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I have family in NE and my cousin, my brother, and I would always want to get Lobsters when we were little. My brother would want to set them free into the lake, I would always want to listen to the 'screaming' when they're being boiled, and my cousin didn't care as long as he got to eat them, and she would console my brother who would cry over the 'lobster screams' while I told him they're not actually screaming and to shh and I think that's also representative of Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus.

if i was your mother i’d be mildly concerned abt the both of you but i also related bc one time when my family went to a beach house with my aunt’s friends, they were fishing and i got upset and put one of the fish back into the water and got in trouble

Az arcodat

vizsgálnám, de hátat fordítasz.
Mosatlan edényekre irányítod
a figyelmed egyik síkját. Hátha
természetesebbnek hat a tányérok
és evőeszközök közé préselt együttlét.

A figyelmed másik síkján talán én vagyok.
Beszélek, mert minden mozdulatod
feleletre szólít, mondásra köteleznek
feltűrt ingujjaid.

Az egyik kezeddel a csapot nyitod,
a másikkal túl korán gyűröd a szivacsot.
Nem tudom, észleled-e, hogy észre
vettem a tenyeredben az időeltolódást.

Tovább beszélnék, de hirtelen megfordulsz
és a mondatok elakadnak valahol.
Most rajtad a sor. Beszélsz, hallgatom.
Ám a jelentéseimbe forduló hangalakjaidon
keresztül sem jutok hozzád közelebb,

mert minden megértésem akadálya
és minden zavart örömöm forrása
az arcod, amibe csak belezuhanni
tud a tekintet, ha felé fordítod.

Balázs Katalin

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I started my tailwheel flying on Friday and let me tell you I underestimated the challenge alot.

in my Grumman, the Skyhawks, and the Cherokees, I can pretty much mash my way into anywhere in any wind conditions, regardless of field length, width, or condition.

the luscombe, or any 40s taildragger, are absolutely unforgiving. there are no built in shortcuts or helping hands. the tail is not canted to one side for left turning tendencies, the engine mount is not angled for prevention of p-factor, and the ailerons are not optimized for preventing adverse yaw in turns.

the big ol rudder has lots of muscle and is so easy to over control as the nose (with a mind of its own) dances down the runway on the takeoff roll. the landing gear is stiff, and just when you think your gently placing the mains on the ground she bounces back into the air!

learning this plane is a challenge of my flying skill and something I haven’t felt in a while. I’m looking forward to mastering the tailwheel

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(Poseid-anon), i can totally see where you're coming from; i know that for me, i sort of side with the notion that even if an individual -- divine or not -- could mentally connect with a fish, they'd most likely have too primitive of a mindset to truly /talk back/, you feel? it'd be more like raw feelings, images, and instincts gathered than coherent sentences. now, more complex things like octopi and marine mammals? imagine the mental conversations at the local aquarium

can imagine him standing in front of an aquarium talking to some sea creature and everyone’s just like ?? who is this man ?? and what is he doing

You Are Not Your GPA: An Open Letter to the Stressed Student

By: Brian Z.

We’ve both been there: It’s two in the morning and you’re up studying for that big exam tomorrow. You would much rather be sleeping, so why are you up?

If you’re like me, it’s because your professor piled on the material and your notes look like hieroglyphs. Then, your teacher tells you, “Before the day of the test, make sure you get a good night’s sleep.” Sleep? Yeah, like that’s going to happen. I have an exam to stress out over!

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