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Mini Hand Painted Clothespins

I’m so touched by all the emails coming in guys!  I appreciate the shout outs and high fives! 

As promised, here are the steps to make the mini clothespins I used in my Instagram photo display.  

Here are the supplies I used:

• mini clothespins (I got mine from Hobby Lobby)

• acrylic paint (any colors you want)

• paint brush (use a small brush so you can paint the mini details)

• piece of cardboard to clip the pins onto Now it’s time to paint!

* Make sure you wait for the base coat to dry before adding other colors.  Get creative with colors and designs!  There’s no wrong way to do this.  Just have fun.  Only rule is to wait until your hiccups finish…. I got a wicked bad case of the hiccups while I was working on this, but I was too stubborn to take a break… 

Not only are these great for hanging up photos but they are also handy for blocking out wicked bad smells…

I seem to be more cross-eyed on one side than the other …  Mini cross-eyed.

Have fun creating your own mini clothespins to hold up your photos!