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Nice to have you back, Archy! :) While I was commuting the other day, I was daydreaming of how to structure the "perfect" city. What I came up with was a concentric layout, with bureaucratic buildings in the center, residential & commercial areas in the middle, and agricultural zones on the outskirts. Trains would run along the boundaries between zones and also towards/away from the center of the circle. Maybe this isn't exactly an architectural question, but what would be your "perfect" city?

You might have imagined something similar to what has been one of the Utopian models of city planing: the concentric circles city. You can read more about this model and some later adaptations here.

Concentric Zone Model Ernest Burgess

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Boracay - The Philippines 

Only 7km long, and at points, only 500m wide, Boracay has become the most famous island in the Philippines. The island is a postcard perfect location, define by white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, palm trees, and luxury resorts. 

For those looking for a relaxing holiday, settle into the islands beach beanbags, and enjoy ice cold tropical cocktails. For the more adventurous, there is a wide range of water sport activities, including jet skis, wind surfing, and diving. 

✨In Divine timing for the Holiday season I Am proud to present you with::: The first ever::: POSTCARD PRINTS OF MY ORIGINAL ARTWORK!✨Available N:0W on my Etsy shop!! Jah (link in Bio) ✨🙌🏽✨ These affordable Postcards are the perfect gift for this Holiday Season! && from today until the day after Christmas (12/5-12-26) I am offering 10% off my Etsy shop with coupon code:::: BLESSED ✨🌈✨


* The seagulls are slowly inching closer. Judging by the glint in their eyes, they will not be satisfied with your lunch this time.
* Every day, one more spot in the vending machine has been claimed by Hot Cheetos. You aren’t sure what happens when they’ve taken over.
* It’s June, and the tourists begin to roll in. Everyone keeps their doors shut, and avoids them at the beach. We can’t shatter the illusion of the postcard-perfect town. Not again.
* Four surfers enter the water one night. Five come out.
* The mountains are alive. No one mentions it. They don’t have to.
* You’re at the county fair one night, at the top of the Ferris wheel. You look out over the ocean, and see something moving. Surely it must just be a surfer, right?
* While swimming in the Pacific one day, you feel something caress your leg. You pray it’s just seaweed.
* There’s an unspoken rule about going into the desert at night.
* You come back home from a night out to see a UFO hovering above your residence. You shrug, and leave to spend the night at a friend’s house. Better safe than sorry.
* You see what looks like a fire burning on the surface of the water one night. It’s too far to be a boat, but too close to be an oil rig.
* You lie awake, unable to sleep. The waves sound closer than usual.
* It rains, just a light sprinkle. The people are celebrating in the streets. It’s been so, so long.
* The hills above town are on fire. Ash fills the air and congests your lungs. No one evacuates, PE classes are simply brought inside for the day. Like everyone else, you simply wait, hoping it doesn’t cross the 101.
* There’s a loud grating noise from down the street. In the morning, you see that the landslides have swallowed your neighbor’s house again.
* Everyone awaits The Big One, the earthquake that will send California tumbling into the Pacific. For many, it can’t come soon enough.

PARADISE FOUND: Globe-trotting CNN anchor Anderson Cooper takes refuge from the 24-hour news cycle in a heavenly tropical compound nestled in the postcard-perfect Brazilian town of Trancoso - photography: Simon Upton - text: Mayer Rus - AD August 2016

  • “An assortment of Brazilian devotional oratories and an antique confessional chair are arrayed against a turquoise wall; the ceiling lights and dining chairs are Uxua Casa, the table is vintage, and the floor is waxed concrete.”

“Faerie Forest” (originally an acrylic on canvas painting by yours truly) ✨In Divine timing for the Holiday season I Am proud to present you with::: The first ever::: POSTCARD PRINTS OF MY ORIGINAL HeARTWORK!✨Available N:0W on my Etsy shop!! Jah (link in Bio) ✨🙌🏽✨ These affordable Postcards are the perfect gift for this Holiday Season! && from today until the day after Christmas (12/5-12-26) I am offering 10% off my Etsy shop with coupon code:::: BLESSED ✨🌈✨🕉✨This painting was inspired through my mOMents living and loving in Oregon. Floating the rivers, soaking in Hotsprings and communing with the faerie realms✨💗✨

A Peek into the Future

AO3 Link

Genre: Oneshot, fluff, domestic fluff, talks about the future, and a dog

Summary: Fiction. Moving was a hassle, and not something they were keen on, but they’d been putting it off for literal years. Perhaps it was about time to get kicked into the future - and maybe that kick pushes them farther than they thought. Essentially, some mostly plotless reality fluff.

