Anti-NaruHina Argument: "The NaruHina pairing is all about Hinata and only cares about her."


As with all pairings it takes two to tango. The belief by a few people is that this pairing is one sided, and only Hinata will benefit. The argument against the NaruHina pairing is that it is all about Hinata, and what Hinata wants. This post will show that Naruto will also greatly benefit from this pairing.

If we look at some of Naruto’s needs (or wants), he wants acknowledgement from people, he wants to form bonds, he wants love in his life, and when he feels down and alone he wants someone he can rely upon. I will go through each of his wants, and show how a pairing with Hinata will greatly benefit him. Of course he has other wants, like he wants to become the greatest Hokage, he wants Susake back, and so on. Maybe Hinata can help with these as well, but I won’t cover them here. Plus I don’t think a single person should solve every need or want. People are too complex for that to happen.

Naruto seeks acknowledgement that is the main reason he wants to become Hokage. People ignored him when he was young, and even hated him. Naruto’s reaction to make people notice him, was to announce that he will become the greatest Hokage. He thought if he became Hokage, people will have to acknowledge him. However, he did not know that someone was already acknowledging him. There was this shy, weird girl who knew his strength, and did not hate him. She actually admired him, and wanted to stand by his side, but she could only chase him. Little did Naruto know that if he had stopped and looked around, he would find her, this little girl who was trying to give him something that he was always seeking. Naruto seeks acknowledgement, he didn’t want to be ignored. We all know his reaction (from chapter 615) when he finally realized that there was someone out there who was *always* by his side.

Naruto wants to be loved. He lost his parents when he was born; he was born in a village that hated the thing in him, and thus hated him. Now that he has saved the village, everyone wants to talk with him and become friends with him. Naruto deserves someone who loved him for his attributes before he became popular. The attributes of never giving up, to keeping to his word. He doesn’t need someone loving him because he saved the village. He needs someone who loves him for what he is, so that if something does go wrong, he won’t need to think, “will I still be loved”. Out of all the girls in the village, the most likely one to love Naruto during the hard times is Hinata.

Naruto wants to forms unbreakable bonds; bonds he can keep forever. He will try everything possible to keep a bond alive. Naruto formed a bond with Hinata with the blood promise, and every time they meet the bond keeps on getting stronger. Hinata wants to form a bond with Naruto. The bond they have is something that neither wants to break, this is a bond, which he can keep.

There were two times that Hinata helped Naruto when he was feeling down. One was just before the fight against Neji, and the other when Neji died. When Naruto was feeling alone and the weight of the world on his shoulders, Hinata had reached out and pulled him out of his depression. Hinata has supported and helped Naruto when he had lost all confidence in himself. How is this pairing all about Hinata, when Naruto gets so much out of this relationship.

A pairing is always a two-way street. Naruto gets many benefits from this pairing. The main attribute about this pairing that I like the most, is that if Naruto ever thinks back, he will see a little, blue haired girl who not only acknowledged his existence, but also stumbled, strived and fought through life, so that she could stand beside him. Hinata is a person that not only complements Naruto but also made him realize that he was never alone. Something, he had always wanted.

Giving Your Soul || Markus+Nylah

On the evenings where initiations took place, the Devil’s Den would be closed. Regardless of the fact that the ceremony took place in the establishment’s lower levels, all members needed to attend. Adarna already informed him that a female Darkling sought to join their family and the deadline for her task was in a few hours. Markus knew who the girl was; he’d been the one to lead her in Seryth’s direction. Just as he assumed, Nylah took the bait and tonight he’d welcome her to his organization.

The demon prince had been in his office when he was informed of Nylah’s arrival. To his surprise, Markus was greeted by the young female’s battle-ridden appearance. She was almost covered head to toe with dark, red ichor and her skirt had been in shreds, exposing her flesh. As he observed her, an odd sensation curdled in the pit of his stomach; an emotion he hadn’t felt in centuries. “Varro.” He directed his attention to a goon. “Take the skull, boil the skin off, and place it in my chambers." 

His gaze fell back to Nylah and a slight grin colored his features. "You’ve done well, Darkling, but I’m afraid I haven’t been totally honest with you upon our first meeting. I am no mere member of his organization. I am it’s leader, Markus Burkes.” He snapped his fingers in the direction of a young witch near the bar. “Wylla, get her cleaned up and into a ceremonial robe. A crimson one. You have ten minutes."