In Iceland, a hand-drawn map can get your mail delivered to the right address. Tourists who had visited a farm and mini zoo wanted to send a thank you postcard but forgot the address, so they drew a map of the area instead. It not only worked, but is not an uncommon occurrence in place where only 300,000 people live in an area the size of Ohio. Source

Someone in Russia also tried the map-drawing idea. It worked, too! 


“Visit space… what could go wrong?” by Jesse Riggle / Behance / Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram 

4″ x 6″ digital prints, editions of 20 each. Available here.

Part of the second annual Postcard Correspondence art show at Gallery1988.


Hanakotoba Postcard Set is up for Pre-Order:

If you made an order of my acrylic charms, please send me a message on Tictail so I can give you a discount code to subtract the shipping fee of this set. I will ship this set together with your previous order around late November to early December. (Discount codes available until November 30th.)

Order the set before November 5th ends, and get a Seven OR Yoosung postcard for free. (*´ω`*)

Background for the front illustration will be updated! (Updates on my Twitter)

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Thanks to and for the ideas on Zen’s flower.