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In the wake of all sorts of role-player related ups and downs lately, I’d like to take a moment to remind people of a couple of things that I have learned during all this time I have been a role-player. Please keep in mind that these come from my experiences alone, and they certainly aren’t enforced rules. Just things that might help others who are trying to get into the RP community.

1.) Communication is KEY. If you take anything away from this text post, let it be this. 

Not feeling an RP? Say something. Something come up and you can’t make a scheduled RP that you have set up with someone? Say something! Need a break? Say something! One of the literal worst feelings when being in an RP situation and not knowing what’s going on with the other person, especially when it comes to long gaps of time where nothing happens…or maybe someone’s just focusing on another alt. Silence and lack of communication is a breeding ground for uncertainty, assumption, jealousy and frustration.

2.) Real life comes first. Always. 

There should be no guilt being given or received for needing to sleep or rest, or to take care of one’s family or friends. Even just the need to be away from the computer or gaming systems. Real life ALWAYS comes first.

3.) Set engagement expectations early. 

Some people play one character and are looking for constant engagement with that character. Some people spend time across a number of alts and may favor a few of them more than the rest. Some people can only RP once or twice a week due to schedules. Make sure people involved understand availability.

4.) Roleplay should NEVER be forced.

If you are logging on and role-playing feels like a chore? Something is wrong and you need to think long and hard about what that is. Maybe it’s a lack of story, or you aren’t getting particular types of RP out of the current set-up you have. Maybe it’s time to move on to another game for a new, fresh start. Try to address this as soon as you start feeling it.

5.) There are good and bad kinds of drama.

Is there some juicy story drama happening during an arc? Romance? Tension? Action? This is the good kind of drama. In Character drama can be healthy and fun (again, so long as there is communication).

Are players treating each other with disrespect? Games of he-said she-said about players? Discrimination? Name-calling? Avoidance or alienation? Now we have some problems. 

Identify drama early. Address it before it becomes a wildfire. 

To reiterate, a lot of what was said above are things that I have experienced, and situations that might help others. There’s certainly no guidebook or laws set in stone regarding RP engagement, but maybe some of the things I have learned (both positive and negative) can help others enjoy this wonderful hobby.

If you have any other helpful tips and tricks when it comes to RP, speak up! I certainly love to read helpful ideas and experiences. Sharing wisdom can only help!

Killing Stalking’s Most(……)Scene Tag Game

I was tagged by @the-architect–analyzes thank you!

I’m tagging @natsumi82 @bunpunpun @noonamika @sangwoo-ohmygodstop @adaeve-a @sassybum @ikanaideu @bucky-is-autistic @m0chamilk @yoon-b (Sorry if any of you have been tagged already!)

Most shocking scene:

I chose this one mainly because I can remember holding my breath wondering if Sangwoo was gonna catch them!

Most WTF scene:

Most irritating/enraging scene:

I mean, I expected this to happen but that didn’t make it any easier to read

Most disturbing scene:

Most heart-breaking scene:

Cutest scene:

Hat Bum in general is adorable but also this: 

It was super cute to see Bum practically melt into the hug and relax like that after being so stressed out and dealing with the police for hours

Funniest scene:

This cracks me up every time :D

Most satisfying scene:

This is one of my favorite scenes in the entire comic. I just love how it’s completely obvious that Yoonjae is accustomed to looking down on Bum and making him feel like shit but then Sangwoo swoops in like “Try :) again :) bitch :)” 

And it was really satisfying to see Bum stand up to his uncle, even if it was a hallucination


Favorite Bum panel:

(I tried but I just can’t narrow these down to one!)

Favorite Sangwoo panel:

Favorite Seungbae panel:

my “coming to Zutara” story

I knew when I started watching A;TLA that Zuko and Katara didn’t end up together, because my besty got me into the show by making me watch the s3 series finale. Excerpt of that conversation:

him: ur really gonna like this show. watch it with me plz
me: Nah. The eyeballs on that protagonist are way too round and cutesy. Is he riding a giant dustmop? I am an adult. Hard pass.
him: no really, it’s such a good show, the bending is based on real martial arts styles *goes on about it*
me: Meh. This is a lot more whimsy than I’m willing to embrace for the sake of our friendship. Too silly. Not doing it.

And then it happened. 

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it’s nearly 5pm and i havent had any carbs yet today??? what year is this ???? i feel like my coworkers think i’m really lazy atm, i went home early on friday and then went home at 15.45 today, but i got to the event at 7.15am!! they just didn’t know that bit. i felt a bit judged when i got my coat like cya……but tbf i was ‘working’ from 7.15 and i didn’t even get a lunch break today so STOP IT WITH YOUR JUDGEY LOOKS. anyway now i’m home and i’m going to eat an entire baguette of garlic bread :) i am not as obsessed w garlic bread as my most recent posts may seem, i did think about trying to make my own last night with my lentil bol but couldn’t be arsed… and then i’ve just been thinking about it all day today so here we are. i went through town on the way home and got some tights from primark and talked to the cashier for AGES, her makeup was amazing so we talked about morphe and beauty bay for ages i loved it!!! then i had a hot choccy on the way home!!!!!! 10/10 livin best life. jk this morning was so so unbelievably shit, i deserve all of this. i’m getting the bus tomorrow but after that i’m going to walk all week… PRAY 5 ME X

[Mod Post] Head’s Up

I’m about to break my site in about 5 minutes.

