luke is so fucking interesting and like i always thought that but lately like in recent interviews hes been more open and talked more about himself and his life and it just makes me love him even more like i wanna hear about how he felt when he left australia and the story of his first kiss and how he felt at his first concert and im just constantly in awe of him as a person and how hes developing and what he chooses to share w people and idk it just makes it all more real to me that he is a boy out there with a past and a life that i know so little about but i want to know so much about him i want to know everything and i want to be there with him experiencing things

honestly I must be following the right blogs bc I see no drama on my dash??? like I see people talking about seeing the drama but I don’t see it idk

Dear N, 

I swear I thought I loved you back then, but once you told me those three words, I found the same words caught in my throat and was quick to swallow. I don’t love you and I’m sorry I let you fall for me. 

- D