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i wish hermione and ginnys relationship was touched on a little bit more. idk i love the thought of them sharing a room whenever hermione visits the burrow and staying up late talking about feminism and reading books next to each other and hermione patiently listening to ginny ramble on about rumors and gossip that’s happening in her year group and hermione giving advise to ginny and vise versa and idk i just love the thought of ginny and hermione just being normal teenage girls

Es muy difícil aparentar que estás bien cuando en realidad por dentro tu mundo se desmorona…

y’all. riley doesn’t want lucas to try out for the football team bc last time she encouraged lucas to do something (ride tombstone the bull) she found out something that messed everything up and she’s worried that something else will happen and lucas will leave her for good.

“nobody will love you until you love yourself” is such a hurtful and untrue concept. you have wonderful qualities and even if you can’t see them, others will. having people in your life who recognize those good qualities and radiate a positive perception of you in the interactions you have with them is so important to building self love and letting go of harmful ideas you acquired about yourself! surround yourself with people who appreciate you and love you for all that you are. try to take positive comments you receive as real reflections of how you are. even when you feel terrible about yourself, all the great things the people in your life see in you are still very much there, but self love and acceptance really can’t be found through thinking that if you can’t at this time see yourself in a caring and loving light nobody else will, because that’s just not true. your current self perception does not determine your worthiness of being loved, appreciated and cared for by others!

Sugar✧Net’s Art & Writing Commissions

Hello, so I am officially opening commissions! ;o;


Hi, my name is Dominique. I am a 17 year old American (Hawaii based) artist. I have decided to start commissions because I am not able to get an official job in my current situation, and I need a way to make money. These commissions will last until late June and will start up again in late July because of a school related issue.

All payment must be done through paypal (paypal is If you have any questions, feel free to IM/PM here, or email me at

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I am willing to take commissions for both digital art and writing. The actual post itself is rather long, so all details will be provided under the readmore/cut. Links to examples of my writing and my artwork will also be posted below.

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BTS as things my best friend and I have said

Yoongi: I keep hearing my bones crack when I move. I swear it’s like I’m a rice crispy. Every day snap, crackle, pop!

Taehyung: *hyperventilating* HOMOSEXUAL DINOSAURS

Namjoon: Fine wine you twat!

Hoseok: Oh sure, everybody wants to have crazy tree sex

Jin: At this rate, being friends with you is going to require me having to get Life Alert

Jungkook: The fact that we just talked about dicks for a solid hour says something about our friendship

Jimin: Hah! You just made the greatest bun pun of all time, ASSumption! *laughs very hard