Warnings: Literally nothing if you’re ok with talks about moving house and dogs and the future

Word Count: A little over 5k

A/N: Happy birthday, @mecaka! I found out yesterday that it was her birthday recently, so I wrote her a fic. She wanted fluff, I hope I have delivered. Also sorry for any typos/errors, this was for my beta so I couldn’t exactly ask her to check it over for me :P

Reminder that I don’t know Dan or Phil at all and I’m not suggesting this in any way reflects reality. This is a work of fiction

“This one?”

“Nah, too small a kitchen.”

“How would you know, you’re never in the kitchen.”

“I cook,” Dan argued indignantly. “Sometimes.”

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Don’t touch the nog -- Dec 10th

Sam X Reader with Dean, Jody, Cas, Crowley, Jack, Donna, Clair & Alex

Summary: Reader throws a Christmas party at the bunker and she is a little stressed out.

Word Count: 1K

A/N: This was written for @webcricket advent challenge.  Complete fluff. Prompt was “Eggnog.”

Warnings: some cussing and sexual innuendo

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“Illusions in the Sand” (Originally an Acrylic on Canvas painting by yours truly) ✨In Divine timing for the Holiday season I Am proud to present you with::: The first ever::: POSTCARD PRINTS OF MY ORIGINAL HeARTWORK!✨Available N:0W on my Etsy shop!! Jah (link in Bio) ✨🙌🏽✨ These affordable Postcards are the perfect gift for this Holiday Season! && from today until the day after Christmas (12/5-12-26) I am offering 10% off my Etsy shop with coupon code:::: BLESSED ✨🌈✨🕉✨ The center of this piece came through my being while sitting on the beach at Hanalei Bay. That night the sand started to fall into an hour glass. As I meditated upon it, I began to ground into our Mother Earth. Affirming “I am safe.” Feeling her unconditional love for All, I allowed the Loving energy to rise into my heArt. Affirming “I Am Love.” As I speak the truth of the Love that I Am. I feel the energy rise into my throat chakra opening and releasing any fear of speaking this truth to All. My third eye opens. I am One with All. I breath into this Unity. Knowing we are All One Being. I smile. Peacefully remembering. I surrender to the One. I am only here for God.✨


- Yunhyeong x Reader

- Minor angst, fluff

- When the world come crashing down, will Yunhyeong be able to save your relationship from the sharp tongues of the world.

- Small drabble I had saved from god knows when. The last part of Just Go will be out soon. It’s finished but after rereading it, I’m not happy with the ending so the release got postponed.

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

“There she is.”

“Huh, she is pretty. I wonder how much he spent on her.”

“Damn, have you seen her clothes? It’s all his money. I heard she couldn’t even afford cheap stuff before.”

You keep your head down as the crowd of giggling, spite for eyes and poison for tongues girls shuffle pass you, not really bothering to keep it hush. By this point no doubt everyone on this goddamn campus want you to know your kind isn’t welcome here.

The funny thing is, you rolled out of bed this morning 20 minutes past your alarm, too exhausted from the late night studying to bother with appearance, grabbing the first jacket in sight to shield yourself from the gloomy world. You didn’t even have time to even put on proper undergarment let alone thinking of what clothes you put on, not realizing the fact until 3 hours into your day, hoping to God your boyfriend’s thick black hoodie would at least make you look half decent. Glancing down now, you really wished you had grab a plain hoodie instead of his very expensive brand logo screaming to the God sprawled across the fabric.  Once the realization hit, you had thought of running back up to your small apartment to change but you were late and the lingering scent of your boyfriend seems to make the tumultuous world just a bit better. In the end, you decided to keep him close, pretend as though he’s with you strutting through campus, shielding you from the bitterness of the world.

You know being with an idol meant giving up your personal life and finding yourself constantly under mercy of every netizen, every craze fan out there, every move being analyze carefully under a microscope of what seems to be bullying justified as opinion. You never bothered with the comments and the hate after your boyfriend and his managers had advised you otherwise but it seems the limit is finally being breach.

