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Which Discworld should you read first? Here have this friendly flowchart, start at the Upper left corner, the orange bubble.

My copy of the last yoi DVD arrived at my friend’s house in Japan *-* After sending a notice telling they wouldn’t include the bonus manga anymore and having me cursing for months, CDJapan included it anyway. I’m so confused, but happy and grateful to the universe (???) 

Paradise Lost Release Date!

Hey there, POSTAL fans! We here at Running With Scissors are delighted to announce that the wait for the upcoming DLC expansion pack for POSTAL 2 is coming to a close. Paradise Lost will be hitting Steam like a post-apocalyptic nuclear blast on April 17, 2015!

The Windows version will launch first with Mac and Linux versions to follow, along with the long overdue POSTAL 2 free updates for those platforms.

More information about the game will be revealed in the coming weeks, but just to whet your appetite: Paradise Lost is a full-fledged free roam experience with five days of gameplay and multiple errands per day. Prepare yourself for new characters, weapons, power ups, gameplay features, and the many twists and turns to come!

Oh, yeah, and the Dude’s original voice is back!