This couple is being charged $100 a day for the racist graffiti someone left on their home

  • On Jan. 14, the Stamford, Connecticut, home of Heather Lindsay and her husband Lexene Charles was defaced with racist graffiti — someone had spray-painted the word “n***er” across their garage door. 
  • Now, the couple is being fined $100 by the city — because they refuse to clean off the slur until the authorities “do their job,” as Lindsay told the Stamford Advocate on Monday.
  • After they found the slur on their metal garage door in January, Lindsay and Charles reported the graffiti to Stamford police. But the department told the Advocate they have no witnesses to the incident and that no security cameras in the neighborhood recorded it.
  • Ted Jankowski, Stamford’s director of public safety, told the Advocate police offered to remove the slur — but Lindsay and Charles said not to.
  • She told the Advocate she wants Stamford police to find the person, or people, responsible — and “not just cover it up and sweep it under the table as they have done in the past.”
  • But now, because of the couple’s refusal to remove the slur from their garage door, Lindsay and Charles have been issued a blight citation from the city — which comes with a fine of $100 a day. Read more (2/22/17 11:09 AM)

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