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A Stupid Way to come up with Original Characters and Stories (That Somehow Works)
  • Find a character from a work you admire. Any media will do, but Children’s media works the best.
  • Ask yourself a few questions about the character in question. I don’t have a complete list, and the questions are likely going to vary, and most of this is coming off the top of my head, but yeah, here are a few suggestions.
    • Was there anything about this character that ticked you off? Maybe this character did something that you thought was ooc? Or maybe this character is too perfect and could use a few more flaws.
    • Does the medium or genre prevent the character from performing certain actions? Furthermore, do certain aspects of the characters life, including sex, gender, social status, and age prevent this character from acting in a certain way?
    • Is there something you want to see the character do that you know will never happen in the show?
    • And finally, is there anything you want to change about this character?
  • Rant to yourself or to tumblr about everything the show apparently did wrong. Constantly switch between getting mad at yourself for nitpicking a show you love and being mad at the work itself for not being 100% perfect. 
  • Scream into a pillow, make yourself some hot cocoa, eat a full dinner, and then take a hot shower. 
  • Get out a sketchpad or a word document or anything else you use to brainstorm and start drawing and or writing about the character in the show. But write the character the way you think they should be, as opposed to the way their presented in canon. 
    • Take into account that changing some aspects of your character will effect the story in some pretty big ways, especially if what you changed is an action the character performed. Maybe that Magical Princess ran away at a young age under the stress of becoming queen before joining a gang and ultimately becoming a crime boss? Maybe that Alien supervillain can be reformed by showing them the good things about the planet Earth. When you change an aspect of a story, justify the change by having it affect every other aspect of the story. Whatever you do, though, don’t handwave the change. Instead embrace it… those changes are where the heart of your story lies.
    • Don’t be afraid to add in elements from other works of fiction other than the one you’ve chosen. Most of the plot elements of Gravity falls and Rick and Morty, for example, are just similar enough to make a meeting between Ford Pines and Rick Sanchez possible. 
  • Look over your work and note just how far you’ve drifted from canon. If you’ve changed the idea enough, it should feel kinda alien to the original work. If it’s too similar, then if might be a good idea to repeat the previous steps.
    • Some of the things to note include tone, genre, level of obscenity, and target demographic. Considering how fanworks typically go, we almost unconsciously make dark shows light and fluffy and light and fluffy shows dark and gritty. This can be a good thing when done right.
    • The humour of the work will also depends on the type of humour you feel comfortable writing. Sometimes your humour will be almost exactly like the original work, and sometimes it’ll be drastically different. Aim for the latter.
    • If you added in elements from another work of fiction, then certain patterns are inevitably going to be formed. using the Rick and Morty/ Gravity Falls fandom above, one can’t help but make Ford and Rick foils of each other; two interdimensional science dorks, but one has a stronger sense of morality. The character reactions between the two of them is dripping with potential that we’ll never see in canon, because these two shows air on different networks and are aimed at different target demographics.
  • If necessary, repeat the process again, but this time apply this to your version of the character. Continue until your happy with what you have.
  • Finally, rename the characters, and if you’re an artist, re-draw them as well. The new names and designs should reflect the character you wrote, not the character you were inspired by. 
  • And bam, you just made something original. 

Now obviously, this isn’t the only way to make characters or write stories… artists tend to draw from real life just as often as they reference other works of fiction. But the great thing about this process is that it depends entirely on your own personal interpretation of not only the work of fiction in question, but also of how the world around you works. I believe that we, as humans, are natural complainers and nitpickers, constantly believing ourselves to be the sole authority on how the world should work. On one hand, it might be easy to just rant about it and call it a day, but I believe these rants hold quite a lot of creative potential. Writing isn’t about coming up with something wholly new and original… story telling is pretty much limited to the human experience, and we’ll always fall back on something familiar (note the tropeless tale)… instead, its about writing about the familiar in a new way.


All you need to know about tvtropes is that it has a page called “Black Vikings” that is defined as, I quote, “Having a Token Minority in a historical setting where it doesn’t make sense” and “A subtrope of Politically Correct History” that not only had a Real Life section that mentioned that there were black vikings, but also it took them years to realize that allowing Real Life examples made no sense for the “point” they were trying to make.

bold what applies to your muse!

Just a few of tropes from tvtropes. They are (hopefully) linked correctly if you want to read up on them. Feel free to add more!

