Fairy Tail Chapter 545 : Nalu confession?

Hey! I recently have been on social media a lot more and on Instagram a lot of people have been upset with Hiro for the scene between Natsu and Lucy. I was too at first whenever I saw it without translations but, with translations it make’s sense. A LOT OF SENSE. It may not be fully-canon but here comes something I have at the end to tell you. First off let’s start off with the beginning of the scene. 

First off take a moment to realize, Lucy had a hang-over. She wakes up and we see her look over at something and guess who has a chair pulled up near her.

Natsu stayed there with her the whole night to make sure she was okay in the morning. 

This confirms it more whenever she remembers everything she did. Natsu carried her home. HE changed her. She slept with them for a while most likely. Happy also said “Lucy is ashamed of herself.” Natsu defends her and says “Don’t say that, Happy…” He didn’t ask Lucy for permission for the job, just saying. HE SAID come on, so the permission thing will be in a few minutes.. anyways Lucy begins having memories and she get’s emotional. 

She is crying so hard, she remembered everything when he mentioned Job. It made her remember how she got to this point. How she was free. How she had family. 

She hugs him and we see many tears. She is expressing love through Gratitude and Thankfulness. Natsu is stunned, you can tell how wide his eyes are. 

You see Natsu uncertain on what to do exactly. He looks at happy but you can tell he’s concerned about her. Happy is too. 

Whenever she said all that, you could tell he understood what she meant. He was about to tell her something to, because he held onto her arms for a second and you saw her face zoomed out slightly and she said “Eh…. Wai-” She was about to say wait but then her face got zoomed to her closing her eyes and making a hmmm- sound. I think Natsu was about to kiss her but, she didn’t know how to react since she never kissed anyone before so he was afraid he upset her.. so then we saw this.

Natsu stopped himself and said “We should get to work!!!” and Happy agreed. Lucy was like HEEEEEEEH!!? Confused for a second since he stopped. LUCY says “When people think you’re going to do something interesting.. you….” *coughs* A KISS *coughs* Natsu responds with “It’s Ok. We’ll be together forever from now on.” Which to me was a love confession. For one we saw her blush super hard and I felt like it was Natsu’s way to do it. How I know this is look at this scene :

Gajeel didn’t say “I love you.” In his confession but he did say “I really did….want to walk with you… side by side FOREVER.”

Natsu said “We’ll be together FOREVER from now on.” Lucy blushed harder from the comment as well. Natsu knew what she meant.

In the first panel of the next page Lucy was like “Wait a minute! I still didn’t finish packing my bag..” Natsu packed her BAG FOR HER. What a sweetheart! Literally. Not to mention Happy or Natsu put ero-panties in there. ;) 

There was also the scene about permission, it could of been Natsu basically telling Lucy his feelings because he doesn’t have to get permission from Lucy to go on a job. She goes on a job with them NO MATTER what. 

Not to mention they are going on A 100-YEAR QUEST… So then the end page looked like this..

HONESTLY the ending was WAY TOO OPEN for it to be an ending. I think we all possibly know’s what this means. Like I said, Hiro made tweets saying how even though the original is over that it doesn’t mean fairy tail is over and that he has various projects planned. One of the projects was about the anime of course but, I think this means he is continuing the story and it will show them do the 100 year quest. I have a feeling about this because, Rave Master had a different ending from this. I know they are two seperate mangas but, you all said “She is clearly a shounen ending.” Rave Master was also a Shounen manga. The manga ended with Elie and Haru kissing and a time skip to show them getting married. There was a one chapter story after that showing their child. The ending suggests more will come for fairy tail and my prediction is :

We will see all of them going on the 100-year-quest. Something tramautic happens in the middle of the quests something similar to this scene in rave master (instead it’ll be Natsu and Lucy, and yes I am predicting the future of Nalu by a future story, do not hate or judge please. <3) 

Natsu will be taken away from these bad guys and basically I feel like the 6 of them (Erza, Gray, Wendy, Happy, Carla, and Lucy) will abandon to quest momentarily and save Natsu and when that happens… something similar to this could happen :

Which is a kiss which I kinda think could happen and then we see them all walking back to the guild and then we some words like this chapter, telling about life and stuff… then we would sees something similar to this : 

Or Hiro could be just making us make the ending ourselves. Letting us decide what happened and what we want to happen. We will find out, the 26th when it officially releases but when it does, I can assure you whatever happens and whatever Hiro is making we will certainly like.

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