If there’s one thing you pride yourself on it’s the ability to take care of yourself. You put yourself through college holding two different jobs while still be able to uphold your grade. You weren’t blessed with the silver, pearls clad spoons like many of your schoolmates but you never did mind. Who care if the girl sitting next to you has on a sweater that cost more than 2 month rents or that her parents paid 5 figures for her apartment every month. Never mind the guy with the car worth ten times more than all yours and your family valuable combined. Getting accepted into the school of princess and princes of corporation X and enterprise Y, you knew you had it coming. Even before Yunhyeong was ever a part of your life, the snide comments and disdainful stares for how shitty your piece of junk car is or how you always seem so dishevel were already flying about. Dating an idol just give another mean for their insults. You were not about to let some stranger chiding you for your monetary worth stopping you from doing your own things.

Your family doesn’t have much but what you do have is enough. As your grandparents used to say “as long as you can face the world another day without guilt, you’ve done something right.” You’ve gone on most your life head strong, not caring what the rest of the world catapult your way. However lately, whether it be the words had gotten harsher or life pressure finally gotten to the better of your strong will but every little thing chips at your heart, the stream of hate finally begins to grind down your stone.

For the 4th night this week you play companion to the moon till he too gives up and tuckers out for the day. Although the moon never did speaks much, something magical about the way his white light embracing your body that squeezes out tears you never thought you’d shed. Tears over complete strangers. Tears over words you vowed to never take to heart.

Chalking it up to being emotional over not seeing your boyfriend for the 3rd week in a row now, you ignore their bitting words and focus on the sunshine that is your loving boyfriend. Yunhyeong being on tour had never easy, especially world tour where he can’t come home in between breaks. As difficult as parting way with him is, you always send him off with a smile knowing he’s living his dream and receiving love from fans. There’s really no need to damage his heart further by letting him see how much the distance really affects your weary heart. Crying can be save for later when the apartment is cold and the bedroom quiet.

Despite being up to his neck in practice and exhaustion from traveling so much, Yunhyeong always puts time in making his absent as easy for you as possible with constant phone calls, texts, and pictures. Even with the brave face he puts on, you can always tell behind the twinkle of his eyes the weariness of a long distant relationship is doing him in slowly.

“Hey, baby. What time is it at home?”

So much solace was brought to your weary heart just by hearing his sweet voice and that million dollars smile.

“It’s midnight, babe.” You sigh, glancing over at the blinking red light atop your nightstand.

“What are you doing up? that’s not good, go to sleep.”

He raises his voice slightly in worrisome. Yunhyeong had never liked you being a night owl and often scold you for staying up late even though he pulls more all nighter than your struggling college student ass had ever done.

“I was waiting for you… I can’t sleep without hearing your voice. What are you doing now?”

You whine a bit, earning a slight chuckle from the sweaty boy. It was true. Something about that deep velvety voice that melts you like butter. His favorite thing to do when you both actually got time is to sing you to sleep. Not loving the fact that you insist on straining yourself on staying up late, he would promise to sing as long as you fall asleep in his arms.

“We’re taking a break from practice. Everyone else ran off somewhere so i hid in the dressing room. I miss you so much. Your ass is getting drown in presents once I get home. I made sure to get you something in every city we’re in so it’s kinda like you were there.”

Excitement laces in his tone as he recount the thought he put into picking out each and every present that was to be yours the second he lands home. Once you came home to find a dejected Yunhyeong slumping on the couch, you had pried the reason out of him thinking it was just something silly. What came out instead broke your heart. He had felt so guilty for leaving again having just been home for 2 days, he couldn’t help but think about how sad you look when you think he wasn’t looking. In a whim, you made him promised to get you a postcard representing the city he’s in as a way to make up for leaving so often.

“Just a postcard, babe? You sure you don’t want anything bigger?”

“Nope, I’m happy with the postcard. This way I get to see what’s famous in the places you traveled to. When you get home, you can tell me all about the postcard. Where you got it, did you like the place, did you eat good food, things like that. Then maybe one day, you can take me there.”

His eyes light up at your small but thoughtful gesture. It gives him something to look forward to in the long trips without his love. He had excitedly combed through stores after stores to look for that perfect postcard. Although there were times he’d come home with 3 different one having not being able to decide. Your small bedroom wall had became a sort of museum, nearly every inch filled with bright colorful papers. Every lonely night, you’d sit in front of it recalling every story that come with the small piece of papers tracking the history of your long distant relationship. Eventually as Ikon gotten more famous and the boys became successful, his gifts became heavy with monetary value but not once did he ever forget about your postcard, never.

