hayley’s speech before careful. 🙌🏼

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Best night ever. :3 so happy I got to be this close to Shawn !! I got a hi five from him touched him a few times got a pic with him, got a pic with Shane [who said I’m cute!! :3] James [who was filling in for Dennis & Jeremy] & a bunch of band members from other bands. Seriously an AMAZING day. One of the best concerts ever!!! #alesana #websterhall #shawnmilke #fangirledsohard #sexy #gorgeous #nyc #sohappy #postconcertdepression #whitagram

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And just like that, #CircuitFest2013 is gone. I woke up today thinking everything was just a dream but my body was aching because of all the skating, dancing, walking and moshing from last night. Circuit fest is gone and all i’m left with are these. The only thing keeping me alive right now is the thought that there’s gonna be another circuit fest next year. #PostConcertDepression

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Within the past 24 hours;

The boys had a press conference
The WWA tour has officially started
We found out the livestream was fake
Watched 6 second videos of the boys first concert for the WWAT
Zayn screamed “Vas Happenin’”
Louis went for a pee half way through the concert
Liam tweeted a selfie of him in bed
Niall tweeted the first ever picture of 1D
Niall is still jumping 7ft into the air whilst holding his guitar even though he has has knee surgery
Zayn’s high notes in You&I was perfect
Harry has just been he damn beautiful self
And now I’m having post vine concert depression and can’t get to sleep

Too much happening at once