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Jungkook smut where he gets jealous (you didn't do it on purpose, pls) and gives you a real hard spanking?

Hey, thanks for sending in this request, but we’re going to have to pass. We’re all for spanking kinks, but we’re not comfortable writing fics which encourage women being punished for male jealousy. (Consensual spanking = Yay! vs. Being spanked for something you have zero control over = No way.) Sorry! 

- Admins Slate & Rose Madder <3 

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Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you? Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, It's not your fault They won't take you to the vet You're obviously not their favorite pet Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, It's not your fault You may not be a bed of roses You're not a friend to those with noses I'll miss you before we're done Or the world will smell as one Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you? Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat It's not your fault

I’m quite confused

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What about bts living together and doing stupid stuff and then they start to ship each other. Like they make their mom and dad namjin jokes. Then actually taekook and yoonmin start to date but namjin were already dating. I really love your blog ♥

Oooooh this could be such a fun idea! Consider it done :) We have a few pieces that we’re writing at the moment, but we’ll be sure to do this as soon as possible! 

- Admins Slate & Rose Madder <3 

Pod vs Internal cockpit…

I’m having trouble deciding which one to use for Nightmare Panic…

Pod: allows for lower profile, eject capable, higher pilot protection(?)

Internal: taller, fatter torso, better center of gravity(?)

which one should I go with…?

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who in bts would be the little spoon or big spoon?

I think it depends who they’re spooning with, honestly. But in general, 

Big Spoons: 

  • Namjoon 
  • Yoongi
  • Jimin (I feel like he’d really want to be the big spoon given people tease him for his height)   

Little Spoons: 

  • Hobi
  • Jin (well, more like middle spoon because while you’re spooning him, he’d be spooning a mirror so he could look at himself lololol) 

Switch Spoons (Could Go Either Way):

  • Tae (I think he would love being cuddled as much as cuddling) 
  • Jungkook (I think he’d probably put up a fight, and want to be the “protective” type with his girlfriend so he’d be the bog spoon a lot, but he’d probably love being little spoon as much as possible tbh)

But, again, I think it depends who they’re cuddling and how they’re feeling, so… 

- Admin Rose Madder <3 

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Bless you, bless your art, bless your ideas, bless your loved ones, I am so happy you exist and that you did the things you did for the Battlebarn. Peace out.

my goodness this is… so sweet… thank u so much?????? thank u… this means so much….