posted bounty

Post office bounty! 

Up top, an amazing BROOKLYN SUPREME postcard that @danceswchopstck found and sent to me – my eyes got REALLY HUGE. His weight on the back is left blank so you could write in what his weight was at the time! (3030lbs at the time of the postcard.)

On the right, a postcard from Seattle, of a man narrating a ball game for his friend behind the pillar (it’s a little hard to see). I laughed because there are literally pillars like that at Wrigley Field, and they all have TVs mounted on them now…

Lower right, another delightful hand-colored card, from @nissus, sending a note to say hi. Thanks, it’s lovely! (and so vivid!)

And on the left, an awesome Star Wars/Avengers mashup that @timetravelingvampire got at a con – I think it’s delightful, especially BB-Cap, and it’s already up on my mantel! (I did have to flatten it out, the stupid Chicago post office folded it in half.) 

Thank you guys! I always love getting postcards and letters and such stuff :D 


POST OFFICE BOUNTY. OH man I am so late posting some of these.

Top, we have a package of the amazing and the strange from @221squee, who sent me cash, chips, and cards from Thailand, including an amazing “ghost card” with the legend of a ghost woman on it. Also that white packet with the squirming centipedes on it is centipede cough drops. Not gonna lie, I was nervous to eat them when I thought they were some kind of snack, now that I know they’re cough drops I’m even more hesitant. That said, I swear to try them for science. Thank you so much for the wild gustatory adventure I’m about to have! 

Middle photo, clockwise from top left: 

  • a lovely holiday card from @kayquimi which by request I am pretending got lost in the mail for a few months :D Proceeds from the card go to ODIS, which provides legal services for immigrants, so hooray! 
  • The red and gold print, which I believe is of a Kabuki actor, and the mystifying but charming little owl envelope and polaroid snap of a beverage case, come from a random Tumblr follower – glad the packing spreadsheet helped you! 
  • The postcard of the buildings is from my own dear Chicago, the Riverview Condos, which are not far from where I used to work! Thank you @ntro9, I’m so glad you enjoyed Russian Tea Time and Pret.  
  • And the superheroes going on strike is from UNION AGITATOR @scifigrl47, who points out that the Atom’s protest balloon merely reads UNFAIR. 

AND FINALLY, bottom photo, thank you very much @superqueerpasta for sending me the astounding Tom Of Finland rubber stamps you came into possession of. I plan to make a lot of art with them :D :D Tell your ma I’m grateful. 

I mean look at those glorious stamps, you guys. I may make postcards and send them to people in return for fundraising donations when I do Proud To Run later this year. 


Cor x Reader
Word Count: 1,812

Here’s some Cor for ya! I don’t know if I’m totally pleased with how this one turned out, but hopefully you guys enjoy it. I might revisit it and change some stuff later on, but for now I wanted you guys to have at least something for today. No smut, they didn’t want to co operate and opted for angst instead. Tagging @fifteenwhispers because her writing is amazing and I know Mod Vella has asked for more Cor on this blog <3

Rain clouds gathered overhead as you rolled off of Cor, breathless and spent, curling yourself against his side. His breath was becoming steadier, a light sheen of sweat dotting his brow. Thunder rolled above as you looked up at him, his eyes a world away.

A crack of lightning made you jump. His arms tightened around you, but something still seemed off.

You looked up at him, brushing your fingertips against his jawline. “What are you thinking about?”

His gaze flitted to you momentarily before going back to staring at the ceiling. “Nothing,” he said, though his tone betrayed his words. “It’s nothing.”

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Crash Land

In the eerie silence of plugged ears, Nami could only hear the sound of her breath rushing in and out of her lungs in time to the pounding of her heart.  Her chest burned but she still continued to run.  Stopping now would mean certain death.  The Charlotte family knew about the attempted assassination on Big Mom.  The KX Launchers exploded before they even reached the Yonko.  Although the small group of pirates were successful in saving the Vinsmoke family, the rescue mission would be all for nothing if they were captured again.  With their only escape route shattered into pieces, the allies sought refuge in Bege’s castle. 

Trying to reach the shelter was the difficult part.  The pressure from Big Mom’s screams left the atmosphere thick with tension similar to the calm before a tornado.  Add to that the inability to hear if anyone was following her and Nami was left with an uneasiness that sent chills down her spine.  Last time she had glanced, Chopper and Carrot were right behind her.  Where was Big Mom’s army?

