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Is it okay to request a hc about reader being asexual and having self harm cuts/scars on her upper thighs? With connor? Reason I say asexual is because I don't know how connor would see the scars but as a writer, maybe you know how? I'm sorry if you don't want to do this, I just feel so alone in this endless cycle

Ayyyyy your local grey-ace popping in to help

On a serious note, I’m sorry you feel so alone. There’s so much in this world to get lost in, and I feel you. Please, please always feel free to come to me. I’m not always the best at getting things done, but when someone needs help I try to do my absolute best. You aren’t alone, and you’re strong and brave and wonderful <3

I don’t know where on the ace spectrum you fall, but I’m going to do my best for you, love

TW: self-harm

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okay but let’s discuss disappear. you know that moment. the one where evan goes to tell connor’s family about the connor project. and his parents are so excited. his mom is so excited. and then there’s zoe. and she’s sitting at the table in silence. and then they start singing again.

  no one deserves to be forgotten/no one deserves to fade away/no one deserves to disappear 

and while that’s happening zoe still sits in silence. and she disappears. literally. the table, with her still sitting there, moves off stage. and i think that one small blocking move makes that whole scene. it makes her whole character. everyone is so worried about connor all the time. and if all your energy is focused on one thing, something gets forgotten. michael greif is so smart.

Dear Evan Hansen characters as things I heard in high school theatre class
  • Evan: "No offense, but if you don't stop apologizing I'm gonna punch you in the fucking throat."
  • Connor: "Welcome to 'That's What I Call Emo' Volume 7"
  • Zoe: "No, I don't have any brothers." *brother screaming in the background* "He isn't real."
  • Heidi: "No offense, but stop trying to fix my mental health when yours is a disaster."
  • Jared: "You look like you drink bubble bath."
  • Alana: "If you're not gonna respect me as your director you can put on your own damn show"
  • Cynthia: "If you like boys, that's fine. Just stop kicking my door."
  • Larry: "Wait who died"