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Don’t change for a guy. NEVER change for a guy. I can not stress this enough. No guy is worth that. Find the guy who enjoys you and your flaws. I promise you that person is there and you will feel a whole of a heck of a lot better that he adores you for being yourself. Besides, why would you want to change your unqiuely amazing personality for a guy who has the personality of a coqui frog(loud and undiscernable from the millions of others around him)? Keep on glowing babies

Shout out to people who followed me for my YouTuber art and put up with my endless reblogs with nothing to do with the YouTube community.

Y'all are the real followers that matter to me.

You don’t necessarily get to choose who you fall in love with. You don’t get to choose who makes you stutter when you talk to them for the first time. You don’t get to choose who makes your cheeks burn & turn bright red. You hope they don’t notice you staring but that one day when you look & they were already looking makes you just want to smile & your heart goes crazy. You don’t get to choose who makes your hands sweaty because you’re so nervous around them. You don’t get to choose who gives you butterflies at the thought of them or the mention of their name. Who you fall in love with is completely up to fate. But when you fall in love with them you can’t be anything but happy, because they are your happy & they are finally yours.
—  Aves Jordyn

@baekhyun-mochi-cheeks tagged me a few days ago to post some selfies and I finally got the courage to do it !!!! hi, it’s me feat. my chubby cheeks ^^

tagging my cute friends: @dumbts @jiminsfox @saltysehunho @tenderloveforyou @suho420 @yixing1991 @chanyeolsoo @bbhsoo @lemonpcy 

Weigh in!

start weight : 200lbs Feb 11

last week : 192.6lbs March 16

this week : 188.2lbs March 23

I’m actually really surprised to see the scale move down so much, as this is period week and I’ve been so bloated all week, but I’m definitely not complaining! I’m loving the 180s and refuse to go back to the 190s!!!


i doodled the first one on my ds the other day and then i remembered that i made one pretty similar to it sometime last week or the week before so here they are

follow me for more average art of myself facing the left


i dare you….. to validate me

bluhh i was sorta pleased with folks moving away from “nondisordered”

“disordered” just seems like such… a rough word, yeah? plus, states of disorder/health are super dependent on context. like, there are aspects to classical DID and OSDD-1 that are certainly inherently disorderly, definitely, but there are aspects of “disorder” that get pushed in from the outside (if folks are told to deny their multiplicity instead of communicate, the compounding stress from ableism, etc.) that even endogenic systems can face.

and if a system with DID eventually approaches their personal definition of health/nondisorder, i feel like they very well can still claim ‘DID’, since the model inherently allows for its “recovered” forms? (esp as “non-fusion” gets seen as more valid of an endpoint by therapists) which feels very different than a situation like ours, who never fit any point of the model in the first place

we just use non-DID/OSDD-1 nowadays, because there is a specific, concrete model of “DID multiplicity” that we’re pushing against – its causes, its presumed “types of/purposes for alters”, its non-multiplicity symptoms, and yeah, the assumption of distress. not that there is this inherent vaguely defined “disorder” or “nondisorder” to different systems, which i feel like “nondisordered” ends up implying

i may very well just be being pedantic, and those meanings aren’t at all what anyone else sees with the terms :V

- Ace