The answer came not a moment later when the navigator was grabbed by a large gloved hand.  The massive thumb pressed firmly into her chest, crushing the wind out of her.  In an attempt to regain her breath, Nami tightened her grip on her clima-tact and tried to pry the fingers off of her.  It was useless though.  She was lifted off her feet and found herself face to face with a tall soldier of a woman.  One of Big Mom’s daughters?!

The woman’s hand squeezed closer around the navigator’s chest.  No good!!  Nami felt her breath coming in shorter gasps.  If the hold tightened any more, her ribs were going to break.  Suddenly there was a flash in the sky and something that looked like an explosion.  Just in time, Sanji-kun’s sister came to the rescue.  

Defending herself, the Charlotte daughter threw Nami and blocked the attack.  The navigator went flying through the air.  Squeezing her eyes shut, she tried not to focus on how rough her landing was going to be.  Just get up and run!!  The command repeated twice in her head before she braced for impact.  

In place of the unyielding ground, two sturdy arms caught the navigator and held her close.  There was a familiar warmth radiating around her.  Who?!!  Her eyes flung open and she was met with a smile that gave her butterflies.

Sanji-kun!!  Her face beamed with relief.  All of the pain and worry from the moment he left up until now was forgotten.  The silence was no longer frightening.  He was there and, despite being away from the Sunny, in his arms Nami knew he had come home.  Now they just needed to get out of Whole Cake Island alive.          

anonymous asked:

One question why is their a large lack of large scale big knight orders like the knights templar knights hospitaler and Teutonic Knights even warhammer has the down with the reiksguard knights of the white wolf and knights of Moore so for example I think their would be say a knights of the golden lion and you should make up orders for all the kingdoms

