add a “-archive” to our url and be inactive.

We especially want to thank you all, who supported us by contributing to the Juvia tag, reblogging our content and appreciating us. In 2 ½ years almost 4,000 people have followed us and we have accumulated over 3,500 posts.

We had fun running this blog and we hope you enjoyed our presence on your dashes as well!

Please keep on cherishing our queen and saviour Juvia Lockser, even if Fairy Tail is over, she will live on in our hearts.


We’re looking for an admin or two to help us make the blog alive again!
If you’re willing to apply contact me at

All you have to do is answer these questions:
1. How old are you?
2. How long have you known BTS?
3. How much time a week would you be able to spend on managing the blog?
4. What are your strenghts when it comes to writing? (e.g extensive descriptions, prompt creativity)
5. If you’re not a native speaker how would you rate your english skills?

You also have to attach a piece of your writing. Choose one of the following:
-Write a drabble about you and Jimin having a picnic date.
-How would the hyung line react to you having to leave the country for your studies? (you’re dating)
-Describe the maknae line’s personalities.

Dealine: 30.09.17

Thank you! ♥

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[ADMIN] Wonho's lives/V Live Etiquette

Regarding Wonho’s latest V App lives this past week, please keep in mind the following etiquette list for future lives:

1. Do not ask the idol to read your name or say hi to your country
The purpose of the V Live is to communicate, not to get noticed.
Wonho has explicitly said multiple times before that he can’t communicate with Monbebe because he keeps seeing people asking him to read their names or the names of their countries (trans). If you watch members’ lives frequently, you will notice how lost they look as they scam through the comments. This is because Monsta X’s lives often have a lot of viewers, so imagine how hard it is to read and communicate with fans if the comment section is filled with people’s and country’s names.

2. Do not demand the idol to speak in English/your language
Korean idols are not obligated to know how to speak English or any other language.
You are not obligated to know Korean either, but there are translators working on translating content for you, so please be patient (and thankful!).
If you want more than this then it’s going to require some effort from you as well.

3. Do not make rude comments
Even if not all of them are fully able to speak or understand English, idols can see what you comment and they do understand comments such as: asking for other members, shouting other group/fandom names, sexual harassment, and so on. Please avoid repeatedly asking for other members when one person is doing a live, and respect the fact that you’re on Monsta X’s channel; it would be rude to promote your other favourite groups then and there.

During today’s live (09/17), Wonho read that he was a “muscle pig”, said that wasn’t a nice thing to read and then he apologized and said that he will “try to be a style that you guys like” (trans).

This isn’t something to be taken lightly and comments like these affect idols directly, especially when it’s about sensitive issues like body image/weight. Wonho said earlier this week that he is now dieting so he can look his best for Monbebe. Do not pressure him about his weight by insulting him.
You can flag or report these comments during the lives.

4. Do not tell the idol to lose/gain weight
Other people’s body and weight are none of your business. Idols know their own bodies and needs and that’s not something you can dictate based on your personal greed for a certain look.

5. Do not be intrusive with information the idol does not want to share
Regarding Wonho’s surname (Shin or Lee), Wonho was confronted today (09/17) and he replied that he is both and that you can call him whatever you like because he’s okay with both (trans). After that he got asked so many times he eventually had to ask people to stop asking (trans).
His stage name is Wonho and whatever his real surname might be, that is nothing for you to be concerned about. Simply call him Wonho.

Please keep in mind you’re having a conversation with a real person with real feelings. Treat idols like you would treat your friends, parents, or any other person: with respect.

Like any other Monsta X member, Wonho takes some of his time to come online and talk with Monbebe because he genuinely wants to communicate with Monbebe. Don’t make it hard for him or for Monbebe that are actually interested in communicating.
Monsta X are comfortable enough to share while they work out, while they eat, while they’re in bed and even in the bathroom; appreciate their efforts and don’t take them for granted.

terf: draws trans people being boiled alive

trans people: wow thats…. really disgusting? and shows how violent y'all really are?

terfs: it’s not violent or transphobic it’s SATIRE you piece of SHIT

trans people: draws the same thing but flipped to show our anger that terfs would stoop to such a disgusting low


。* ★ IzuOcha Week  2017 ✫ *。

Welcome, everyone to IzuOcha Week 2017!  ~ヾ(^∇^)
IzuOcha Week is an entire week celebration dedicated to the relationship of Izuku “Deku” Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka from the manga/anime My Hero Academia.

We are so excited since this is our first ever IzuOcha Week! We’ve worked hard and done our best on choosing the prompts for these sweethearts; so we hope you will enjoy and join us in the fun! as we celebrate our sweet Heroes in Training and the beautiful relationship they share! Plus Ultra!

。* ★ BONUS DAYS ✫ *。

December 25th or 27th /  Day 8: Celebrations (ex. Holidays, Birthdays, etc.) 

Note: For the bonus day, we’ve added the option for it to be either on the 25th (for Christmas) or the 27th (to celebrate Ochako’s birthday!)

。* ★ November 19th  – 25th  2017 || Prompts per Day  ✫ *。

Day 1: Firsts (ex. Impressions, kiss, date etc.)
Day 2: Tag Team
Day 3: Quirks
Day 4: Dorm Life
Day 5: Growing Feelings / Admiration
Day 6: Loss / Nightmare
Day 7: Confessions

You can use the prompts as you wish, they are meant to inspire and help (BUT they are also optional and not required to use) use your imagination and creativity - and remember to have fun!

Tag all your works with #IzuochaWeek and/or #IzuochaWeek2017

Make sure you place the tag within the first 5 tags so it appears in the tag/s (otherwise we might miss it.) if your works still don’t appear in the tag/s send us a link through the submission page or a message to our askbox and we’ll reblog it!.

*** please be sure to read the Rules and Guidelines here it’s important, so you know what is do’s/don’ts.

Here’s a short list of Rules/Guidelines since it’s the first year.

  • Do not post art or edits/graphics that is not yours, they will not be accepted.
  • Do not use another artist’s art as a base/trace. Please respect others and be original with your work~❤ if you steal, it will not be accepted 
  • Do not post N/SFW content as the characters are underage and it would make others, especially minors uncomfortable. it will not be accepted. remember there are fans of all ages, so please be courteous and respectful.
  • Fanarts, fanfictions, edits, graphics, videos, etc. are all accepted whatever you wanna do!.

RULES UPDATED: // .3/9/17. //

We hope you will participate and show some love to IzuOcha in this special celebratory week!ヾ(๑╹ヮ╹๑)ノ”

banner graphic by: @uravityzero / @eriboook