Oblivious of your bleeding heart, he continues rambling on in anticipation of your reaction, not noticing the silent spewing out through the speaker from your end. Humming a few yes, and sweet words in reply, you couldn’t help but let the poisonous comments intrude into your happy moment. It was as well that Bobby burst in to drag him away to practice when he did as not a second after he sending you his love and bid adieu, you break down crying sending the phone tumbling down onto the floor. How could you be so vulnerable that you let the jealousy of a few malicious comments stain his love and care.

As his homecoming draws closer, as oppose to the comfort it usually brings, his attentiveness only adds to your fatigue. With every phone call, your time with him grew shorter coining increase in school load. He’d simply give you a sadden understanding smile but deep down he knew… You both were growing apart and it scares him.

Another two week gone by with much difficulties and your pain isn’t anywhere close to being relieved. Another round of acid reflux fills your throat as you sit in the back of the black vans steading fast toward the airport. Nervous is to say the least of your unraveling nerve. As the news of your relationship is no longer a secret, often times the managers would let their girlfriends tag along to pick up the boys knowing how hard it must be to part way for months on ends.

Sitting quietly in the van, your heart grow heavy at the thought of having to lie to him. You’re an honest person, you call things as it is but this was something you have to handle yourself. After all Yunhyeong was the one person that always throws you off your beaten path, nothing you do seems to make sense when it comes to him and right now, the thought of bringing him into something so petty just irks you the wrong way. Staring out at the planes tearing through the bright blue sky, for the first time in your life you wish you were made of gold. Then maybe life wouldn’t be so hard, maybe the fans would accept you, maybe all your problem would be solve if you could tag along on their tour like Bobby’s or Chanwoo’s girlfriend. Having grew up in rich families, they have leeways in their life that you couldn’t even dream of.

“BABY! I didn’t know you were coming.”

His scream burst your bubble almost as quick as the monster hug coming your way. Feigning a soft smile, you pretend as if just a moment ago you weren’t just questioning the love you both built for years. It’s amazing how being with the person you love can instantly makes you feel better as his warm embrace, that familiar cologne, the way his lips feel, everything is just right.

The road home consist of you clinging onto his arm like a koala, which Yunhyeong doesn’t mind one bit. Although he often whines about how you always follow him around like a lost puppy, he really loves the way you make him feels like there’s no one else in the world but him. Resting his head on the top of yours, he smile contently finally being able to be there for whatever problem it was that sprinkled your long lashes with tears when he first entered the van. For now, he’ll let slide the way you not so secretly wiping off a few tears when you think he wasn’t paying attention.

Agreeing on having him sleep at his parents for the first few nights knowing how much they miss him, you were both packing a small duffle bag, all ready to leave when he frowns, noticing the small shiver in your shoulders.

“Why don’t you wear my jacket, baby. It’s thicker and warmer.” Not really giving you time to answer, he had already stripped of it and wrapping it around your frame.

“I’m okay. Thank you!” You smile softly, a thumb swiping across his soft cheek as you decline his offer as delicately as you could.

“Stop being stubborn. You were shivering earlier outside, clearly not fine. Mine’s all warmed up already. I’ll just grab another one.”

“Yunhyeong, I’m fine! You worry too much.” Slightly annoyed, you smile but the strain in your voice telling him you were anything but happy.

“Stop arguing with me.” His voice grows firm from your sudden resistant to his love. What happen to the girl that would willingly live in a kangaroo pouch if he has one attach to his stomach. He hadn’t even been home for that long but it was more than obvious you’re pushing him away. What happened in the last few weeks. As far as he knows, you still had that sad puppy face whenever he had to hang up the phone. The little sigh and the small whimper whenever he coped to how much he missed you.

“GOD. Can you leave me alone? I said I’m fine.”

What happened. He stood there, reeling in the fact that you had just screamed at him for the first time since you first met him at the old cafe he liked to frequent. The cute, soft spoken barista that had him coming back almost everyday even though coffee wasn’t even his favorite. Where did his princess go? Was him ignoring your tear a wrong move? He thought he’d have time later to talk to you but clearly, everything is devolving faster than he could collect it.

“What the hell, baby? I’m just worry about you. Why are you so angry?”

