postal station

Entering the village of Peyroux can only be accomplished via The North Road, a challenging feat unless you’ve done it before. The more times you go to Peyroux, the easier it gets, as North becomes more familiar with you and your needs. Other hotspots within the Netherworld have their own unique entry points and environs, catering to the needs and desires of various creatures.

In the Sea

Traveling to Gardot, an underwater community, starts in The Lost Sea, an unchartable body of water that is found via dreams. Getting to the Sea’s shore can be accomplished with a Transmit to Lost spell, a nautical enchantment of moderate difficulty. Alternatively, drinking a glass of the Lost Sea’s water will bring you to its shores after you’ve had a good, long sleep. When you wake up, you will be on the beach, just out of the tide’s reach. Travelers without magic that do frequent business in Gardot often fill a few bottles of the Sea’s water before leaving, ensuring easy access for future journeys.

Low tides draw travelers into Gardot from the shore, while high tides bring them back. Depending on when you arrive, you might have to wait a handful of hours. There is a small self-service library to keep you entertained should you find yourself without a book.

Gardot is a bustling town, larger than Peyroux but far smaller than the mighty metropolis, Atlantis. An artistic community, Gardot boasts the largest number of sirens per capita in all the Netherworld. Impromptu concerts are common as friends greet each other, often triggering an entire street to burst into song.

Such songs generate storms, unleashing extremely powerful magical bursts through the surrounding waters. Gardot is built to easily withstand these maelstroms — any ship caught in the disturbance above, however, do not stand a chance

On the Moon

Comfortably settled on the moon, the Muenster Lunar Colony Bar & Grill is the center of technology in the Netherworld. Crossroads to the universe at large, the colony was designed and built by the architect Magma Hamilton Flamingo, gorgon, and her husband, the astrosorcerer Petrus Calderón, lich.

Designed as a colony, space restaurant, galactic rest stop, and trading post, the Muenster is primarily populated by gorgons, aether bats, and various space monsters. Undead are welcome, of course, but the distance from large concentrations of graveyards and mystic forests makes Muenster more of a vacation spot than a permanent home.

The filtering of raw sunlight into non-dangerous refracted moonlight was established by the colony’s chief architect, Ms. Flamingo. On Earth, the atmosphere filters out the harmful elements of solar energy, but on the moon or in space, light must be tempered. Special additives within all of the windows on Muenster ensure the safety and comfort to vampires and other solar sensitive creatures.

Getting to Muenster can be achieved via any technical or magical means that can transport you to the moon. It is one of the few structures present and most certainly the largest.

If you do not personally have the means to launch yourself into space, the Netherworld Post Office has dozens of giant aether bats on staff. Stopping by any postal station and paying a small fee will have you lunar bound in no time.

041216 - traditions

jimin: lighting a fire outside in the balcony and sitting down together while looking at the city lights by the fireside

taehyung: going to the postal station and writing “Santa” letters for kids in orphanages and sending packages of gifts for each orphanage 

yoongi: sitting down with him and his family and taking turns singing christmas songs in a room that’s only lit with the lights around the christmas tree

hoseok: drinking egg nog and drunkenly slow dancing while laughing in the kitchen late at night to slow christmas songs as it snows outside 

namjoon: staring out at the window and trying to count all the snowflakes that fall onto the window while he holds you and tells you poems about the unique attractions of each and every snowflake

seokjin: walking down a bakery shop street and staring at the golden pastries while admiring the lights and racing around 

jungkook: having a WII sports tournament with him and his family in a room full of laughs and shouts when someone wins or loses

I hate it when people say “ Why should I have to pay taxes? I don’t want to pay for OTHER’S healthcare, food stamps and public housing etc with MY taxes.”

Honey, everyone pays for everyone, just because you’re rich and can afford private healthcare and such doesn’t mean that we (the poor) aren’t paying taxes for your benefit too. Or did you not know that the fire department, police station, FDA, postal service, public libraries, railroads, bridges, homeland security, department of agriculture and CIA are paid with OUR taxes to help MY & YOUR community and state?? You don’t see me bitching about paying for your rich ass’s safety. Damn you guys are so selfish.