postage meters

Be Honest is my password

Once I had a really great penpal and they wrote the best postcards. Each postcard told a story and it was from their family or their life. Tonight I found a Craig Finn video with lyrics scrawled on postcards and I got to thinking about my old penpal and thought I could try my hand at writing postcards journal style.

Cleaned the kitchen and the stairs and returned overdue books to the library and dumped metered postage in the blue mail box instead of walking to the post office. Had happy hour drinks at the Florida Room and finished a crossword at the bar. Stopped by the bottle shop for fancy beers to bring home. Tried to find cheap flights for my bestie in the UK. I delved into blog drafts, dismissed my drunken half-finished thoughts, thought about pop culture magic and Fraggle Rock, listened to Craig Finn and thought about postcard and old friends, tripped over my cat on the way to the bathroom.