The rising anger in your voice, the way your chest heaves so heavily. What in the world had he done having only been home for a good 30 minutes that could set you off so bad. He just couldn’t understand.

“Just because. Why are you always crowding me? Is it really necessary for you to give me all this expensive shit all the time? I can buy my own things, you know. I’m not a charity case.”

Guilt runs cold through your veins but your frustration had taken root too deep for far too long.

“Okay, something is definitely wrong. Yes, I know you’re capable. And no, you’re not a charity case but is it so bad that I want to provide for my precious girlfriend? Did I ever turn down dinner because you offer to pay? No, never. If I really wanted to, I would be capable of taking care of you for the rest of your life without you ever needing to work. Do I ever ask you to quit your jobs or quit school? No, I don’t because I know how important it is for you to live life your own way. Seriously, after all these time, I can’t believe you’re still stuck on this issue. I told you before, I’ll tell you again. Did you ever consider my side of it all, how bad it feels to have gifts rejected, gifts I’ve spent so much thought in getting  thrown back at me because you’re to damn independent to appreciate my gesture? Yes, I could get you cheap flower and $2 wine but you know what, I will never. You work way too hard for everything else in life so at least I could cushion our relationship so you can relax but apparently my effort is “crowding”. If you’re not going to tell me then why am I even here, baby? I’m suppose to be the person you can be unfiltered with. What happened?”

“Just leave me alone.” Aloof, you didn’t even bother looking at him before strutting off toward the bedroom dragging your overnight bag along. No need for it now that you can’t even control yourself long enough to have a happy reunion.

“Fine then. If you’re gonna be like that then I’ll leave. Apparently someone had taken a liking to my absent from all my days on tour.” Frustrated rather than furious, he thinks about giving you some time to cool off before talking things out. You were always so level headed and reasonable. You were always the one that take a step back and evaluate every fight before he has the chance of making anything worse. So how come now you’re the one starting a fight that seems to come out of nowhere. He couldn’t believe that he was actually standing here screaming at you instead of showering you in kisses and love.

“Maybe I have. You’re always gone anyways so who cares.”

You didn’t mean it. You didn’t mean any of it. You were just so sick and tired of hiding that everything come out like vomit. The more you try the harder it gets to control, the more discomfort it brings.

With a slam of the door, Yunhyeong disappears into the night just as the kindness on his face did, tired from traveling, exhausted from your nonsensical moodiness. Slumping onto the ground, the tears you tried so hard to hold back fall out freely. Hand slapping your forehead in regret, you cuss at your own stupidity for pushing the one person that understand and care for you no matter what you throw his way. Yunhyeong had been nothing but sunshine to your drab, utterly average life. He shined lights and love in ways you didn’t know you need. How could you be so cold as to let the words of a few affect your love for him.

Once the tears had lighten, you couldn’t think of anything else but to be back in his arms. Your hands shaky, eyes blurry once again after the 7th call went un-answered. Your texts piled up in desperation of any attention. Frantically grabbing your sweater, you head out the door running. Why is it that when you’re in a hurry, everything seems to move so slow as the elevator heading on its way down from the 15th floor. Abandoning the first route, you take off running to the stair. Ignoring the burning in your lungs from running down your 5th flight of stairs, all you could think of is the anger flashes in his face, the disappointment. In fact you were so far into the thought of him that your senses completely oblivious of the puddle of water in the middle of the lobby.

Everything went white.

Sitting in the middle of the big hospital bed, your eyes teary from the pain but mostly from the lack of love. It’s going on the 4th day now without any contact. Sighing dejectedly, you lay back down onto the pillow, hoping for it to muffle out your tears. Ignoring the sound of the opening door, you whisper lowly to the nurse to leave your lunch as you’re in no mood for food.

“You should really eat, baby. Starving yourself isn’t going to make you better.”

Shock by the loving albeit tired voice, you sit up perhaps a bit too fast judging from the aches in your forehead and the ringing in your ears.

“Shut…up…Shut up.” You groan loudly, begging for the eardrum piercing high pitch white noise to stop, tears pushing its way out from your shut eyes. Yunhyeong couldn’t bear looking at the painful sight of you hurting but he has to be strong, no time to cry now.

Ignoring the throbbing pain of the broken arm, you instinctively cover your face to shield your eyes from the blinding lights. You continue to whimper softly while the other plants down firm onto the bed for support. Seeing your unstable body, he flies over wrapping his arms around your body.