Hopefully I can get everything figured out quickly though.

*crosses fingers*

Edit: LOL, well, that was a successful break. Gotta look into some things. Thanks for your patience!

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anonymous asked:

Nico is honestly one of the prettiest sims I've ever seen. I'm in love.(I actually love your history challenge more then anything)

omg anon I feel the same way ahhh. I have no idea how I managed to make to make such a cutie because most of my male sims look like lumps of playdoh??? but he came out nicely??? it was pure luck tbh

also, thank you so much!! I’m so SO so amazed that you (and anyone else) likes my history challenge?? bc sometimes I feel like I’m just yodeling into the void on this blog (which is why I sometimes take breaks)…but people like you really keep me dedicated to telling this story! I just really appreciate it, babe. as a note to anyone else, whenever you like/comment/interact on my posts, I am literally SHOOK. I see all of it and it makes me so excited that I have so many lovely people invested in my posts. 

thank you so much for supporting me anon (and everyone else)! ily!!!

tennyo-elf replied to your post: god, listen i survived finding out mulder andf…

I’m still in denial…they’ll always be together if I don’t believe in season 10 >.>;

nah, i love the majority of s10 and i actually have grown to accept that mulder and scully breaking up after iwtb makes sense bc of their situation. but that could be cause i know for a fact that they’re getting back together in like a month lmao


Taking a small hiatus. I got projects for school to finish before Thanksgiving and…some family issues I have to take care of.

I’ve put some posts in the queue so my blog stays semi-active but I’m not going to be checking tumblr in real time for a little bit. If my blog makes a post, I’m actually off-line. 

I know I still have a lot to catch up on, like friend’s art and stuff I need to reblog, replies to answer, but I’ll get to it later, okie doke?

I’m also feeling a little depressed and I hate my art again so I need a break. Don’t know when I’ll be back, maybe sometime in December. Goodbye for now.

(Also you’re free to reach me on my other accounts like Facebook and DeviantART if you want.)

Just a little update:

Hey guys,

If you guys have been paying attention to my posts then you know that I have been dealing with a lot of personal stuff. I had to take a little break from tumblr for awhile to focus on myself. I thought I would give the people that care a bit of an update. I am doing better. I am going to the gym, going to therapy, and doing the things that make me happy. I have been focusing more on my family and friends. Night time is hard though, that’s whenever I think of the situation that has happened and I do often cry myself to sleep.

However, I am doing better and I expect to be back shortly.

Thanks for all the prayers, love & support.

Also thanks to everyone who has followed me lately & has given me beautiful feedback about my posts to do with Quack Pack. I never knew there was still so many Quack Pack fans left, it warms my heart that I can still be that blog for them that gives them happiness. <3

Much love,

Felicia xo

Day 13

When I get sad I do this weird thing where I can’t look in a mirror. For some reason I feel shame and guilt when i am sad or when I cry and I can’t bare to look in the mirror. Nothing makes me feel more ugly or more repulsive as a person when I cry. So I’ve tried for a long time over my short little life to hold in the tears. Create a little bubble of “fine” and tell people “I’m fine, just tired” and for years I’d live in a picturesque world where the smiles were drawn on and the skies were bright. Nothing really wears down the soul like “fine”.

Not anymore. No longer should i press down this sadness in me, it needs to be expressed and it deserves to come out. So now i turn on the lights and look at myself when i cry. I really feel the depth of what i am currently feeling for whatever reason i am crying. Because the only way out is through. When you feel sadness over something, or someone you have to allow yourself to cry about them. Maybe not cry forever but enough that you let tears charged with your despair to cascade down your cheeks. Sob into a towel and beg for wisdom that will never come. Cry as you fall asleep knowing part of you is gone and will never come back.

But don’t cry forever. Feel your despair allow it to wash over you but only just that. Do not let it consume you and pull you under, do not give in to the temptation of anger and sadness where you become a shell of your former self. Find reasons to laugh. Find peace within yourself. Cry but then wipe your eyes and clean up the mess. To heal you must feel the pain but you don’t need to become one with the pain.

Personal Aesthetics

As a way to show I am thankful for you guys and am avoiding responsibilities because my Founders Post is almost to 3,000 and I hit another follower milestone I will be doing some personal moodboards and aesthetics. It can be your choice of a fandom related request or for yourself. More RPs will come soon since my students are on break. Thank you so much, guys!


Trini definitely sucker punch him for that later


The General’s most personal Unsolved Mystery

Hux looks everywhere for the radar technician that he has a crush on… But he is the only one on the Finalizer who doesn’t know Matt is Hux’s rival, Kylo Ren…

//Yayyyy!! @huxloween​ 2017 is here! Day one prompt: unsolved mysteries.

so yeah. you asked for it and i had no self control so here i am, with another animatic