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Miss Fia, if I can ask, can I have a snippet of something where Anakin just annihilates (literally or not) someone who openly disdains him and what he is. I just had a professor tell me the only reason I must still be in my college is bc my other profs have low standards, and I am positively seething. (If I could force-choke anybody I'd havd done it that very moment.) Thank you very much, sorry for the bother.

Ugh, no professor should ever say something like that to a student. I’m sorry, anon.

Okay, here’s a bit from Anabasis that’s a little spoilery, but I’ve referred to it in enough tag posts that it may not be much of a surprise anyway. It also feels a bit rough to me, so odds are that it will change before I post the final fic, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

In which I basically remake the speeder chase scene from AOTC, only with way more characters and 100% more digs about slavery. Also, that one Dug is really done with Jedi ruining his commute.

Also also, please note that the altered timeline of this verse means that the clones were created about 10 years earlier, and thus that Boba Fett and Anakin are the same age.

Obi-Wan Kenobi had never particularly enjoyed flying, and the war and his years of hiding had done nothing to change that.

But what Vader was doing couldn’t be called “flying” by any reasonable person.

The Sith actually whooped aloud as he wove the speeder in dizzying patterns through the streaming lines of Coruscant traffic. Padmé, who until this moment Obi-Wan had considered to be a mostly sensible person, did nothing to discourage him, and had even laughed at some of the more terrifying stunts Vader had pulled. Obi-Wan wasn’t certain if she was laughing because she actually enjoyed this madness, or if she was laughing at him. He wasn’t about to open his eyes and check.

There was only one possible upside to this, and that was that Vader would almost certainly get himself pulled over. Unfortunately, Obi-Wan doubted that would be enough to violate the terms of his parole.

“Are you quite all right, Obi-Wan?” Master Dooku asked beside him.

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Bounty Headcanon:

Cuphead has a hard time sleeping at night. With all of the stuff he has going on, stress, anxiety and constant fear is always intruding. So when he is stirring in his sleep, Mugs makes a point to ease his mind with his own gift and that helps Cuphead get a well deserved rest. Now with this though…Mugs can feel what Cup is dreaming…so you may have guessed that some stuff cup thinks he is hiding from Mugs…he isn’t.

Mugs knows more than he realizes.

Post office bounty! Hooray! 

 The holiday lights card, Texas pralines, and HAGGIS CHIPS are from @221squee — don’t worry, I got the package much earlier this week and popped the pralines into the fridge so they’re fine, but I have also eaten most of them :D the chips I agree are mostly “peppery with meat”, but they’re delicious! 

The delightful glittery owl card is from @junker5, I’m always glad to entertain!

The KitKats are from a reader in Tokyo, I’m sorry I don’t have your handle but let me know if you want to! Those KitKats, guys, are THROAT LOZENGE flavored and I was absolutely excited to try them because WHAT THE HECK. It turns out they are delightfully minty with a menthol finish, and pretty great! 

And the lovely owl bookmark is from @memprime! I’ve put it in the book I’m currently reading, about breaking the Curse of the Cubs. 

 Thank you guys so much for your lovely letters and gifts! I always love to open that box and see cards in it :) 


This is what happens when you don’t check your PO Box for like a month, you have to take lots of photos! 

The red Sriracha SUPER HIPSTER socks and the Cap socks are from @arsenicjade; the best tea towel in the world and the owl socks and Prince Charles tossing dough are from @geekerypeekery :D  Also, that mooncake mold is one of four molds, each of which have awesome multiple plates, thank you @banesidhe!  Finally, the cool spinner birthday card, tiny pocketwatch notebook, and assemble-a-carousel kit (I promise to post finished pictures!) are from @la-rainette.

Second photo, the lovely Fishing Birthday pun card is from Mary and not May :D Whom Owl is from Seattle, and I will match your Go Mariners even though eventually they will be my sworn enemy. :D The card of “knockers, jars, and hooters” with the owl on the jars is from Kris and Josh and gave me quite a laugh, and the Baboon is from @scifigrl47. He’s not judging ME, Sci, he’s judging you for NOT KNOWING he is a baboon :D 

Thanks you guys! I’m sorry this particular Post Office Bounty post is so much less comprehensive than I usually am. In my defense, October has been rough.

THE FINAL BOUNTY, probably of the year! 

Those fantastic Hipster Mickey and Hipster Minnie postcards on the right, along with the Avengers stickers, erasers, and the Bux card (TINY HOT COCOA HERE I COME) are from @jadesymb, thank you!

@junker5 sent me what I thought, for a second, was an ENTIRE BOX of milk chocolate almonds – that bag stands in for the FOUR bags you sent, I will be dining on almonds forever, thank you! And the tin with the owl and mustard ornament came through unscathed, thank goodness, as did the jar of mustard. I LOVE that mustard, and the jar is such fun to keep stuff in once the mustard is used up! 

Thank you to everyone who sends me cards and packages – especially this year they were a real bright spot in a stressful time. I’m eternally grateful that you guys enjoy my stories and my blog and share that joy with me! 


Cor x Reader
Word Count: 1,812

Here’s some Cor for ya! I don’t know if I’m totally pleased with how this one turned out, but hopefully you guys enjoy it. I might revisit it and change some stuff later on, but for now I wanted you guys to have at least something for today. No smut, they didn’t want to co operate and opted for angst instead. Tagging @fifteenwhispers because her writing is amazing and I know Mod Vella has asked for more Cor on this blog <3

Rain clouds gathered overhead as you rolled off of Cor, breathless and spent, curling yourself against his side. His breath was becoming steadier, a light sheen of sweat dotting his brow. Thunder rolled above as you looked up at him, his eyes a world away.

A crack of lightning made you jump. His arms tightened around you, but something still seemed off.

You looked up at him, brushing your fingertips against his jawline. “What are you thinking about?”

His gaze flitted to you momentarily before going back to staring at the ceiling. “Nothing,” he said, though his tone betrayed his words. “It’s nothing.”

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