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xenocanaan  asked:

How did the marines find out Ace's parentage again? Because everytime I read over the posts involving Riskua's bounty I find it harder to believe that the marines figured out Ace's parentage but completely miss Riskua's! She has the EXACT shade of red hair that isn't seen anywhere else in the manga. Kid has red hair, but not the same shade or richness. So HOW could they overlook that?! I mean it's great for Riskua, but it's just sad. I guess someone told them about Roger.

I have no idea myself, but I think Blackbeard told them to ensure his place as a shichibukai; what better way to get the Marines to agree than handing over the son of the Pirate King? It’d make sense that Ace told the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates, or at least, the Division Commanders and his own Division, given how much he trusted them. That’s my best guess anyway.

(As for Riskua, the Marines are willfully ignorant. They take one look at her eyes and are like, ‘Mihawks’ daughter, the reason he kept going to East Blue, case closed’ and both Dracules are so bemused by it neither take the time to really correct them)

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I hope your health issues sort themselves out quickly and painlessly as they can. You're honestly one of my favorite people on this site and it sucks that your body has decided to basically post a bounty on its own head.

Oh, bless your kind soul <3 

It’s an ongoing process, one that will likely last my whole life just trying to maintain some level of health, but if I can get myself to a point where I’m not in some form of crisis mode on a daily basis like I was for pretty much the whole of last year, I’ll be thankful. And it seems to be going that way.

Despite being able to eat very little, removing a lot of trigger foods from my diet over the last 5-6 weeks has greatly improved some of my symptoms (like the chronic joint pain no one would explain) as has working to get my teeth fixed and removing all the metal fillings, one tooth at a time as and when I can afford it. It’s a slow process, but y’know, good things come to those who wait and all that.

So I’ll be starting a Kickstarter soon!

So you all know I have a sketchbook, however we don’t have enough copies available! D:

SO there will be a Kickstarter for the sketchbook so I can have it available online 

The new sketchbook will include all the mini comics I’ve made, as well as in progress stages for a lot of pics and all the comics I’ve made, and a lot of sketches that I was not able to put into the smaller sketchbook.  Also a never been posted Bounty Hunter Optimus Prime mini comic! 

So guys keep a look out for Kickstarter link because I’ll be posting it soon! I hope you guys will support! It’ll be my first solo Kickstarter! :)

Stay tuned.


Happy 60th Birthday Brendan Gleeson! [b March 29th, 1955]