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Lit, sean (prebaby?? Postbaby??)

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Everything in the world just came around to fuck Legolas all at once, he was sure of it. His father was having some sort of melt down because a rival company was in negotiations buy the same firm the Greenwood was interested in, his favorite bow’s string had snapped, nearly carving out a portion of his face along the way, and now he lost his fucking lighter. 

Out of options and nearly shaking with the utter shittiness the day had piled upon him, Legolas was stunned when a well dressed man approached him. The blond nearly let the cigarette drop from his lips when the man reached out and lit it for him. “U-um, thank you.”

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hiiiiii so you're doing the 'uncommon categories' fic recs, yeah? i was wondering if there was any chance you could do a list of like, either rich!louis or rich!harry where the other is basically their sugar daddy? that would be really great, but if not don't sweat it xx

not really an uncommon category but here are a few 


  • spoiled brat “lets go to Paris daddy.” Harry chuckled at his baby’s request, but his eyes remained on his newsprint, not even looking at him. “Can’t love, business this week.” Louis sulked. “Dick.” And Harry was definitely looking at him now.
  • right now sugar Daddy AU where Louis pouts to get his way. But he misses Harry being sweet to him, and Harry misses cuddly Louis. Harry decides to take action. (Except he’s also a sap and is pleased when Louis’s pleased… so Lou may just get his way.)
  • love it when you try for me louis is still Harry’s boy. He might get a little greedy, and Harry might decide to address that. Louis sends dick pics to Harry, strokes phallic vegetables, and gets naked under an apron. (Once again, slutty Louis devises a plan.)
  • one for the money (two for the show) louis never considers himself to be a person that needs taking care of, until he meets Harry, that is. He’s willing to give up every part of himself, lay himself out-bare and vulnerable-for him; he doesn’t fully understand what he’s getting himself into; a love that is as hot as it is cold.
  • i’ll be yours (and you’re mine) dating a famous footie player is hard – maybe even harder than school or convincing his mum that he was mature enough to move in with Louis even though he was only eighteen (and barely that). He pouts into Louis’ chest, pulling his hips closer with a tug of Louis’ thick hip. With a slow grind of his hips and a nip of his teeth at Louis’ nipple, Harry attempts to apologize again.
  • sugar me good sometimes there are those that gets what they want, sometimes there are those who don’t want everything they can have, and sometimes there’ll be dirty deeds done for the pleasure of one. Let’s just say a little sugar baby wants a certain Daddy to play some games with him, even if he’s hard to get.
  • whatever you like harry works at a country club, Louis is a millionaire member of said country club. Harry wants in his boat and his apartment but also in his pants
  • show me a good time harry always grew up in a predominately poor neighborhood. His family was poor and he was used to scraping and working to appreciate even the little things in life. All of the poverty and struggling eventually comes to a halt when he meets Louis Tomlinson, a young music exec one evening at a very posh club after being dragged down by Niall his careless roommate. Harry’s life immediately changes all in a single night, and well it only gets better and better.

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Scuse the derpy face but MY BIKINI ARRIVED! I’m so pleased that I actually feel good in it AND it fits well on my bust which is no mean feat. This is a massive step closer to feeling as confident as I did previous to having my son 6 months ago. When I was pregnant it was so much easier to marvel at my body but after giving birth I felt lacking. But now I am starting to marvel at it once more. It might not be what it once was but I am lucky to have a body that has served me so well. I really have nothing to complain about. I just need to learn to love this new, worn in body that gave my son such a good home for 9 months.