BigBang10:  The Exhibition  A. to Z. - Limited Edition Box


  • Each box is numbered.
  • All members’ signatures are printed on plexyglass.
  • Mm series, Aa series, Dd series, Ee series
  • BigBang10 (La La La, VIP, Lies, Last Farewell, Haru Haru, Tonight, Love Song, Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy, Monster, Loser, Bang Bang Bang.
  • Five large size photo books.
  • Ten posters.
  • Ten postcard sized photo cards with member’s messages to each other printed on the back.

***Boxes are sold inside the exhibition only, 100 boxes a day, one must purchase and confirm their ticket in order to purchase a box.

The rest of the items in my YG merch collection are here

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Welcome to my first ever giveaway!!

I wanted to be able to give something back to you guys, I wasn’t sure if any of y’all would want it but regardless I’m sure there will be someone out there who will want it!


  • Exo-K MAMA Album (No photocard & has official exo-k sticker on it)
  • Exo-M MAMA Album (No photocard)
  • Chanyeol Mask (Un-opened)
  • Sehun Mask (Opened & Washed)
  • Kai Postcard (Just under a5 size)
  • Tao Postcard (Just under a5 size)
  • Kai LMR Fan made photocard

I’m happy to provide images of all the prizes if needed !

There will be two winners. First winner will get their choice of one album and three other items. The second winner will get the rest.


Extra Entries

Message me once you have done the above with proof and you will get an extra entry per account you have followed.

These things don’t count as extra entries but would be appreciated :)

add me on snapchat @ jenndubbs

I will be writing all your urls down and putting them into a box and selecting two winners.

This post must get 500+ notes or the giveaway is post-poned

Giveaway ends on the 2nd of November


Urgent Headshot Commission


  • Sketch: $3
  • Colored: $5

-No couple/group (1 head 1 sheet).
-No detailed accessories.
-Manual only (end result will be scanned), not colored.
-I draw it in A6 (postcard-size) paper. I can send the real sheet for you if you willing to pay shipping cost.
-Any humanoid character (no animal, but animal ears are ok).
-OC/fandom ok.
-One person can commish as many as they want (as long as the slot still available).
-Angle/expression request is ok, but the end result will be up to me (more or less like the sample). If you want to add accessories like flowers/flower crown/flower necklace also ok.
-I drew it manually, with very little to almost none pencil sketch, so I can’t give you progress (so please be clear with what you want).
+If you already commish a b/w sketch, and want me to color it, just add +$3 per headshot.
-Paypal Only.

For Indonesian:
-$1 = 10k
-no pulsa
-BRI transfer only

For now there are only 5 slot (Probably will raise the price for next slot).

1) Claire - done, here.
2) Maya - done, here.
3) Bizria - done, here.
4) ?
5) ?

Message to commish.

Thank you for reading.

So watercolour fun! The boy who runs with Wolves!

I’m planning on creating a small series of one off watercolour sterek pieces to sell! As my daughter is starting school soon and I don’t work and I want to get her the uniform she needs (sorry for the sorry story I don’t like trying to make you all feel sorry for me) so these will be postcard size, and nice and cheap! But will the promise that I will not create this images again and you will be buying the originals!
Once I have more done I will post them up with the price!