TVLINE | Jensen’s directed some episodes of the show. Did he give you any tips or advice?

Misha: “He gave me lots of tips and lots of advice, and it was all very helpful. The fact that Jensen has directed before made him a little bit nicer to me than he would have otherwise been. He was, obviously, fully complicit in pranking me, but he also wanted to support me and make sure that I had a good experience as a director. He was actually very helpful, in many respects, for a complete asshole.” [x]

What should have happened on Rizzoli & Isles
  • Season 1: Jane & Maura have a crush on each other but are in total denial about it.
  • Season 2: They have accepted their crush on each other but now need to admit it to each other
  • Season 2 cliffhanger: One of them confesses their love for the other
  • Season 3: They are now in an adorable relationship and maybe have a small fight at some point.
  • Season 4: One asks the other to marry her.
  • Season 4 cliff hanger: Something happens at the wedding
  • Season 5: They are now happily married and decide to have a kid.

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A SDR2 x Children Record mashup! This one’s really cool since it offers lyrics based on sdr2 instead of the traditional lyrics!!!

Original Video

Original Song