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Peridot (Steven Universe) is autistic

-Uses an alternative communication device (her pre-recorded voice), especially when she needs to get complicated thoughts into words

-Echolalia: “clods” “clod” “CLODS”

-Doesn’t understand why what she says hurts the crystal gems

  • “What did I say?”
  • “Mean? I was just being ~cool~. Amethyst loved it!”
  • *tries to joke and smile and wave at Amethyst*

-Has trouble with communicating (earth specific vocabulary) so she makes up a word system that makes sense to her

  • in addition to her amusing words for mundane things: “how do you feel?” “big.”

-very literal

  • “Oh peridot, you’re killing me!” “I am not! that would violate our truce agreement!”
  • “you’re funny!” “Funny?”
  • Garnet: ”You’ll know when I’m joking.” Peridot: “eaahhhh”
  • “What is ‘nerd’? can you use it in a sentence.”
  • “you’re a real gem peri” “yes I am a gem”
  • “this drill is pure irony!” “actually it’s mostly carbonite”

-Odd humor

  • “I could call her… two things! Two clods… one clod…”
  • “Amethyst! Check out this … rhythmatic pulverizer!”  *flails on ground laughing*

-Upset by the unpredictability of the Crystal gems

  • “that… was not the correct answer…” (when Amethyst didn’t laugh at her joke)
  • “I have come to the conclusion that they are all defective”

-mimics behavior (the shirt nose flick thing)

{Speculation beyond this point}

-her limbs might be both comfort items and weight stims. She’s very upset when she’s parted with them and she clutches the foot that steven returns to her and rocks back and forth a little

-Glasses- maybe for light sensitivity

-meltdowns? Pearl:“*sigh* another one of her temper tantrums.”

SnK characters as wolfpupy tweets
  • Eren: if anyone tries to tell you your dreams are unachievable just remember i have crashed my dirt bike into all 7 wonders of the world
  • Mikasa: i've seen a lot of things in my time, which i blame on me leaving my eyes open. things got a lot better once i decided to just close them
  • Armin: being thinking about a lot of things lately and have decided thoughts are a waste of time
  • Levi: before anyone says anything i just want to leave so i am not around to hear it
  • Erwin: i'm not going to claim that i know everything, i am simply going to act like it
  • Hange: if i was the one who drove the titanic i bet i could have hit at least 3 ice bergs before it sank
  • Jean: if anyone can do it then someone who isn't me can do it
  • Connie: November 31st, or Halloween 2 as it was known, was removed from the calendar after i used time travel to abuse the trick or treat system
  • Sasha: people need to wake up and start going to sleep, sleep has been proven to be a far better alternative to awake
  • Reiner: to truly understand something you must first not understand it, then later understand it
  • Bertholdt: "just when i thought things couldn't get worse" that was your first mistake, things always get worse regardless of thinking
  • Annie: is there something that is a step up from a rhetorical question where i don't want any response at all
  • Ymir: your definition of a good idea may be different from my definition of a good idea, mine being that a good idea is any idea i think of
  • Historia: i don't care one way or the other way, no matter what way i don't care

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Yamada is such a Dog Hoarder ™ ...He see dog...He like dog...He take dog...Like did you guys see that okayamchii photoshoot with the dogs smh he took chinen's dog and keito was putting his on ryosuke's shoulder...And the boy always has dogs in shows or dramas...So r00d...Share the dogs u Dog Hoarder ™ smhhHHH

Is he really though?

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Status Post Update

1st Division: Provide overall directions and leadership of Future Foundation
Leader: Kyousuke Munakata

2nd Division: Manage day-to-day operations of the Future Foundation, construction of facility; expansion of organization; military and peacekeeping force
Leader: Kazuo Tengan
Members: Mukuro Ikusaba
Mamoru Fukao

3rd Division: Human resources, include scouting for potential members and personnel assignments
Leader: Koichi Kizakura
Members: Naomi Kizakura
Mahiru Koizumi
Daisuke Takai
Anya Homura
Nakashima Atsushi
Seikatsu Suzumu