Asskicking Equals AuthorityMama Bear / Respected by the Respected / Cut a Slice, Take the Rest / Half-Human Hybrid / Achilles’ Heel / Nigh-Invulnerability / Soul Jar / Kryptonite Factor / Involuntary Shapeshifter / Voluntary Shapeshifting / Kaleidoscope Eyes / Asshole Victim /  Anti-Hero / Ideal Hero / Kill All Humans / Organic Technology / Ridiculously Human Robots / Become a Real Boy / Ambiguous Robots / Magical Eye(s) / Magic Music / Lady of War / Expressive Hair / Spoiled Sweet / Battle Ballgown / Cute Bruiser / Cheerful Child / Rapunzel HairDark Action Girl / Mind Virus / Theme Music Power-Up / Epiphany Therapy / Rich BitchAloof Big Brother / Stalker with a Crush / Driven by Envy / Always Second Best / I LiedBig Brother Instinct / Fake Memories / Shell-Shocked Veteran /  Jerk with a Heart of Gold / Noble Demon / The Power of Love / The Love Slap of Epiphany / The Power of Friendship / Good Thing You Can Heal / The Power of HateRemember That You Trust Me / Dark Is Not Evil / Lovable Alpha Bitch / Split Personality TakeoverDying Alone / Heroic Sacrifice / Loners Are Freaks / Go Mad from the Isolation / NEET / Do Not Taunt Cthulhu / Curb-Stomp Battle / Cry for the Devil / Cradle of Loneliness / Desperately Craves Affection / Hates Being Touched / Because You Were Nice to Me / No Sense of Personal Space / Et Tu, Brute? / Go Out with a Smile / Artificial Limbs / Apocalypse Maiden / Enemy Within / Badass / Freakiness Shame / Abusive Parents / Defied Trope / Fluffy Tamer / Nightmare Fetishist / Bad Dreams / Talking in Your Sleep / Death Seeker / The Dreaded / All of the Other Reindeer / Heroes Prefer Swords / One-Man Army / Lightning Bruiser / Sanity Slippage / Roaring Rampage of Revenge / White Hair, Black Heart / Light Is Not Good / Unstoppable Rage / Too Clever by Half / Younger Than They Look / Older Than They Look / Well-Intentioned Extremist / Smug Super /  When She Smiles / Bad Powers, Good People / Big Brother (Sister) Worship /  Emotionless Girl / 100% Adoration Rating / 0% Approval Rating / Magical Girl / Laughing Mad / My God, What Have I Done? / Sickeningly Sweethearts / Ill Girl / Bandage Babe / Too Good for This Sinful Earth / Brilliant, but Lazy / Motor Mouth / Beauty Mark Psychopathic Manchild / Voice of the Legion / Mad ScientistOur Zombies Are Different / A-Cup Angst / The Hedonist / Big Breast Pride / Absolute Cleavage / Blue Blood / Cold-Blooded Torture
Elsewhere University (Web Original) - TV Tropes

6 months ago, I made this TV Tropes page for Elsewhere University. Since then, the EU fan community has grown a lot; by now there’d be hundreds or even thousands of people who follow this blog but are unaware of the page, and I’m sure some of them have TV Tropes accounts. 

If any tropers reading this could spare some freely given time and energy to help improve or expand this blog’s tropewise documentation, I’d really appreciate it. The page hasn’t been edited since June, and it’s nowhere near complete, so every bit helps. 

  • Archie Comics has been adapted into a gritty teen drama. Which I am not actually watching, but…
  • Betty and Veronica” is what tvtropes calls the thing where a character has one safe, wholesome love interest and one interesting, dangerous love interest.
  • On the show, there is apparently a nonzero amount of gay between the actual Betty and actual Veronica.

Taken together, this all leads to the following entry on the Riverdale tvtropes page:

For Betty, Archie should be her Betty and Veronica her Veronica, but Archie’s secrets make him less safe than Betty expected, while Veronica is unfailingly kind and supportive, which would mean that Archie is the Veronica and Veronica is the Betty.

…which is amazing, and I am elated that thirteen billion years of universe and millennia of human history have culminated in somebody writing that paragraph.

That is all.

Sormik Tvtropes 46

Indirect Kiss

(suggested by @fairyetc

“Issues of physical contact taken to a logical extreme. The surprise is when someone is offered food or drink by someone they like, then realizes that swapping spit residue is similar to a kiss, albeit indirectly.”

Interestingly, the Tvtropes page doesn’t mention Japan or anime specifically in their description, but I’ve found this trope to be more prevalent in that context. In season 2 of Tales of Zestiria the X, Sorey and Mikleo share from the same spoon of pumpkin mousse, which certainly qualifies as an indirect kiss!

not sure what it says about me that as I’m working on chapter 16 of the Xenomorph Fic, I keep thinking of things like “what if this was a TvTropes page?”
And then I start thinking of what tropes I’m actually using.
And add at least one more.
Except whether it actually lives up to the trope or not remains to be seen.

Seriously though, I feel like I’m probably not the only author out here who wonders what their fic would be like on tvtropes.