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A veces de un día para el otro las cosas cambian, las conversaciones con aquellas personas que tanto querías dejaron de ser como lo eran antes, tal vez el mínimo error sea un problema o también la perdición de todo, de una día para el otro ya no puedas saber nada de esa personita, y si, de eso se trata la vida.

my dad keeps pushing nd pushing for me to reach out to professionals at big time companies begging for internships and im going to combust like dad ur gonna get me frickn blacklisted im so anxious i dont know how to tell him i really shouldnt bother these people like this

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Look at y’all gettin’ some fun out of context Pippa dialogue!

“It means I’m doing something right by them.”

That’s few enough words and the meme has hasn’t gone around my dash too recently so I reckon I’ll actually tag lmao.

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Character/Aesthetic Masterpost

It’s about time I did one of these, isn’t it? Though I only have aesthetics for The Moon’s Song, I will update as I make more. Also a lot of these names are placeholders so they may change over time. You can find more information about each character under #insertcharactername.

Contact and Death’s Name are must less developed than The Moon’s Song, so the characters are more simplistic/incomplete rn.

I’ve also made a page for this on my main blog so feel free to check it out there whenever you want!

The Moon’s Song Series

Alderon – The POV character of the series, a thousand year old vampire with a lot of grief on his plate and unhealthy coping mechanisms to boot.

Garrick – The other major character, Garrick is a headstrong knight trying to prove himself to the world and show his capability.

Odra – The leader of the village that Alderon deals with for nearly ten years. She took full control once Alderon killed her husband.

The Twins (A and N) – Amoral assassins with burn scars all across their bodies, rendering one blind in one eye and the other partially disabled in one arm. Merciless, and very young for their profession, they eventually let Garrick and Alderon adopt them.

Draeya – A deaf little girl who lived as a thief on the streets for most of her life, until Alderon and Garrick rescue her. She has a particular affection for Alderon.

Rin – A recently bitten trans werewolf on the run, Rin bumps into Alderon and Garrick while escaping from hunters.

Garrick’s Mom (to be named) – Called a Grand Knight, Garrick’s mom is revered (and feared) by many. She lives by her own rules, often casting her son in her shadow.

Serah – Garrick’s trans witch friend. Her legs didn’t work at birth, and she enhances them with magic to get around. Very skilled with healing magic.

Keenan – The vampire Alderon loved and lost 400 years ago. He was with Alderon for nearly a century before his death, preaching peace far and wide. Though he wasn’t deaf, he couldn’t speak, and so Alderon learned sign from him.

Bonus Relationship Aesthetics




Desmines – The POV character and a communications officer aboard the Neptune. They are the last one left alive after Ruthvier’s assault on their ship.

Ruthvier – An alien creature with a highly malleable form. They speak through pulses, and can absorb knowledge from the creatures they consume.

Viri – One of the officers aboard the Neptune, Viri was a dear friend to Desmines, and her death hit them the hardest.

Cassandra (Cassy) – Viri’s daughter. Did I say Viri’s death hit Desmines the hardest? Well, that’s a lie. Desmines spent a lot of time looking over Cassy when Viri was away.

Oui – The captain of the Neptune. She died to give her people a few precious seconds to get away from Ruthvier.

Shuten – Desmines’ friend, a nervous officer who showed Desmines that it’s alright to be afraid or uncertain. He was one of Desmines’ first friends.

Thendren – The second officer of the Neptune. Thendren locked himself in a room with Ruthvier after watching them kill and consume some of his crew. He fought with his bare hands, to no avail.

Death’s Name

Laethe – The POV character of the series. Laethe wakes up alone and without any memories. She journies to discover what she has lost.

Karolus – One of the Queen’s knights who finds Laethe. He’s young for his position, and butts heads with Laethe a lot.

Alvera – One of the other knights that finds Laethe. Alvera is a quick friend, with lots of jokes and laughter to spare.

Ilea – A half-fae bandit profiting off the destruction of the war. She captures both Laethe and Karolus on their way to the castle and nearly sells them out to the Sorcerer.

Carlos – Ilea’s “minion” though he quickly deserts her when she picks a fight with the Sorcerer’s undead soldiers.

Veldaren – The healer that helps Laethe and Karolus after their near brush with death. She joins them later as they journey back the way they came, and becomes a mother figure to Laethe.

Jun – The leader of the four royal namers. She names through sight, but even she cannot see Laethe’s true name.

Tavin – One of the oldest of the namers, a blind man with the talent to name through scent. Crotchety, but with a dry sense of humor.

Nox – A quiet but stern older woman with the ability to name through touch. Often known as the voice of guidance, as she spares her words for what she thinks is important.

Farroway – The youngest of the namers (barely older than 17). They name by listening. Very bubbly, sunshiney. Has a smile for everyone.

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What would it take for you to unfollow someone?

i dunno lol i just unfollow people if i no longer find their posts interesting or if they post things i don’t really like to look at. it’s not that deep~ also i don’t enjoy following people who post a lot of social justice shit either. i just want to look at pretty people and pretty pictures. (and before anyone comes for me, i know social justice is important, but people on this site are so extreme and dumb about it) xxxx

Hey, I’m looking for a name change buddy.

I’m NB Alex, moving on from Amanda.

I need to find a trans or NB Amanda moving on from Alex.

I want to trade, because I think that will help me feel more settled and comfortable, ‘cause right now it still feels stiff and weird.  I think some human contact would help me feel like part of my own story again.

I’m dead serious, if you are an ex-Alex Amanda, I want to mail you my old name on a piece of paper, and have you mail me yours.

Please reblog or pass on to any folks you might know.

I will update this post if I find someone, thank you!

If someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, even though I am not Christian: “Thank you, you too!”
If someone wishes me a Happy Holidays: “Thank you, you too!”
If I know someone is Christian: “Merry Christmas!”
If I know someone is Jewish: “Happy Chanukah!”
If I don’t know what someone celebrates: “Happy Holidays!”
This is really not that hard.