postal sticker art

Today marks the halfway point of this adventure. Berlin was gorgeous and I’ve got a train to Prague in a couple hours.

I hope to be visiting a speakeasy we’ve heard about there, lots of pictures if I do.

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1/7/16. I love finding treasures like this in downtown Stroudsburg, PA. I’ve been taking photos of things like this in downtown Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg, PA since Feb. 2009 and almost all of those photos are at

This is on the back of a sign across from White Hall on Willey Street.

In the background, from right to left, is a Sorority house, a church, and a co-ed house for a campus religious group (I think). The tall brick building behind the sorority house is Hodges Hall, and the tall grey building in the very background of the picture is the Engineering Science Building on the Evansdale campus.