Re: Kylux

As requested by @sam-ships-it@imsorryimlate & anon.

I will try not to make this particularly long, because a) there’s a lot to estimate and b) there’s already a lot of text to rework in a form of endless chats

  1. General Hux and Kylo do have that hate fuck relationship that is palpable tension, however, it is very one-sided (from Kylo). In this, small step back to what I see the prince of dark side as: an overgrown teenager who is also a virgin and has very little to no self-control. For him it is mostly hate with a twist. Kylo asks a lot of questions inside his helmet, because he is confused. 
  2. Confused by the young general, who seems to be a completely ordinary person save for his ginger hair, no force, no visible reasons to be so entirely intimidating. Kylo is… jealous of this. He wants to be the same man, more of a man, because essentially, he already is something more by his birth right. 
  3. A complete bummer: Kylo has no control over his emotions, and anything can grow into an obsession, unhealthy or otherwise. General becomes his new pet project, something to spend time when thinking about Darth Vader and his personal shortcomings to the Dark Side becomes too much. It quickly turns into that vicious faux sexual thing, where Kylo sublimates his stress into an imaginary relationship towards General Hux. 
  4. It was never meant to be good.
  5. General Hux is a quiet, overly smart man with low tolerance to bullshit and even lower tolerance for explanations. He doesn’t have a short fuse and his temper is somewhat buried underneath the calm and collected surface, so he obviously sees right through Kylo. General is mildly annoyed most of the time, expecting his reputation to have preceded him. 
  6. A reputation of someone who’s fucked his way up to the top and is apparently incapable of thinking big. 
  7. It’s not like General is bothered by it in any way. He knows his worth, so at least this is out of question. Kylo, on the other hand, has no experience in social environment, and with that comes the first problem. 
  8. (Kylo force-chockes him when he is annoyed about the way General scolds him for broken armory, and Hux has bruises on his neck for days. He wears them with dignity, visible above the collar of the uniform, constricting his breathing. Kylo blushes when he sees them, under the helmet, but his whole posture gives it away for a trained eye, and Hux is delighted - because he’d won this first little battle of bringing the prince down from his self-created postament.)
  9. Kylo doesn’t ever say it out loud, never has to. Their eventual relationship is sexless, with very little regard to each other’s well-being: violent, angry, vicious. Hux is a master of banter and he is never shy of words, whenever they make for a perfect choice. He is flexible and strong (and also fragile, Kylo sees that in every elegant move, in the way General’s eyelashes move when he thinks before speaking). Kylo is a complete oposite, but also:
  10. Kylo is afraid of what he wants. He is afraid of himself, disturbed to the core (there’s something wrong with him, surely), because he wants to hurt General but also to be hurt by General, and his dreams might not be as sexy, but they often feature blood and darkness. 
  11. Kylo knows that he was never meant to be in love, so he substitutes it by hate, finding perfect reasons to: General’s stupid ginger hair, his ignorance of the force, the way he accepts what people talk behind his back. It is easy, it is familiar to Kylo to not be in love. It is slightly harder to explain it when something flutters in his gut that is definitely not food poisoning. 
  12. General Hux reserves his judgment over the boy in the same way he is never rushing to assess his troops. It is methodical and cold-hearted and almost impersonal. He is not surprised, he is not fascinated. But if all of that will make Kylo more manageable, then General is not going to stop him from pursuing an idiotic teenage crush.