“Baby, lay down. Lean on me, I’m here. Do you need the doctor? I’m calling the doctor.”

“No… it’s fine.”

Whispering lowly, you force yourself back onto the bed, facing away from the face you miss so much but fear to confront. Pulling the blanket up to hide your face, you couldn’t help but let the tear stream down.

“Baby…Why are you hiding from me?”  If he was hurt before, the small ball shaking under the blanket kills him now.

“Stop c…calling me that.” your voice barely there, barely even forming coherent sentences.

“You’re my baby so I call you baby. What’s wrong with that? You’re mine, my girl.”

“Please, Yunhyeong. Just…”

“NO. We’re not doing that again. You’re already in the hospital, what else do you want to happen.”

“Just go away. I want to be alone.”

Clearly ignoring your request, he squeeze himself under the blanket just behind your back forcing you into spooning. He were sure if he didn’t do it now, you’d disappear the second he leaves the hospital. Pressing haste kisses all over your hair, he whispers sweet nothing into your ears, hoping to salvage whatever left of this relationship. Feeling guilty, you hesitantly turn around expecting anything from sadness to anger but of course not… He always smiles so brilliantly.

“There we go. Awe, baby. What happened?” His smile falter at the sight of your teary eyes, brows furrowing with deep thoughts and endless worries. His hand reluctantly pet the bandage on your head then the cast on your arm unsure if you’d let him.

“I wish I can take away your pain. Do they hurt much?” He whispers, lips lunges forward to press a kiss onto your quivering lips.

“Not as much as my heart…” You murmur into the thirst quenching kiss, free arm clutching onto his shirt.

“That’s my fault too. I’m so sorry for running off like that, for not answering you. I was so spaced out once I got home I dropped my phone onto the stove while making dinner… I should’ve just come home to check on you. I’m so sorry baby. I just thought you needed space. I should’ve…God.”

His tears soak he pillow as he mumbles an apology that was making less and less sense as the second past from the growing sob.

“It’s mine. I pushed you away.” Your words low and your gaze averts. You couldn’t bear to see the damage you had done.

“Why, babe?” Even after all your unreasonable antic, he remains gentle. His fingers trail along your tear stained cheek, gliding comforting stroke along the way.

“I let the world get to me.”

Reiterating all the words, all the comments you heard, you begin to explain the underlaying dejection and sudden outburst. His face gone from shock, to angry, to just pure fury. Hands never left your body, he places small kisses here and there making sure you know he’s here.

“Look, I know nothing I say will make this shit better for you. I love you. I love you so much. I know no matter how hard I try, I can’t block all the poison. I wish I could ask you to quit everything and stay by my side no matter where I go but that’d be selfish of me. You’re strong and I love you for that. You need to do life your way. It just make me sick that you had to go through such rough times because of me. The only thing I can do is to show you my love and only hope it’s enough for you.”

“It’s more than enough, Yunhyeong.”

His encouraging words like drug to your body. Within minutes, your aching is numb on his love.

“Then ignore them. Ignore them for me, for us. I know it’s hard and I know sometimes it’ll take a toll on you but I love you so much and I just want to be able to care for you anyway I can. You’re the strongest person I know, don’t you ever forget that. They’re jealous because they’re not even 1% of the woman you are. They have everything handed to them and they’re just bored. You fight for everything you have. You fought hard for us. You deserve the love and the things I can do for you. Your life is hard enough, I want to provide you that little bit of easiness. I’m so sorry that my care hurt you instead of lessen your load.”

A bit of disappointment flashes in his eyes before your gentle smile bring back the spark in his eyes.

“Baby, I know I will marry you one of these day. Will you divorce me then if they say you have shit handed to you because i’ll buy us a nice house? Or get us a car when you’re pregnant and have trouble getting around? Or take our little family on vacation because I want you to enjoy the better things in life?”

“No…” You whisper lowly, thinking of how ridiculous it was for you to let something so small drive such a big wedge in your happiness, in his happiness.

“Right. So, when we get married, are you gonna let a few stupid fake fan yell “object” in the middle of the ceremony and ruining your own happiness? My heart is in your hand, babe. Not theirs.”

Firmly reassuring your heart of his place in your life, he takes another long fervid kiss for himself, knowing you need it too.

