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A Wolf Called Romeo by Nick Jans

One day in Juneau, Alaska, a black wolf appeared out in the open of a snowy field while Nick Jans (photographer and author) was outside his back porch with his pet Labrador. Usually, wolves do not encounter humans, so when he first saw the wolf, he was in shock and in fear. His dog, however, went out to greet the black wolf. It turned out that the wolf was being friendly. The Labrador and wolf started to play together as Nick captured the exciting moment on his camera. The black wolf earned the name “Romeo” because of his playfulness toward the humans and other dogs. Everyone was skeptical of the wolf at first. Soon they realized that the wolf was no harm to the townspeople and the other dogs. The black wolf had an understanding that creating a friendship and bond with the humans and dogs would bring harmony to the species. The wolf visited the townspeople for six years until one day, he was shot by a couple of poachers visiting from outside the state. It was a very tragic event. After the event, the townspeople held a memorial to remember Romeo. Nick eventually wrote a book about the friendship between Romeo and him.

“Romeo and Nick shared a bond that was probably what the first humans who domesticated dogs felt about their dogs. More than about building trust, it was about understanding need for friendship that even the wildest animal feels.”


But for real

the great thing about multifandom kpop is that is you start out with your fave group and then you learn about others and you’re like, “oh, wow, they’re neat too!!” And you can learn about them and fall in love again. And you just keep doing that and every time you find you a new group, it’s like, “oh, wow, check out this free space in my heart, it turns out it belongs to you” and you just?? Keep doing that
(p.s. it’s okay to stan one group and one group only, you do you, my friend)


Romeo’s shirts

I have a thing for colourful printed/ pattern shirts. It’s the kind of thing you find in vintage stores or thrift shop, more often than not, it’s great to have stuff that no one else has. I’m not the vintage-y sort of person, so I always like the idea of having something that is a complete contrast.