Ok, well you’ve pushed me into it…

  • The Vale: The Brotherhood of Winged Knights, natch. Seven knights to honor the Seven. Chosen by a tourney of no less than 77 applicants to guard the King of the Mountain and Vale for seven years. To honor the memory of Artys Arryn’s victory, the Brotherhood have a custom of insisting that any Arryn who takes the field of battle must don an eighth set of the armor and livery of the Brotherhood, to ensure that his enemies cannot spy him out. And hey, let’s go nuts and say that the Winged Knights are especially feared for their horse-frightening harnesses. 
  • The Riverlands: The Order of the Trident. One of the more recent chivalric orders in Westeros, the Order of the Trident was founded by House Teague in order to bolster their hold on their newly-won kingdom. By their original charter, the knights of the Trident were charged with maintaining the peace on the “roads and rivers of our kingdom,” which led to the construction of many chapter houses at fords and other intersections where travelers could sleep protected - in more recent centuries following the fall of House Teague, many of these chapter houses were abandoned and later converted into inns. This charter also requires each member to maintain a shallow-drafted warship of no less than 10 oars a side, which may explain their ceremonial weapons. Notably, rather than implicitly stating it, only members of the Faith of the Seven are allowed to join, which is why no Blackwood has ever participated and why every single generation of Brackens have held membership (with no less than a dozen grand-masters among them). According to rumor, the Order may have been instrumental behind-the-scenes in many of the rebellions against those rulers who succeeded the Teagues to the crown of the Riverlands - which is probably false…
  • The Westerlands: The Grand and Most Puissant Order of the Golden Mane. Unlike most orders of chivalry in Westeros, the Order of the Golden Mane was primarily not a martial order - rather, the Order was established during the reign of King Norwin Lannister as a means of raising revenue, with membership dues being originally listed at 100 grains of pure gold annually. In exchange for their dues, members were granted knighthoods if they did not already have them, but also a number of privileges including the right to be tried only by the Order, the right to arbitration by the Order in all disputes between fellow members, and even the right to advise the king on “weighty matters.” During the rule of Tytos Lannister, these privileges were badly abused by dozens of social climbers, leading to the diminishment of the order’s prestige and an increase in public disorder, as many used the order’s immunity from normal criminal procedure as a shield against Casterly Rock itself. Shortly before the Reynes of Castamere, Tywin Lannister raised the membership fee to five times the member’s body-weight in gold, and then took advantage of a number of sudden vacancies to have the order declared extinct due to lack of quorum. 
  • The Reach: since the Order of the Green Hand is taken, let’s talk about the Lady Companions of the Blessed Maris. Given the Reach’s love affair with tourneys, pageants, dances, and other social occasions, someone has to do the organizing of the social calendar, otherwise the whole thing goes haywire and vendettas set up. Guided by an inner circle of noblewomen who can trace their descent to Maris the Maid, Rowan Goldenhair, or Ellyn Ever-Sweet (all women of acceptable moral purity, although of course the Gardener Queen was always given a position out of respect for Highgarden), the Lady Companions make sure that each seat of note is appropriately honored with fetes, that there are always enough tourneys to keep the knights occupied while ensuring decent attendance at each, and that enough mixed-gender events are held to ensure that the right young ladies meet the right young men. While the Green Hand may have perished on the field of battle, the work of the Lady Companions continue to this day, although there was much grumbling when a certain Tyrell claimed the Gardener Seat for her house on the grounds that Aegon had deeded Highgarden to them.
  • The Stormlands: The Ancient and Most Honorable Guild of Castlewrights. While the origins of the Guild are lost to legend and myth (some tales claim that the founders of the guild were the assistants of the mysterious Brandon who built the final castle of Storm’s End), the Stormlands takes the construction of castles more seriously than any other realm. To that end, the Durrandon kings gave (in addition to the honor of knighthood) this order the “responsibility for inspecting and maintaining the castles of my kingdom,” along with some fairly wide-ranging powers to commandeer labor and materials to make repairs when necessary for the defense of the realm. Over the centuries, the Guild turned into an order of knights who were experts both in the construction of castles and siegecraft. Many a seemingly desperate siege was won or lost due to the presence of a single Guildman using their authority to take over direction of assault or defense of the castle, especially in the Marches. Famously, the Guildmen take an oath never to allow themselves to be captured alive, lest they be tortured into revealing their occult wisdom. 
  • Dorne: The Knights of the Wells. If there is anything that unites the often fractious peoples of Dorne, it is their common love of horse-riding. Thus, to keep their people happy and distracted, the Martells have organized both hippodrome races and cross-country races for the better part of a thousand years. Recruited from among the ranks of the winners, the Knights of the Wells were trained in the arts of cartography by maesters from Sunspear, given the best sand steeds that the Martells can buy and, formally, charged with little more than accurately mapping the oft-foreboding terrain of Dorne. Informally, the Knights of the Wells were the Martells’ best spies and scouts, who use their superior knowledge of the land to guide the armies of Dorne and track the armies of her enemies, and many wars have been won (or lost) because of the bravery and cunning of these swordless knights. Membership in the Wells is a dangerous proposition, however - both in Aegon’s War and Daeron’s, the order saw casualties of more than nine in ten of their members, with the Targaryens frequently posting lavish bounties for their deaths. Indeed, it was a significant provision of Daeron II’s treaty that the Martells were forbidden from re-establishing the Knights of the Wells, although some claim the order continues in secret…

Went with option #3 for her hair! This lady’s armor was inspired by blue and white ceramic paintings. Maybe her armor is made out of glass? That would be neat but kind of useless :’D


Bendy: If you think this is funny, it isn’t! This blog will not tolerate that, nor will will we stand for hate against ocs in general! If someone has an oc that you don’t like, keep that garbage of hate elsewhere! And to all of you who have experienced this hate, let us know. We aren’t called “BOUNTY BROS” for nothin! We will hunt down these fools if it’s the last thing we do! 

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Box office bounty! I apologize, I fell SO BEHIND. This is like a month’s worth of mail. 

The Star Wars, Everglades, and Boston postcards are from @scifigrl47. Luke’s face is also my face, Sci. :D 

The awesome Captain America card next to them is from @nissus – thank you for such a delightful message! 

The clock in the lower right is a wonderful card from Prague, sent as part of #incowrimo from Lucia. I had no idea such an amazing clock existed – now I want to see Prague! 

The Luck and Magic card plus the awesome HIPSTER MICKEY card and buttons, are from @sofiadistracted, who made a better choice than I did when I was at Disney and actually picked up a print of the hipster for me. Thank you Sofia! (The glitter is totally on theme.)

And finally the super cool retro McCall’s card and tiny Pineapple And Ham pizza button, plus the cool envelope they came in, are from @nazi-puncher-1918. I have no strong opinion about pineapple on pizza but I love the button! :D I love it when people think of me when they see stuff at cons :D 

Thanks everyone – I always love getting mail! If people want to say hi or send stuff you can always reach me at Copperbadge, PO Box A3309, Chicago IL 60690.