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It’s the first episode of the Social Media Show.

This week you’ll hear:

We discuss Facebook’s all-consuming social media presence and whether or not it’s a bit like a shit pub.

Also Mic reckons Facebook is a bit like the telephone; a communication tool that’s here to stay.

What about Twitter and getting into arguments with bullying? We talk about that too.

This podcast is NSFW, although the swears aren’t that bad. Apart from Mic the potty mouth.

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social media show 3 - the twittertroll, Levinson and old media
  • social media show 3 - the twittertroll, Levinson and old media
  • #socialmediashow

Mark (@postableltd) is joined by Ian (@ianstewart1985) and Mic (@brokenbottleboy).

On the agenda this week is one story, that of the “#twittertroll” and @tabloidtroll.

If you want to read about this, click below:

Dennis Rice and the @TabloidTroll Twitter account

To talk about this story, a story that involves libel, threats, the Levinson enquiry and the murky world of old media, we invited Tim (@bloggerheads), the writer of the above blog post.

To read about the Leveson Inquiry on Twitter, click here.

Tom Watson claims:

It appears @tabloidtroll is a former NoTW and Mail reporter who recently received an undisclosed sum from NI

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#socialmediashow - #2
  • #socialmediashow - #2

Social Media Show this week discusses the Chad Evans/Twitter case.

Download the audio here.

On the show this week are Mark Hunter (@postableltd), Mic Wright (@brokenbottleboy) & Ian Stewart (@ianstewart1985)

  • why has Twitter become a place where people feel anonymity equates to be able to break the law and say some pretty horrific things?
  • does ignorance of the UK’s rape laws excuse breaking said laws via Twitter?
  • can anonymity on Twitter be a good thing?
  • is bad behaviour via Twitter a UK problem?
  • is this bad behaviour a new thing, or is it just part and parcel of the ‘net?
  • check out Mic’s blog post “The Marshall Mathers LP is about the internet
  • is the fact that the press have “a hard on for Twitter” the reason the “public” are hearing about such instances of the Chad Evans case?
  • in other news, check out Mic’s articles on his blog, plus he’s been training people on how to deal with journalists…scary. The big idea is “never trust a journalist”. Ian has been building social media content for his company, namely Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and, shockingly, Google +
  • is Google+ going to amount to anything, and should the smart businesses be looking to have a proper presence on this piece of Google property?
  • Mark’s been to Paris with his wife, and he’s been running workshops for Postable, training people to use Facebook and YouTube. He’s been inspired to write a piece on whether social media is “the magic bullet”.
  • during the recording of #socialmediashow, we received a comment from @GlasgowOsteo using that hashtag on Twitter, read it here.
  • the guys have a chat about Google+’s facelift and how social search is growing in America
  • is it sensible to choose between Facebook and Google+, or should you always go for both as part of your social media strategy?

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Is social media too feminine, too dark, too enabling? - #socialmediashow 4
  • Is social media too feminine, too dark, too enabling? - #socialmediashow 4
  • #socialmediashow

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Mark (@postableltd) is joined by Ian (@ianstewart1985) and Mic (@brokenbottleboy).

This week we take issue with an article published in the Christian Science Monitor, and syndicated by ABC, which asked the following question:

“Social Media: Is It Too Feminine?”

We chew this over, pondering the following:

  • How do we express ourselves through social media, and is the whole idea behind social media “too feminine”?
  • Why do we feel compelled to share? Are women inherently more inclined to be mavens of social media?
  • What about the “thinspiration” movement evident on Pinterest and other streams of social media; is that playing up to a dangerous trend in young girls?
  • Does social media provide society with a means to express its darker side?
  • Is Twitter “like an amazing worldwide conference with the Hells Angels serving as security”?

#socialmediashow is looking for a “softer voice”; we want a woman who’s passionate and au fait with social media, and who has strong opinions to join us on the show.

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