Took our baby on her first camping trip this weekend and hubs snapped this picture of us together. At first I was appalled with it and immediately cropped out my postpartum belly because I was too ashamed to show anyone because the sun seemed to perfectly highlight my lower belly. I always see proud moms posting their extra skin and stretch marks and I’ve always though they looked so beautiful still. I carried a baby for over nine months and have breastfed her for her entire life I should really give my body a break but its so hard to get used to this new body that seems to have zero waistline. Like HOW do celebs and instagram models go right back to normal without starving themselves and spending every second st the gym?! Like I’m starving from bf’d and I would much rather spend my time playing with my daughter than hours at the gym?? So anyway, here’s my “trying to be proud of what my body has accomplished” post…

While Prego and after t25 Tanya rocked it! I can wait to start my #focust25 journey in August 5th!! Who wanted to do this with me? Message me about my August Challenge group. This group is going to be amaze balls!! I can feel it! You do not want to miss out! #challenge #weightloss #looseinches #looseweight #fit #fun #fitblr #fitspo #fitness #fitfriends #fitsporation #beforeandafter #postbaby #workout #worthit #workoutbuddies #beachbody #beachbodycoach #behappy #happy #healthy #getfit #messageme

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