“I’m sorry, Yun. I’m so stupid. I love you so much. I hurt you because I listened to a few pointless murmurs… When all you’ve done is being lovely.”

“Hey, come on now. You were just worry about stressing me out. That’s not stupid. Next time just come to me, yea? I want to be able to take care of you emotionally if you won’t let me spoil you…You know you can tell me anything.” Carefully pulling you into his embrace, he sigh contently before whispering into your ears playfully. “P.S. I’m not gonna stop spoiling you so you know, get use to it.”

“Fine, you can still spoil me… just take it down a notch. Deal?”

“Deal! I love you, babe. Don’t you ever forget that.”

“I love you more.”

Like anything else in life, if you’re willing to work for it, love has its way of rewarding your struggle. Somehow, you know you’re in good hand with the smiling boy with the warm embrace. Yes, the journey had been long and hard  but from here on out, it’ll get better.

12 Jaw-dropping US mountain towns

Photo by tpsdave on Pixabay

It’s more than just the mountains. Though the scenery surrounding the high-altitude towns of the USA is spectacular – snow-capped peaks, dizzying cliffs, burbling rivers and forests blanketed in white – these settlements aren’t just beautiful, they’re historic, and charm-filled, says adventurer Ben Groundwater.

Lake Tahoe, California

Photo by tpsdave from Pixabay

A favourite weekend spot for Californians – given it’s only a one-hour flight from San Francisco – this series of charming settlements hug the shores of the shimmering body of water that is Lake Tahoe. Though the easiest way to access Lake Tahoe’s most popular ski area, Heavenly, is by staying on the touristy south shore, it’s the settlements on the lake’s north that retain the most allure.

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Lake Placid, New York

To most people, New York means skyscrapers and a brash attitude, but that’s just the city. The state itself has a surprising number of ski resorts and towns that service them, and perhaps one of the most beautiful is Lake Placid. Though a former host of the Winter Olympics, Lake Placid these days lives up to its name, and is the perfect destination for some relaxing time in the mountains away from city life.

West Glacier, Montana

Photo by Terrah Holly on Unsplash

There are few more scenically spectacular parts of the world than the “big sky country” of Montana, and few places capture that beauty quite like the town of West Glacier. What it lacks in size and infrastructure – this is really just a gateway into the famed Glacier National Park – it makes up for in easy-going charm, and a setting that would make any nature lover cry tears of joy.

Aspen, Colorado

Though it’s known these days for the Hollywood big shots who arrive en masse around Christmas, Aspen is actually a former silver-mining town that also enjoyed a brief stretch as a hippie enclave populated by the likes of John Denver and Hunter S. Thompson. These days Aspen’s five-star resorts and chalets are the stuff of fantasy for most, but the town retains its beautiful historic charm.

North Conway, New Hampshire

Photo by Margit Wallner on Pixabay

This is New England at its finest, a quaint mountain town within easy striking distance of the city of Boston, and yet with an atmosphere that sets it a world apart. North Conway, founded in 1765, is all historic buildings and “mom and pop” stores, but is also within a half-hour drive of 13 ski resorts.

Telluride, Colorado

Another former Coloradan mining town, Telluride has done a better job than most of retaining its old-world charm, with a postcard-perfect main street that’s a throwback to simpler times. The town is surrounded on three sides by towering mountain ranges, a geographical quirk that has helped to protect Telluride from the onslaught of mass tourism.

Mammoth Lakes, California

It takes just an hour to fly from the concrete jungle of Los Angeles to the snow-capped peaks of Mammoth Lakes, a year-round hotspot for those who enjoy the great outdoors. The town itself doesn’t quite have the history of some of its Coloradan counterparts – however, when you’re surrounded by sparkling alpine lakes and dizzying mountain peaks, it really doesn’t matter.

Virginia City, Nevada

Those with Westworld-inspired dreams of stepping back into the Wild West need only visit Virginia City, Nevada, the place where the legendary Comstock Lode – a huge silver deposit – was once struck, and which has retained pretty much all of the old buildings that lined its streets back in the 19th century. That the town is surrounded by the Sierra ranges only adds to the appeal.

Jackson, Wyoming

Photo by tpsdave on Pixabay

This is cowboy country, no doubt – you only have to cast your eye around and take in the saloons on streets, the boots on wooden walkways and the Stetsons on heads. However, Jackson, Wyoming is also hugely popular with hikers, bikers, skiers and climbers, thanks to its position among some of the most imposing and beautiful mountain scenery you’re likely to witness.

