Is anyone gonna talk about how Josh has outright flirted with Maya three times!?!?! (The whole ”You grew up gorgeous” & the flirty subway convo about dungeons of sadness + “I guess I have to stop looking at you like that.”) Like damn boy.…I really hadn’t realized until now that Josh was the one flirting cuz Maya’s usually the one to be so forward with him. 

And then all we get from Lucas is: “I don’t know I just wanted you to stop!” and the: “You know anything about sports?” + his weird winky smile laugh while saying “Yeah?” when ‘flirting’ with Riley.

Idk if it’s just me but that kid struggles with the act of being flirtatious. Even though everyone claims Lucas to be a fuckboy, he really has no game lmao. 

Just something I’ve noticed that really cracks me up. I’m not trying to target any ships but more like praise Josh on his smoothness. (Cuz literally any other episode he’s been in, he’s been flirting with some girl, whether it be Maya, Sophie, or that red-headed chick in Tell Tale Tot who’s name I can’t remember). 

Imagine holding a small Christmas party for Seventeen after their concert where you guys exchanged presents and had an overall great time.

BONUS: After receiving Woozi’s present, you opened it only to realize that he got you something you’ve been wanting for a while now. You looked at him in disbelieve because you didn’t thought he’ll remember about it before pulling him into a hug to show your gratitude.