4th Division: Research and develop medical techniques
Leader: Seiko Kimura
Members: Mikan Tsumiki
Tamiko Takai
Kyoji Nakamura
Sadao Irunami

5th Division: Intelligence, Inquiry, and Counter-Espionage
Leader: Chisa Yukizome
Members: Maemi Watanabe
Yuuki Kurosaki

6th Division: Policing, including riot suppression and investigate special crimes
Leader: Juzo Sakakura
Members: Akane Owari
Leon Kuwata
Mondo Oowada
Peko Pekoyama
Karma Graves
Dragonous Senses
Rogue Kimyona
Takumi Hijirihara
Misaki Asano
Mekuru Katsuragi

7th Division: Information System security and administration; Research and develop therapy to cure Despair
Leader: Miaya Gekkougahara
Members: Richard
Neku Hayashi
Junpei Yokozawa
Orochi Kamisaka

8th Division: Long-term stable food procurement
Leader: Ruruka Ando
Members: Teruteru Hanamura
Mage Boulanger

9th Division: Armament R&D, Production, and distribution
Leader: Sonosuke Izayoi
Members: Sly

10th Division: Assistance in reviving education and culture
Leader: Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Members: Ryouta Mitarai
Sayaka Maizono
Rock Fujioka
Emi Chouko
Kumi Kuwata
Toson Shinko

11th Division: Assistance in restoring agricultural in disaster area
Leader: Daisaku Bandai
Members: Gundam Tanaka
Santa Shikiba

12th division: Assistance in restoring infrastructure; such as transportation, communication, and public facilities.
Leader: Great Gozu
Members: Kobo Okanaya

13th division: Frontline Food and Resource Distribution
Leader: Jin Kirigiri
Members: Aoi Asahina
Nekomaru Nidai

14th Division: Public relationship; spreading news of Future Foundation’s activities to the public
Leader: Kyouko Kirigiri
Members: Makoto Naegi
Hajime Hinata
Toko Fukawa
Byakuya Togami
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
Sonia Nevermind
Yasuhiro Hagakure
Rina Kirishima
Ryuu Nagata

Special Branch: ???
Leader: Ethos Oroya
Members: Chiaki Nanami
Kamui Focsfang

Others at FF:
Malcom Suzuki
Akagawa Atsushi
Komaru Naegi
Takemichi Yukimaru
Yuta Asahina
Hiroko Hagakure
Taichi Fujisaki
Shin Tamuro
Denbe Katayama
-Rest of the captives

Junko Enoshima
Chihiro Fujisaki
Ibuki Mioda
Yuuko Mori
Michael Hyde
Celestia Ludenberg
Nagito Komaeda
Natsumi Kuzuryuu
Kazuichi Souda
Monaca Towa
Maverick Storm
Jirami Senkou
Masaru Daimon
Kotoko Utsugi
Jataro Kemuri
Nagisa Shingetsu

79-B known to be captured:
Sora Nagata
Kotone Okuda
Akiko Sugiyama
Ryokai Araki


Yasuke Matsuda

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My boyfriend and I want to do a couple's cosplay of genderbent Aradia and Equius, but we're both really nervous about it because I'm not nearly as built as Equius and we're both chubby. I've heard a lot of stories about Homestucks being really cruel to cosplayers apart over their body types, but do you think we'd be okay? We both know how to protect ourselves physically, but he's really self-concsious and I just want his first cosplay experience to be a good one.

I think you will.

The majority of the community is actually pretty nice when it comes to weight because - hey, we’re just a bunch of nerds in costume. Not to mention Homestuck has the potential to be very diverse - based on race, weight among others.

As long as you’re having fun - and you will I bet! - you’ll be fine.

- Mod J

  • Keebo: I'm coming-
  • Kaito: out of my cage and I've been doing just fine gotta gotta be down because I want it all it started out with a kiss how did it end up like this it was only a kiss, it was only a kiss now I'm falling asleep and she's calling a cab while he's having a smoke and she's taking a drag now they're going to bed And my stomach is sick and it's all in my head but she's touching his chest now, he takes off her dress now, let me go-