Breckenridge, Colorado

Though the adjoining ski resort in Breckenridge is as modern as they come, most of the buildings in the town itself are throwbacks to a bygone era, colourfully painted places that date back to the late 1800s. With the Rocky Mountains filling all horizons, this is a place to take your time strolling around and soaking up the history and the scenery.

Taos, New Mexico

Photo by tpsdave on Pixabay

There’s something a little different about Taos, New Mexico. It’s in the architecture: these aren’t the wooden facades of the Wild West mining towns, but rather the mud-brick buildings of the southern deserts. It’s in the people, too: this isn’t cowboy country so much as a bohemian hub filled with hippies and artists, as well as adventurers and old-school Hispanic settlers. And off in the distance… towering mountain peaks that can’t fail to impress.

Park City, Utah

Park City’s history is a familiar one: a former silver-mining boomtown turned playground for the rich and famous, who are drawn here largely for the world-class skiing, not to mention the cosy village feel and the spectacular scenery that surrounds it. Park City is hugely popular in winter, but has something of a locals-only vibe in summer, when the hikers and bikers head out to play.

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Written by Ben Groundwater

Ben is a columnist and globetrotting backpacker for


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Taj Exotica - Male, Maldives 

This luxury resort is perfectly located on a private island in the middle of one of the largest lagoons in the Maldives. Surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, the resort is defined by its over water ocean view villas. Visitors can relax in beach side hammocks, go for scenic walks through the island, or snorkel off shore. 

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anonymous asked:

hello jules 🥑🍃 I'm currently on a 5 month summer break and I was wondering if you have nice ideas on how I can spend this long vacay xoxo thank you so much

• Reading!! It’s the perfect time to re-read your favourite books or discover new ones!
• Or do you prefer tv shows instead? It’s time to binge watch!
• But don’t spend all day at home! Go for a walk and enjoy the sunny weather!
• Even rain shouldn’t stop you from going outside. A jacket and Wellingtons and go for it! (+ don’t forget to jump into puddles)
• museums!!!
• café dates. Even if you are on your own: Take a book with you and enjoy a delicious coffee (+ cake maybe? 😋)
• Do you have a nintendo? (or any other console) I love to play my old video games!! (especially Animal Crossing!!)
• Make a summer journal!
• Take something with you from everywhere you go, for instance a flower or a shell or a postcard! That’s perfect for a journal!
• Do something you always wanted to do but had no time for: yoga? babysitting? a cooking course? playground time (because why the heck not?)
• picnics!!!
• stargazing!
• riding your bike!
• swimming! or any other sports
• shopping

I. So let’s call it love, a summer fling; she always has been good at those.

II. Nerves concentrated in fingertips that she scales along the skyline of his jaw. A cataclysm in the backseat. A wreckage of veins and neon lights bleeding through the window, a boy with rough hands and locked up knees. A collection of lipstick prints, blossoming bruises, mottling necks, collar bones, the insides of thighs.

III. This boy. Who is love notes written in the backs of math books and bubblegum popped between locker vents. Oil smeared across his cheek and a wrench stuck between his teeth. It’d never been terribly interesting to watch him bleed.

IV. This boy. Who feels like a poem cupped between her palms. Stanzas sticky sweet and hidden message clear. A marionette with ropes threaded around it’s neck as they act out postcard perfect, picket fence dreams.

V. How we say it’s right when, really, it’s wrong.

VI. Creaking Ferris wheel with rust collected at the edges. Fingers cotton candy spun as they grapple on the seat like a natural disaster and, “I’m going to win,” she says. Something that’s been running for ruin all summer. And she doesn’t want to concede. Say, “I know. You are. You have.” So she kisses her instead.

VII. This girl. Who is poison apple smiles and threats swollen between her knuckles. Hair like flames tangled around fingers and third degree burns traded on tongues that no one can see. She has always wanted to see her bleed.

VIII. This girl. Who feels like an equation trapped between her ribs. Numbers jumbled and frenetic and impossible to solve. A challenge like a noose around her neck as the summer fades to an end.

IX. How we say it’s wrong and, really, it is.

X. So let’s call it a summer fling, love; she always has been good at that.

—  bite marks and puncture wounds