post: no one cares

so i hit 16,000 followers last week when i wasn’t on! thank you everyone and sorry for not posting lately. it was my birthday and i just started my adult job. hopefully ill have more time when things settle down! but anyways, thanks again!

if i were to gif something what would you guys want? IU’s new cf? IU on hyori’s bnb? IU with the animals??? (im gonna die lately with how many vids and pics we have of her with them)

The signs as things I learned as a freshman

Aries: independence, independence, independence

Taurus: the best way to be social is to be nice but not get attached to anyone; that way you won’t get hearbroken

Gemini: headphones are great, especially if you have social anxiety

Cancer: it’s okay to cry. people cry

Leo: self care, self care, self care, self care

Virgo: sleeping in bus is actually really practical and will help you get through the day

Libra: everyone is just as confused as i am

Scorpio: boys are beautiful but not worth it

Sagttarius: getting rid of things that make you unhappy is the little happiness you need in life

Capricorn: you are kind of alone in this world and that is okay

Aquarius: preparing for school in advance will save you from so much stress

Pisces: even though you and your mom aren’t as close as you used to, she’s always there to support you and she loves you

Why do people feel the need to say things like ‘you know, men like women who…’???? I did not care in the 18th century, I do not care now and I will not care in any possible afterlife. Just NOOOOOOOOOOO.