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Job Interview Revenge.

So about 5 years ago I had a meeting in Beverly Hills. I flew in from Canada (my residence at the time) because this partner company was so important to our development in a product we were releasing. I prepared for about 2 weeks with our team and made the client aware that I was traveling abroad and looking forward to the 2 hours we had to go through fine details. Everything was confirmed, everyone was excited.

I landed in LA the day before, prepped, drove across town about 2 hour morning commute. Got to his office and sat in the waiting room while the admin told me he would be along shortly. I sat and sat…and sat. Finally she came out and told me that “Lou” had another meeting come up and apologized but couldn’t make it. She would be happy to take any materials I had so he could review.

I reiterated how far I had traveled, that it was confirmed (at great expense) on several occasions. She said “so sorry”.

He never showed up and then didn’t respond to an email I sent for about 2 weeks where I showed my disappointment.

His response was one curt line explaining his no-show.
*“When my CEO calls me, I go. Sorry.”*

I later found out from people in our industry that he is a self important douchebag and that this is typical behavior. Nobody likes him, and he got to his position because of family. It turned out we didn’t need his company and their competitor proved to be a great partner (silver lining).

Fast forward to a year ago…I am now the “interviewing boss” in my current company (same line of business) and we were hiring for a VP role out of NY. Wouldn’t you know it his resume ended up in my desk. I told our admin (the entire back story) and to make sure to book the interview, he didn’t know it was me that was first interviewer.

He told her that he would love to interview in LA where he lives, but unfortunately we said that he would have to make his way to NY if he was truly interested.

Well I guess he was. He flew all the way to NY and drove out to Long Island where my admin made him wait for 1 hour before informing him that I was unfortunately unable to make it and we would have to reschedule. So Sorry. I was chuckling about this from my office (In LA).

He emailed me and was VERY UPSET, to which I did not respond for a week (I couldn’t wait a whole 2 weeks).

My response was verbatim, “Apologies, but when my CEO calls, I go. Sorry”
I expected a long winded email back from him, but no - he simply said “F*ck You”. It made me so happy and our company still laughs about it.
He also is still not working…he is “consulting”. jobless a**hole. He is still despised by our entire industry.

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Bay Window, man. What an episode. I have a lot of thoughts and feels about it. Like, how the bit about Maya’s dad leaving majorly pulled at my heartstrings (Baby!Maya’s “don’t yell”…Welp, that hurt more than expected) or how the Rilaya in this episode was absolutely beautiful. At the end of the day, it is the crux of the show, and I think this was a nice reminder of that as we head into the unquestionably messy season of feelings. Or how this episode was basically one big giant ball of foreshadowing of the angst to come in season 3. “I hear people drift apart in high school.” “Maya, how could that ever happen”. Ouch. The foreshadowing, it hurts. It hurts so much.

But, I just want to focus on one thing in particular ATM.

Riley’s Princess Dreams & the Concept of “Prince Lucas”

Riley: “I’m dreaming of a hero.”
Maya: “Riley, have some dignity, woman.”
Riley: “Who will treat me like a princess.”
Farkle: “Like me.”
Riley: “Not you.”
Farkle: “Okay”
Riley: “And he’ll be my handsome prince and I’ll love him. “
Maya: “Like a brother.”
Farkle: “No, the other.”
Riley: “Farkle.”
Farkle: “Okay.”

Now, setting aside the high key Riarkle for a minute (Which is hard because, I mean, she wants a hero…Farkle saves her life. She says her prince will be handsome…she calls Farkle handsome in the very same episode. Like, the writers are not even being subtle anymore. Riarkle is rising and the fact that there are people who don’t see it is mind-boggling.) 

Anyways, setting that aside for a minute, I want to focus on Rilucas and what this episode means for them. 

This episode makes it pretty clear (for anyone who hasn’t quite caught on yet) that Rilucas is, quite literally, a manifestation of Riley’s childhood dreams (based on the corpanga fairytale) that she will ultimately need to overcome in order to grow as a person (IMO spelling the end of romantic!Rilucas, but I’ll get to that.)

Baby!Riley sees Big!Lucas and starts singing about her handsome prince before hoping into his arms (nice bit of hat tipping to her falling into his lap on the subway). Obviously, this is meant to hammer home the fact that Riley sees Lucas as the prince to her 7 year old Princess dreams. And arguably, that’s not really something most people question, anyways. But, what people do question is whether this princess dream is a solid foundation pointing towards endgame Rilucas or if it’s simply a stepping stone in Riley’s growth as a person and as a potential romantic interest for someone else (i.e. ”Let what we had make you ready for something.”) 

