Back in 2008, my friend, Sadie, and I started a mail art project together. We put our all into it, but we were poor, and it ultimately fell by the wayside. But nearly 5 years later, I’m revisiting this project because I really love the idea!

So, this is “Postcard Portraits”. The goal is to get people from all around the world to send in portraits of anyone- themselves, their friends or family, someone famous they admire, or a complete stranger. They can be in any medium- a rough sketch, a photo, a painting, a poem- whatever your heart desires! The only rule is the size- they must be 4" x 6"!

I’ll send introduction packages out to random addresses throughout the USA periodically; but if you know you’re interested and would like one, drop your mailing address in the ask box and I’ll ship one out to you. This includes a PP sticker, a portrait done by yours truly, the project’s mission statement, and a stamp to mail YOUR portrait in when you complete it.

More info can be found on the main page of this tumblr!

Please help spread the word!

Amazing portrait of me by @brentsabas ! Galing! Pati mga details sa shirt and the paintings behind me, kuhang kuha! Salamat! Lone tindero at AngInk’s booth! Marami ako nabenta, hehe. @hello_ink #artfair #artph #art #illustration #drawing #ink #brushpen #portrait #postcard #watercolor #10aalabamaartsandcraftsfair #10aalabama #angink (at 10a Alabama St. Arts & Crafts Fair)