Now, here’s the thing. Actual, mature relationships are not built on Princess fairytales (not in the world of Michael Jacobs anyways) and the writers are literally highlighting, bolding and underlining the fact that Riley’s feelings for Lucas are based on a childhood notion of being a princess in search of a prince (This is not to say that Rilucas don’t have legitimate feelings for each other, because they do. They like each other romantically. There is no brother/sister thing going on here, no matter what Baby!Maya says. What I’m focusing on is the initial basis for those feelings on Riley’s part and the ideals to which she continues to hold her relationship with Lucas). Anyways, this is not sustainable in the long run, nor is it any basis for a solid, grown-up relationship….UNLESS (and this is a big unless) Riley lets go of her Princess dreams and stops looking at Lucas as the Prince dropped down in New York to sweep her off her feet and save her. The only way Rilucas can become a serious, mature (within reason…this is Disney after all) thing is if Riley learns to accept that there are things about Lucas that are not “Princely”. Riley will need to stop putting Lucas and her relationship on a pedestal (a la GMT “The hero I know you are”) and start seeing him as he is. A good guy, but a flawed human being nonetheless. She has to accept that he’s willing to get physical to defend his friends (”We don’t like it when you get like this”). She has to accept that he’s got a side to him that isn’t quite as polished as she thought when they rode that white horse (also, liked the white horse and unicorn in the background of the aformentioned scene. Nice touch.)

This is absolutely essential for Rilucas to develop into something real and long-lasting.

But here’s the thing, I don’t think it’s going to and I think this bit makes that clear.

Cory: “People get comfortable with what’s familiar.
Topanga: “And when you get too comfortable you don’t allow yourself to grow.”
Cory: “The worst thing you can do is fold your arms and refuse to accept what’s gonna come anyway.”
Lucas: “Hey, Riley. Is that my boot? Can I please have that back.”
Riley *holding Lucas’ boot & her bear in her arms*: “No.”

This says it all. It’s such blatant foreshadowing that it barely needs explaining. 

Riley is comfortable with the concept of Prince Lucas & Rilucas. She’s comfortable with it and she’s holding onto it, arms folded around it, so much so that she’s stifling herself and her own growth. By holding onto the concept of Lucas, by holding on so tightly to the triangle in GMHS, Riley isn’t allowing herself to grow and it isn’t untill she lets it go… Lucas as a concept, Rilucas as her version of the “Corpanga” ideal, etc, that she’ll be able to grow as a romantic individual (Presumably followed by an opening of her eyes to her Farkle feels, but I digress).

Topanaga goes onto say that it’s okay to make a space to create new memories, but to keep the old ones somewhere where you can revisit them. And as she says that, she takes Riley’s bear and Lucas’ boot. 

Because that’s what romantic!Rilucas will eventually become. A fond childhood relic. A memory that maybe she’ll want to revisit one day, but a memory nonetheless. That’s what’s going to happen. Riley’s refusing to accept that now, but it’s “gonna come anyways”. 

Let’s just say, I look forward to the scene where Lucas finally gets his boots back. :)

(Also…unrelated note, but Grown!Riley in a turtleneck and Grown!Maya in red plaid. Plaid you could question maybe, but that turtleneck? Like I said, the writers aren’t even being subtle anymore.)

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Unrelated to this blog, but

A few? Years? Ago I made a joke post here about finally getting a “girlfriend” then posting a picture of a Sailor Moon body pillow. Anyway a couple of people messaged me saying while they got the joke, for a split second they were happy for me before they saw the photo, lmao. So, on that note, for anyone interested:

I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for 7 months now and my partner finally had the opportunity to come and see me down here, so we’re spending a week together across Valentine’s Day. I really, really love them and they love me and that’s the first time I’ve been able to really say that about someone (romantically). I never thought I could be this happy and comfortable with someone. I am very content!! They are wonderful person, a beautiful person, and a very skilled and hardworking person. They help make me better and I’d do anything for e’m  💪 so send them lots of good vibes!

I hope you have a good Valentine’s Day if you partake and a relaxing weekend Sunday if you don’t. It’s a good time (as is any) to reflect on your Sailor Moon OTPs and the fluffy, gooey goodness that binds them together.

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